22 people running after a ball on fields around the world since 1930, and several hashers running after beer on streets AND fields around the world since 1938, the FIFA World Cup and the Hash have more in common than what you may think! So after staying up to watch the games at the most absurd hours at Paddy’s with a beer or more and celebrating the glory of Colombia and Italy (sorry Brits), bring your support to the field at the Hash this Sunday! Wear the colours of your team, wigs and lucky charms are welcome, and if you forgot your props don’t worry we’ll have plenty for you! Meeting at Fushan Roast fish restaurant at 2:30 and leaving at 3:00 pm sharp. Nice Sichuan cuisine with friendly staff and easy to find (see directions below).

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  • Hares: Heart On, Just Sophie and On Your Knees
  • Type: A to A
  • When: Sunday, June 22
  • Time: 14:30. Run starts at 15:00 (SUMMER TIME)
  • Where to meet: Fushan Roast fish Restaurant. 巫山烤全鱼(湘菜)
    Building No. 34, Huawei xili, Panjiayuan Road. 潘家园路,华威西里34号楼。
    Tel: 6771 6087
  • How to get there: Line 10, Panjiayuan Station, Exit B, Follow Marks to the Panjiayuan Road for about 300 meters, cross the traffic light for another 250 meters.
  • Hash cash: 20 RMBs run/walk, and circle; 70 RMBs run/walk, circle, and dinner.[/list]