We hope you are already registered and paid for the Nash Hash. Mind that late registrants or people who wants to register on the day of the run may not get a place on the bus, goodie bags and others. So, DO IT NOW if you haven’t done it yet!!

The Full Moon Hash joins the All China Nash Hash (Fully booked)

As a preamble of the 10th All China Nash Hash 2011, the Beijing Full Moon hash house harriers is preparing a terrific run around the dark alleys of Beijing. These mysterious creatures have “moved” the Full Moon date to provide you with all horror and fun that only the Hashers of the night can provide!

Please only reserve a ticket for this event if you plan to be in town on thursday.

  • 19:00 meet at Grinders
  • 20:00 Hare off
  • 21:30 Circle and then bash at Grinders Bar and The Brick -if you miss the run, join us for the party

The full Moon Run and circle is included in the general package – Is limited to people who registered for it – FM haberdashery is not included but will be available for a reasonable price – There will be both runners and walkers trail – Food is not included, but a beer stop will be, and beer at the circle.- Since is a preamble event, it is subject to changes.

Event registration and Kick-off party 

Chill out in the afternoon with a nice beer in your hand when registering in one of the designated places (to be announced), claim your extremely cool goody bag and get ready for a big bash in the night on our official Nash Hash Bar!! Live music, drinking, contests, drinking, meeting fellow hashers, drinking and much more in this incredible night at the RLounge Bar in the 4th Floor of Renaissance Hotel in Shuangjing.

  • 14:00 Registration opens at the Hotel Lobby of Mercure Hotel- late reg at R-Lounge during party-
  • Come by for drinks and food at Grinders bar and The Brick right up the street, also some good chinese restaurants in the neighborhood.
  • Bring Shirts and patches from your Hash Home and trade!!
  • 19:00 Kick-off Party at the Rennisance Hotel in Shungjing at the R Lounge Bar 2 live bands and some free flow beer(1.5-2 hrs depending on how fast the free gets drank up)  and drink specials all night.

There will be a registration desk at the main hotel lobby near check in desk

The Great Wall run hosted by the Boxer Hash

For the walkers: the walking trail will be spending most of it’s time on the Great Wall.  That means three things – incredible historical feelings, awesome sights and yes,some climbing along the way.  But it’s worth it once you get to the top.  You’ll see vistas of beautiful green valleys and see the Wall fade off in the distance in either direction.

For the almost runners: Set in the scenic HuangHuaCheng (Yellow Flower Wall) area, the LW/SR will spend a large portion of the trail on the Wall.  When it’s time to go up to the Wall, the question for the pack will be … which route?  There are so many ways up …  Once up there, you will of course experience great vistas of green valleys punctuated by the Great Wall fading off into the distance.  Bring your camera.

For the runners: The long run trail will experience both sections of historic and scenic Huang Hua Cheng (Yellow Flower Great Wall) – both the rebuilt portion and the original crumbling section.  Both will have amazing views of the green valleys below and seeing the Great Wall fade off into the distance.  At least half the run will be along the Wall.  If you can fit it in your shorts, bring your camera.

For those out of their minds: An insane Ball Buster Run full of adventures! this is the Rambo run, I guess a ball buster is bigger than a Rambo, i’m not sure but we will have a ballot box and voting.

  • 09:20 Late Registration Available at the main Hotel 
  • 09:30 Rambo runners depart for the run
  • 10:30 Buses begin departing for Great Wall hash hosted by the Beijing Boxer Hash
  • 20:00 Back to Beijing and continue the Bash at Paddy O’Shea’s or wherever you want.

Transportation will be provided  – Info about circle, dinner and bash will be provided soon. Busses will not depart until all events for the day are complete, according to ACNH10 schedule. There will not be an “early return to town bus” If for some reason you need to return to Beijing early you will need to make your own arrangments. 

The Beijing HHH run #1500, a Nash Hash Celebration

For the walkers: a walk

For the runners: a run

  • 10:30 Buses depart for in-town Nash Hash hosted by the Beijing HHH
  • 13:00 Nash Hash Circle
  • 15:00 Final Bash with lunch
  • 16:00 Nash Hash officially ends :(
  • 16:01 Bash un-officially continues at Paddy O’shea’s

Transportation will be provided  – Info about circle, dinner and bash will be provided soon.Due to security issues in Beijing the schedule will be subject to change, backup runs will be completly planned out. in the event of any change you can still count on well planned runs that will follow the main schedule.