Our next run is…

BJ H3 #1954: Thirteen Bridges Run (see if you can count them)

This weekend join us as we run through Tucheng, once the prowling ground of our erstwhile member LickItToRide. Back in the day, rebels raiding Beijing from the north would have to cross the canal here, only to be met with a hail of missiles from the rampart on the southern side. So watch out!

After exiting the park we will cross into one of the poshest areas of Beijing. It’s so posh, in fact, that there are whole rows of shops without one of them selling cheap beer. 😥 Obviously they don’t want people like us around here, so we must rise to the challenge!

Lastly, we will run through one of the nicest parks in Beijing (really).

Dear Walkers: please bring a backpack, because we need you to carry beers from the last beer stop to the circle area.


Pickle Boy, Little Red Shittinghood

Hash Cash:

30 RMB


Huixinxijie Nankou Station (Lines 5 and 10) – Exit C (惠新西街南口站 – C出口)


Saturday, May 23rd


Meet 2:30 PM, Run starts at 3:00 PM


NO BAG DROP, Run is A-B, Hashers must wear a mask and have completed a 14-day self-quarantine after returning to China. There will be no formal hash dinner afterward. Unfortunately due to the park’s regulations, this run is not dog friendly.


Location pin will be posted on the day of run via WECHAT


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Boxer H3 run #186: Get Stoned!

(Inspired by Hinder’s “Get Stoned”)
Nature’s not closed in Huairou. You Cunt See Me’s on the Iron Road. But Explode in My Kitchen’ll get you to the stone door. There’ll be ropes and chains, but BDSaMateur promises not to use ‘em (we hope).

Let’s go outside and get stoned!
We could end up making Sh*t instead of misery
Go outside and get STONED
‘Cause the booze is so much better when you’re mad on the trails

Without a doubt
Let’s hash it out
‘Cause your b*tching and your yelling don’t mean anything

You Cunt See Me
I can handle all the stones that you’re throwing

You wear me out
BDSaMateur might Explode in My Kitchen
But it’s all right now

Let’s go outside and…


Saturday, May 30th


Meet at 10a.m.
Departure at 10:30 am. sharp


You Cunt See Me, Explode in My Kitchen, BDSaMateur



What to Bring:

Cell phone, sunblock, running shoes(!), sense of adventure, direction, and humor.
Bring your own water bottle because the boxer doesn’t supply plastic water bottles! We will bring a big water for you to refill. ♻️❤️🌏


We need to have numbers! So go ahead and register today!

Register today or wank away!

Hash Cash:

200RMB gets you a scenic round-trip bus ride, the Boxer trail, snacks, circle, bottomless drinks and a great dinner.

Optional Additional Activity:

Via Ferrata (AKA Iron path climbing)

180 RMB gets you helmet, harness, entrance ticket and guided tour

Meet Up:

XL Bar 1-022 Shoukai Bojun Nanqu, Xindong Lu (新东路首开铂郡南区1-022).


It’s on Xindong Lu in the complex just north of Heaven and south of Lily’s American Diner. To find it, try to go to Heaven and then go the other way.

*** IMPORTANT NOTE: The Beijing boxer hash is an off-road running hash going out to the hills around Beijing once a month. We usually aim for the second Saturday of each month but may vary depending on the hares’ availability and other variable factors we have zero control over. We do not adjust for weather conditions (bring a towel, you won’t drown) nor pollution levels (they’re lower out in the mountains anyway). It’s ok to walk but not to lallygag. Keep moving … We’re a running hash. Heart attacks are not permitted. As we are out on mountain trails, it’s easy to get lost. If you’re too stupid to bring a phone with you and you get lost, we won’t ph*cking care, nor will we ph*cing pin you either. We may or may not send a search party looking for you. That being said, we are glad to have you join us and hope you enjoy a great day! (by the way, no you won’t be back for your important dinner date bring them along instead) ***

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Hashing in China

The hash world asked for it and we got it! Introducing the new ALL CHINA HASH HOUSE HARRIERS OFFICIAL DIRECTORY!

Formerly known as just “Hash China”, the new improved directory comes with a beautiful new design, better user interface, responsive, more content, dedicated hash news section, highlighted events in the region, easy access in the mainland and many more features! All by the hand of Dazed & Confused and RoomBoy.

Visit china.hash.cn today!

Hashing in Beijing

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Beijing! Beijing! What wonderful place to hash…

Beijing, Beijing, what a wonderful place to hash,
We have great fun dodging the shit and trash.
Our skies are never clear,
But we have cheaper beer.
We like our drinks,
Our singing stinks.
But welcome to the Beijing Hash!


Not enough awesomeness? Keep reading for hash trash, past runs, hash socials and much more…

Beijing HHH #1937 – We Three Hares Trail?

By |December 12th, 2019|Boxer Hash House Harriers|

A hearty hello to you all. Please find the write up below!!!! We three hares of Beijing hash are, Bearing beer we traverse afar. Park and Fountains, Roads and mountains, Following yonder marks. O beer of wonder, with Red in Bed, Beer with royal beauty head, Blow Harder leading, Just Alice proceeding, Guide us to thy perfect beer stop. Your [...]

