250thIn 1955 a mad scientific known as Emmett Brown accidentally altered the space-time continuum, facilitating an alternate future in which Marty McFly traveled through time.

Not far from there in San Diego, California, a young couple were practicing how to have a little Life of Pee of their own. At the other side of the Atlantic, another cute Swedish couple met for the first time nearby the icy waters of Lake Mälaren in Stockholm. Without knowing the fateful consequences, Bjorn Again as bjorn some time later. Further south in the tropical lands of Colombia Dazed & Confused’s grandparents were doing the corresponding, unaware of what was about to come a generation later!
By 1985 Marty McFly was traveling for the first time through time, while our 3 Hares were already physically in this world, 30 years younger and for sure already in contact with James “Jimmy” the Hamster.
But is not till 25th. of October of 2015 (around the same time that Marty McFly comes to future) when James “Jimmy” the Hamster emerges from the arctic circle of Colombia, the tropics in Sweden, and the Himalayas of Pennsylvania (talking about dystopian future…) to provide the BJH3 a trail bottled in green memories never to be remembered the day after.

Join us this weekend to celebrate Marty McFly’s Back to the Future, Dazed & Confused’s 250th. Run, Bjorn’s Again 150th. Run and Life of Pee’s 69th. Run + the triumphal return of our infamous friend James “Jimmy” the Hamster!



Dazed & Confused, Bjorn Again and Life of Pee’s


A to A


Sunday, October 25th, 2015


Meet at 13:30, run starts at 14:00


In our glorious Hash Bar!! PADDY O’SHEA’S!!

Hash Cash:

20 RMB Run, beer stops and Circle loaded with beer.
100 RMB Run, Circle and delicious BUFFET Dinner which includes amazing triple king sizes pizzas, fascinating Indian delicacies, incredibly tasty appetizers and much much more! And of course cold beer!

*** You will also have “JamesTheHamster, courtesy of the hares ***


If you dont know where is Paddy O’shea’s is because:

A. You are a virigin
B. You are in the wrong website
C. You have been living under a rock
D. All the 3. So here are the d’rections:

28 Dongzhimen Outer St.  – 东直门外大街28号 – Phone: 6415-6389
Across from the Canadian and the Australian Embassy, Lines 2 & 13, Dongzhimen stop 澳大利亚使馆对面 or line 10, Agricultural Exhibition Center.

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