Keep your fruit fresh with a banana condom.

Haven’t had your fill of the full moon hash this week (hash 不够了吗)? Well we have an excuse for April full moon hash 2.0 (再来一起跑步).
This week Beijing will be graced with Banana Condom, one of the legendary founders (创始人) of the Beijing Full Moon Hash! Yes, harriers and harriets, this is the man on whom you may blame your (once) monthly weeknight drinking (喝酒)habits (and the subsequent workday hangover.)
Join us as we make this legendary (传奇) hasher pay for his sins with down downs.

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  • Hares: Chosen on the Spot, Old School Rules
  • Type: A to A
  • When: Wednesday April 8, 2015
  • Time: Meet at 19:30, Run starts at 20:00
  • Hash Cash: Pay as we go
  • Meet-up: (豆角胡同6号 Doujiao Hutong #6) Great Leap Brewing Nanluoguxiang 南锣鼓巷 (5717 1399)
  • D’erections:  From Line 8 Shichahai station (什刹海地铁站) walk South and take a left at Mao-er Hutong (帽儿胡同), then take a left at Doujiao hutong (豆角胡同) it’s number 6!


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