Beijing HHH #1936 – The Morning After Hashmas

By |December 5th, 2019|Beijing Hash House Harriers|

T'was the morning after Hashmas when all through the city,  Not a Hasher was stirring, Not even Karate, The hares were out laying the trail with care, In the hopes that the Hashers soon would be there, The Hashers were hungover all asleep in their(?) beds, While flashbacks of Hashmas piece together in their heads, And three virgin hares are [...]

Beijing HHH #1935 – The Hashland Games

By |November 27th, 2019|Beijing Hash House Harriers|

It has long been foretold that on a wintery, dry, Saint Andrews (Sun)Day the hashers of Beijing will rise up and compete in a Hashland Games. These Games are a test of power, strength and drinking-skill. May the winner be crowned King of the Beer and bring glory to the hash-fathers (and mothers and virgins...) Brave-hearted hashers, prepare your kilts [...]

By |November 26th, 2019|Beijing Hash House Harriers, Boxer Hash House Harriers, Full Moon Hash House Harriers, Hash House Harriers|

It’s the most wonderful time for a beeeerr!!! (Dis)Honorable hashers, Dig out your ugliest jumper, dust off your baubles and ready your mistletoe for the MERRIEST event of the year, the HASHMAS PARTY! On the 7 th of December from 7 pm we’ll mix, mingle and have a jolly good time with: a delicious, drool-worthy BUFFET for vegetarians and meat-eaters [...]

Beijing H3 Run #1934: Winter drawers on!

By |November 21st, 2019|Beijing Hash House Harriers|

What’s your favorite number? For some, it may be the day they were born. For some, it may be the shortest distance to beer. For others, there’s always the answer to the perpetual question of life, the universe, and everything. Come with us for a traditional early winter slog through the backstreets of our city, counting the number of bends [...]

Beijing HHH #1933 – To Baiduizi and Beyond

By |November 14th, 2019|Beijing Hash House Harriers|

Another week means another hash, another trail, another hangover. Who's to blame for this? Yanjing beer? No - none other than the hares! Quit your bitchin and leave the kitchen, join Sixty Second Suck-Off, Loose Lips, and Piss N Chips on the west side! We promise open checks and "what the heck"s, a run through the park with no doggos [...]

BJH3 #1932: Hares Love Beer Trail

By |November 6th, 2019|Beijing Hash House Harriers|

This weeks’ trail will start early! Who likes cumming early? THE HARES! The hares are up to typical bullshit and will be starting the run early so they can bring tricks and treats to all who join the trail. The ~rumor~ is that the hares are enlisting help from another hasher to make this the BEST TRAIL EVER with the [...]

FMH #137: Onesie Weekend Funsie Run

By |November 6th, 2019|Full Moon Hash House Harriers|

Onesies! Onesies! what a wonderful thing to wear, We have great fun making people stare, Your butt is never cold! But pissing is a pain, You're no laughing stock, Your onesie rocks, so wear it to the full moon hash Hash Cash: 20 RMB Run Split bill Dinner Date: Friday, November 8 星期五,十一月八号 Time: 7:30 meet, 8:00 run 晚上7:30见, 8点跑 [...]

Boxer #184: Ancient Road Take Me Home

By |November 6th, 2019|Boxer Hash House Harriers|

Cum run On! On! On the ancient trade routes to the west of Beijing.  Meet mountain mamas but please don’t take ‘em home. Check out abandoned houses, perfect as a fixer-upper, even if you’d have to fix a road first. Your hares have scouted you a short sharp shitty trail which will have you wondering exactly how much those porters [...]

Beijing H3 Run #1931: Everyday I’m Rustlin’

By |October 30th, 2019|Beijing Hash House Harriers, Hash House Harriers|

it's that time of year again, when the heat begins to moisten things down under, nipples start to harden in the north, and leaves turn a lovely shade of beer… or ummm… orange. After hyperventilating from too much clean air and being blinded everyday by golden sunsets, FOYW Ezy Rider heads (I’ll have some of that) back to Beijing in [...]

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Best runs ever with the Beijing Hash! Endless singing and people happy everywhere!

Pat Bonetar, Dayton H3

What a great time you gave us & what we had. Would really like to see you again. Thanks you lot! ON ON!

Sperm Whale, UK HHH

I wasn’t sure what to expect of these fellas… But once everything started, it was mind blowing! Never seen a kennel so energetic and fun! Keep it ON ON fuckers!

Crazy B*tch, Henderson HHH

Thanks so much for a wonderful Beijing Hash, the circle was fun and entertaining and the Beijing hashers are a happy lot, we hope to meet some in the land of Oz one day.

F*cking Nothing, Adelaide H3

The Beijing Hash saved my life in a hard moment, Hashing is a happy club bringing positive energy to humanity. On On

Pickle Boy, Beijing HHH

Thanks heaps to all the gang for making our stay at Beijing a happy and memorable experience. We really did enjoy ourselves at BH3 and by the end of the evening I felt we had made lots of new friends and certainly managed to get seriously drunk!

Phantom , Australia


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