‘Why always in the hutongs? ‘ you whined.

‘When will we hash somewhere different?’ you inquired.

Like any good wolf pack we have heard your howls.

This full moon hash will be like no other… Except the fundamentals which will be exactly the same. Join us on Wednesday for the same same but different full moon hash!

You wanted South,  we give you north.

You wanted the heat, we give you mildly cold,

You wanted clear skies, we give you… Beijing,

You wanted somewhere new, we give you something different,

You wanted excitement, we give you… WUDAOKOU!

Same same but different. Join us as we run, frolic, romp, wassail and MORE.



Old school rules, hares raised on the spot


Live trail, catch-the-hare


Wednesday, 17th April, meet 7:30pm run starts at 8:00pm

Hash Cash:

Run & circle- 20 kuai

Dinner- bill shared between diners

Meet Up:

Blow Harder’s Apartment!!!

20 Chengfu Road, Building 46 Flat 1101



Take the metro to line 13’s wudaokou (五道口)station. Take Exit B and turn right. Once you reach China University of Geosciences (Zhōngguó dì zhì dàxué 中国地质大学(北2门) go right again. You will arrive in no time!!!!