One of the greatest nights of the year is just a few moons away! Prepare your costume, funny, scary, cute or heavy, is Halloween and we want all Hashers and friend to join us in an amazing night of debauchery in our very own Hash Bar: PADDY O’SHEA’S! There will be a lot of funny things going all night and of course many possible FREE BEERS for all the hashers*!!

Besides we will have an impromptu FULL MOON HHH run to celebrate the scariest night of the year!!! Keep your eyes and ear opens for upcoming info!


If you’ve never seen an old witch
Riding through the sky–
Or never felt big bat’s wings
Flopping, as they fly–

If you’ve never touched a white thing
Gliding through the air,
And knew it was a ghost because
You got a dreadful scare–

If you’ve never heard the night owls,
Crying, “Whoo-whoo-whoo?”
And never jumped at pumpkin eyes
Gleaming out at you–

If all of these exciting things
You’ve never heard or seen,
Why then–you’ve missed a lot of fun,
Because–that’s HALLOWEEN!