The Year 2029. Hashers find themselves in a parallel universe.

The planet has been hit by three terrible plagues that wreaked death and destruction across the land.

The first plague; a deadly KAMIKAZE ripped through the city, destroying everything in its path.

The second plague; a heatwave that was TOO HOT TO HANDLE engulfed the city.

The third and most deadly; an infectious disease was spreading like JUICE through the population.

Once contaminated, its victims suffered spasms of BLA BLA, delirium, hallucinations and hunger for human flesh.

There is only one known cure for such a deadly disease: the golden liquid of life (🍺) . This Saturday, brave hashers will enter this post-apocalypse world. Join these fearless souls as we navigate through alleyways that smell like dead fish, cross wastelands, explore haunted dwellings, and escape rabid dogs.

In the likely event of contamination, there will be three opportunities to self-medicate with golden liquid along the way.


Nipple Kamikaze, Too Hot To Handle, Juicy Bla Bla


Sunday 19th May, meet up starts at 2.30pm hares off at 3pm

Meet up:

渔翁鱼府(Yu Weng Yu Fu)
Building 3,MaNanLi XiaoQu,LaiGuangYing DongLu


Take the metro line 15 Cuigezhuang 崔各庄 Exit B then walk/ Mobike east for 1.5km, you will find the restaurant on your right.