Really fucking far far away in a place called “Babaoshan” lives a hasher named Shitfaced Cockmaster. Why she has lived there for so long nobody really knows. It certainly wasn’t the stunning surroundings, the highly inaccessible government cemetery, or the arduous five minute trek to work at 4am. Maybe it was because of such pleasures as the glorious taxi ride at 5am when she truly was Shitfaced, fell asleep and woke up to a nice 160RMB taxi fare. This was also when she learnt how to say “Babaoshan” the Chinese way for the first time – after practicing repeatedly with the driver for the entire way home.

Shitfaced Cockmaster is finally leaving Babaoshan, but she is sadly also leaving China. So join Shitfaced Cockmaster, Sink and Destroy and Super Squirter for a hash out west where no one with any sanity dares to go EVER!

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  • Hares: Shitfaced Cockmaster, Sink & Destroy and Super Squirter
  • Type: A to A
  • When: Sunday 28th June
  • Time: Meet at 14:30, run starts at 15:00 sharp!
  • Hash cash: 20RMB run; 70RMB for run, circle and dinner
  • Meet up: Babaoshan station (Line 1) Exit C – Turn left out the station. Make another left and head south till you reach the junction. Turn left and walk about 200m. Or follow the marks.