At least once every Hash somebody will wonder aloud where they can beat their meat.

Well, wonder no more, friends, because you’re in luck.

Join your old-as-F@@@ hares this week for Beijing Hash #1992, and we’ll mindlessly wander 牛街 niú jiē Niujie. Directly translated as Beef Street, with Its beautiful local Islamic architecture, Niujie is the place local Beijingers go-to for quality beef and lamb. A trip to Niujie is filled with street snacks that are unique to the neighborhood. And for locals who grew up in Beijing, Niujie is a must-visit when they want to cook hotpot or chuan’r at home.

 Having a combined age of 185, and corresponding degrees of stupidity and wisdom, your Hares know that to get you marinating in your own juices all you need is a little raw Hash and a lot of beer. You might even find out what the best meat is for jerking. We prefer using a good dry rub ourselves.

Maybe you prefer tubular hot meat. We don’t judge.

Dog and vegan-friendly Hash


Banana Shoes, Shtupwaffle, Steaming Pile of Shit




Bag drop available. The trail is dog friendly if you are ok to walk around the parks and meet up with hashers later



Sunday, February 21 (pay attention SUNDAY)

Winter Hours so meet at 1:30 PM, Run Start at 2:00 PM


Hash Cash:

30RMB (run, beer and circle)


Restaurant & Meet-Up Spot:

A Xiya 清真.阿西娅(牛街店), No. 11 NiuJie, Dongcheng, Beijing, 北京市东城区牛街11号


Take line 7 to Guanganmen Nei (广安门内). Take exit C2, U-Turn, walk east then take a right to the meet point. Alternatively, take line 4 to Taoranting, take the NW exit and walk directly north to the meeting point. Chalk from exits will be provided (maybe), or just follow the map.