While the end of the WORLD CUP will leave a hole in our non Brasilian hearts we turn from our loss to face the future and revel in what goodness July can still hold. Le Tour de France is going full force, the rememberance of the storming of LA BASTILLE is on the 14th and this year Beijing is a little hotter, a little stickier than ever before. If France can amicably agree to start the course in LEEDS this year instead of Paris then we can set aside our world cup differences and come out come out wherever you are to Chippendales home territory. We will be leading you through Beijing’s only known lush hidden Rainforest. It might be misting; especially if you remember to wear le Maillot Jaune / Yellow Jersey. BYOWater Gun.

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  • HARES:
    Chippendale and Discount Dildo
  • TYPE:
    A to A
  • WHEN:
    Sunday, July 13th
  • TIME:
    Meet @ 14:30 | Run Starts @ 15:00 (Summer Time)
  • WHERE:
    Huaniu Noodles ( 花牛面馆 ) 青年路115号国美第一城底商 check here: http://www.dianping.com/shop/8941116
  • How to get there:
    Subway Line 6 Qingnianlu Exit B, run north 800m, turn left(west) walk 300m, then go north 50m, the restaurant is on your right. You can also follow the R trails, see map below.
  • Hash Cash:
    20 RMBs run/walk, and circle; 70 RMBs run/walk, circle, and dinner.

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