While some mourn and offer a helping hand after a tragedy, others point fingers, showing no empathy. Life is less safe then, people are less inclined than today to have the expectation that life would be safe if no one screws up.

Today is the 9.11 Day. Nearly 50 hashers as usual gallop and ramble like Houyhnhnms on the streets and alleys in the neighborhood of eastern third ring road in Beijing, it seems nobody mentions about the 15th Commemoration Day because it’s in a great muggling trail. The Muggles are more likely to be looked upon as those who lost the sense of life, if having more senses of life, the so-called “magic” could manifest function. Believing that many people have a Requiem Mass in the heart.
Nowhere Man first moseys away from the trail. Many lost the way to linger around a spiraling. The hare Dark Shaft erects in situ to watch the hashers. At last a call for On On guides hashers into a right track of trail, noisy avenue, busy street, loaded crossing. Suddenly catching glimpse of Busy Lips running on the trail after 2 years of absence, having a hug for sure. The chalk marks usher hashers into a living compounds. The bellwethers rush ahead such as Mussels from Brussels, Sink & Destroy, Herr Splashy Pants, Chorizo, Just Michael, Just Cat, Chicken Shit, Just Mike, Dazed & Confused, Just Gulmira, and so on, Just Elisa as the virgin hare follows the hashers to stagger at her performance. Striding over a foot bridge and on left into a strange poky hutong and a crowded market, a bunch of walkers directed by the walking hare Crash Test Dummy walk forward. Scampering through 2 beelines of passageway to hit the first beer stop. Identifying with each other to talk and drink. Teddy Secret helps pouring beer for hashers. Walkers and runners get together. When all is said and done, GM Six Kuai Short gives an order to take the road.
Romping through residential zone and open garden, with slack pace in the hashing lineup, such as, Undulator, DickMocracy, Creamy Lips, Shaven Not Stirred, Smells Fishy, Just Mira, etc, angling through a wide crossroad, Phantom splays his arms to block the way for a tease. Once entering a parking lot yard, the second beer stop greets at a busy grocery store. Taxi Ride Her cherry-picks a chocolate ice cream for Phantom Menace. Just Ian clicks pictures for girls like stage door johnny at a coign of vantage. Algae Bra enjoys popsickle consumedly. Super Squirter and No Shit Sherlock each proceeds different bull sessions. The social rest lasts about 10 minutes. GM SKS shouts out to open check.
Mammary Loss and Just Martha hum a patchwork of a full song to their hearts’s content. Lost in Marks & Spencer plows into checking out a mark to call the hashers with fleshment. A funny trail makes a small loop around a fancy two-stories house up and down and following one’s nose along with main streets with two turnings to loop back to home restaurant led by S&D, Blister Fister and ML. GM Agent Orgy adorning with her peculiar beer cap necklace brings some hashers to carry Belgian Vedett and Liefmans as BJH3 Beer sponser from the apartment of PreLubed that she provides her fridge to freeze Hash beer. But once speaking of CTD, she somehow crosses about him.
A celebration circle is sited a recessed corner of a building. Sweet & Ferry nourishes a bundle of flowers to show up as latecomer. GMs SKS and AO are impassioned to moderate the very show. 3 virgins are welcomed with Hash song and little present. 3 hares are hailed in for a “shitty” trail with hysteric Hash song. PM brandishes a water gun to squirter hashers in disorder. GM AO awards Karate a big steel mug with inscribing with the Virgin Supplier and running patch and then awards CTD the same one with inscribing with the Consistent Cummer and running patch, a charm of mug gainers come out to congratulate them on mugs with resounding Hash song. Rambo Number Five cannot wait to stand out to “accuse” some hasher. Later on, Master Baker as well “charges” something of hashers. Bearded Clam swills with a pink duroplastic goose-shaped utensil. And otherwise. In the end, 2 RA LiM&S and BF co-precent a chorus of tuneful and far-reaching Swing Low with crew and 4 editions by sowing one’s wild oats. 20-plus hashers chow down local fleshpots. Wish the departed saints are requiescat in pace and the earthling are more sentient with less pain and more wisdom.
On On…
Pickle Boy
Beijing. Tuesday,
September 13, 2016