Individual galaxies like our own Milky Way are bound together by gravity into clusters, and these clusters clump into superclusters. These can in turn link together into long lines of galaxies called walls. But the newly spotted BOSSGreat Wall contains 830 galaxies we can see, with a total mass perhaps 10,000 times as great as the Milky Way, is two-thirds bigger again than either of them.

There is a blue chalk mark that the arrow shows a direction called On Right but being placed for a distance from a corner for real trail. Whoa, the problem is to exactly follow the mark as the law of hashing to a roadless bluff or keep track of a seeable corner ahead to move forward – it’s lucky that we can eye the trail, if not, who knows the wrong “mark” could mislead us to a misdirection or loss. In practice, it’s too much, isn’t it? Whatsoever there exist multiple loopholes of the mark system (law system), it’s better we have to go by the mark (law) in the trail (life) for improving our mark system (law system) as soon as possible. The empathy helps pare down unnecessary sacrifices for recognizing the lurking disasters. Otherwise evil would teach us.

Even though one-third active BJH3 hashers headed to Guangzhou for the 15th All China Nash Hash 2016 during March 31- April 4, tallyho!…, bountiful vernal sun attracts approx forty hashers in Beijing.

The four hares, such as Dry Hole, Heart On, Comes From The Rear and Just Maria, act as marks enactor and executor. At two beer stops, they innovate to set the games to increase amusement, the first one is sited in Dongdan park and close to the entrance. Numerous sightseers approach hashers to spectate hashers’ show that hashers are divided into two groups for walkers and runners. Three hashers represent these two groups respectively, Bjorn Again, Lost in Marks & Spencer and Just Greg for walkers; Molotov Cock, Not Shit Sherlock and Pickle Boy for runners. DH hands out a cup of special drink to two groups separately to taste out where it is from. After each gives a shot and it occurs two rounds for two types, nobody wins because it’s concocted by DH with Yanjing beer and certain beverages; the second one is held in a quiet hutong. Two groups come forward to delegate a drinking speed, Just Greg, Circle K, BA, Crash Test Dummy and Just Ram for walkers vs PB, NTS, PedalPhile and two girl virgins for runners. Finally PP who doesn’t drink normally but a brimmer at his hand empties in a twinkle along with his tilting his head back to win a cheer.

Between two beer stops, hashers hit a Hash Hold for a break and a whole group picture in a green belt in the center of downtown. The good sign is each young tree is labeled with a tag describing the adopter’s name for a duty term of one year, which indicates people have inchoated to protect the trees for an inhabitable environment against sandstorm from North per annum. MC dresses up a snappy African white clothes to promptly jump over two 1.25 high hurdles, with an open-seat pants.

At the outset, pinioned hashers ransack the firstling mark for nothing for a while, DH has to guide hashers for a way into a lane and soon threading our way through a cavernous bar street into an overcrowded snack aisle and hashers have to edge forward inch by inch for minutes. Inspect Her Gadget comes late to mention that the locals got a three-day holiday for Tomb-sweeping Festival. Fortunately we don’t see the locals burn sacrificial offerings and funeral paper money as tradition – dejected superstition anywhere!

Galloping through the throng Wangfujing street and several Three-Way marks made Oh Shit branch longer and hares entrench their ease against hashers on the wings by staying put at Open Check and Three-Way marks, for many times, subjecting to hares’s guidance for a survival. Some bellwethers all the way rush afront like Sink & Destroy, Herr Splashy Pants, Just Assja, etc. A maze of crisscross hutongs is quite fresh to hashers with somewhat cynical turnings being rife with sweet-talked go-betweens, jumped-up nobody, sin-sodden karma and disordered time.

Holy balls!

Just giving a shit for decree nisi.

Obfuscating act of attainder.

Disburdening hors concours dark matter.

Nil admirari!

A fine sheen of sweat cataracts the foreheads of hashers as pushing through this precinct. Gamboling like colt over a stepped mound across park, through slack alleyways and busy streets and crispy tunnels, slipping through a sequestered sideway of Tiananmen square with kid gloves, beggaring one’s arse to return to restaurant that’s owned by the lady who’s cousinly niece of Mao Zedong as the one of greatest human leader in the world called Maoxiaoqing Food City. Lots of old photos on the walls inside relate the owner’s glory. A surrounding low-lying slab space becomes where hashers’re encircled for glorification. Some Chinese characters are engraved on an erect stone show, “Imperial Palace Root Relics Park”. Nevertheless a local middle-age male exerciser hooks a tree limb to chin up for seconds.

HO performs substitute GM to host the circle. Nine virgins stand back to back as a group in the circle take a welcoming ceremony and then yell out the couples of latecomers and long-time-no-sees to drink together. Just John is garlanded a leopard toilet seat for his first arrival of the finishing point; Just Maria comes out to instruct a beer relay between two quartettes and the winners fly open a special bottle of beer to share hashers; Tight Quim tucks his jabbing emotion into a counterweighted laughter; Penis Tone and PP each scores a #10 running patch and plastic mug; when RA LiM&S moderates his part, a local young lady blows in the circle to play gag show twice and many hashers trot into the circle to sing, “lost control! Lost control!…” although she calms down to drink a bottle of beer with hashers for a short time, she cannot understand what RA is talking about and has to leave, such a potential hasher! PB is called in for drawing a straight line, though, he’s lost a sense of being straight; PT and DH team up to sing Hash songs to juice up a vibe; Just Maria also brings in a blue hula hoop and Drill Me gives a good try, and so forth. A number of local audiences are still with relish to watch hashers’s rendering. There are other witnesses of hashers for a wonderful Hash-bashing like Karate, Just Xixi, Colonize This, Lesbian Dirty Hooker Mouth, Breakfast Included, AutoBlow, Nut Pirate, Just Jing, virgins and unbeknownsts. In the end, LiM&S leads a chorus of Swing Low with three versions universally. The half stoke a Hunan kickshaws. That be it, we are befooled and fooling around ourselves by sway between justice and efficiency in a spring day, granting that a full April cannot explain it at all.

News Flash: our favored GM Agent Orgy won the Rusty Man at Nash Hash; Blister Fister won the second place in an all hash drinking contest of Nash Hash…

On On…

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Tuesday,

April 05, 2016