The 20th of November marks many a noteworthy day in history from the birth of noted stronomer Edwin Hubble in 1889 and the birth of the legendry Iranian poet Sheema Kalbasi in 1972, to the end of the Cuban missile crises in 1962. But now 0n 20-11-2011, history will be made again with the all English hared “end of the line run”!

In true British style we will start at lunch time with warm beer and cucumber sandwiches at grinders who have kindly given us happy hour from 12 – 2, just tell ‘em you’re a hasher and reap the rewards! Then strap on the stiff upper lip and head to jinsong where we’ll battle the crowds in the markets, bowl over old people in the parks and undoubtedly get lost in the hutongs. Follow it all up with a few songs and a slap up feed, and then on after to The Brick where we have it on good authority that the owner will be feeling drunk and generous and will give happy to hashers all night!

  • Type:

  • Hares:
    Slave for shafts, Fucking Shakespeare & Beer Bitching

  • When:
    Sunday 20.11.2011

  • Time:
    Meet at 1:30PM, run starts at 2:00PM

  • Where:
    Jingsong, (southern end of line ten) exit D.
    Follow the marks south 100m to the restaurant. OR. meet at grinders (shuangjing exit B, then follow the hash marks) between 12 -1pm for breakfast and happy hour beers/free flow coffee 

  • What to wear:
    slave for shafts will be documenting this momentous occasion with help from the wonder that is photography, so dress nice, check your hair and don’t be shy of a little blush to rosy up the cheeks. For the girls, it’s Movember, so don’t fret too much about the upper lip hair, you’ll blend right in!

  • What to expect:
    Markets, beer, Parks, beer, hutongs, beer, profanity from Shakespeare , beer, dinner and then maybe some beer. We may even have a guest celebrity joining us!!!!

  • Hash Cash:
    20 run & circle only, 60 run, circle, dinner.