What happens when you put together a MaMil (middle-aged man in Lycra), a German Virgin Hare and a Rabbit Foodista Hare Razor who’s leaving Beijing after 6 years ? The tittle says it all! This Sunday, come to celebrate the 1st day of the Summer, the French Fete de la Musique, the dragonboaty holidays as well as your fucking-off Hare Razor with your most beautifull Spandex! The trail is not 100% dog-friendly (you know how much W4I likes them) but no doubt that with your tiny Lycra pants, you’re gonna make creazy the local dogs (and girls) of the infamous Sanlitun area…


MaMil Dark Shaft, Just Verena, Fucking Off Waiting for It


A to BBBB! No changing room, so slip on your Spandex at home before joining! Drop bags available


Sunday, June 21st


Meet at 14:30, run starts at 15:00

Hash Cash:

20 kuai Run and Circle, 75 kuai Run, Circle and Dinner
(Which is going to be awesome!! Sausages, Cucumbers and Creamy Spandex Lips Bagels of course )

Meet up:

Hujialou Station (line 6 and line 10), exit C1