TAG! You’re it!

Forget Picasso, Rembrandt, Van Gogh…all these dead guys can go. We’re talking Banksy baby, so it’s time to take it to the street. That’s right, we’re hitting up the DASHanzi in the best way we know how. It’s a HASHanzi in the 798.

Just look at this picture:

Stare deep into it for 10-15 seconds. Keep staring…
Don’t see anything? Seems like you’ll need a lot more beer.

Down a few more and this art stuff should all start to make sense. Color outside the lines, bring your spray paint, and maybe a paint brush if you want…we really don’t give a f%#k. Tag! You’re it!


All In, BBC, Red Snatch

Date and Time:

Sunday January 20, 2019
Meet at 13:30. Run and walk start at 14:00


A to A

Hash Cash:

30 RMB for run/walk and circle (and beer)
80 RMB for run/walk, circle, dinner (and more beer)


Shun Xing Zhai Halal restaurant(Jiangtailu branch)
Address: No 310, Gaojiayuan Community,Chaoyang District


🚇 Subway: Line 14 to Wangjing South. Take Exit C. After exiting the station, turn right, and walk to the next intersection. Turn left and cross the road, walk about 20 meters, turn left into the Gaojiayuan Community. Keep walking about 20 meters. Restaurant is on your right side.
🚌 Bus station: Lidu fandian