We all know many reasons that Jesus can’t go hashing – the flour falls through his hands, his dad knows all the marks, the shiggy’s on his head, and he’s HUNG LIKE THIS. Truly a tragic state of affairs.

However, YOU can go hashing. And this weekend, we’re offering you the chance to follow in His footsteps and join us in walking on water.

Please join us for Tianjin/TEDA hash #527, the annual Walk on Water hash. We’ll be taking a bus from the train station to the hash location, running/walking on the frozen Hai river, and finishing with one of our patented Tianjin circles and Sichuan hot pot. Bring yourself, bring a friend, bring your ice skates, but high heels are sadly not recommended for this hash. Next week, maybe.

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  • Hash Cash:
    Cost is 100 RMB for run, refreshments, dinner, and bus or boat, depending on the state of the river.
  • Where:
    Meet at the KFC next to Tianjin Railway Station
  • When
    Saturday January 24 at 12:00; the bus will leave from the station to the hash site around 12:30.
  • Registration
    We need numbers, so you must register clicking here


For more information Contact Urine Trouble through Beijing or Tianjin WeChat groups.