Social progress inevitably leads to a certain change in culture. Only by looking for the source and power of development from the real life that can make culture a positive force.

The meandrous and high walls show its cold majesty in the trail. It’s not the Forbidden City, just one section of massive hutongs and hardly finding a door. The original one world has been separated by such the walls. Alleged silence bespeaks more obsoleteness, even fear. From the labyrinth-like aged hutongs called Dongsiliutiao to tangible and intangible new “old structures”, under the direction of the hare Principal Penetration, Danger Zone and Blow Harder bullet through in front. The trail is reminiscent of Full Moon Hash so much because it’s a countdown of FOYW for Full Moon Hash GM Agent Orgy – a great hasher being hared after she got through the baptism of BJH3 for 4 years. Of course, the trail is interspersed with 2 abodes of her aforetime 6 relocations. Crossing the busy street into a lane, on right to meet the first beer stop with approx 12 runners. The latecomer Ass Tonguer adorning a cute moose’s attire rides a bicycle to rush in along with Lick It To Ride on the other bicycle. Little Red Shit Hood mentions of penny-wise and pound-foolish. Pickle Boy uncovers a misjudged case. Some hashers put on the part of Christmas dress.

Another about 15 walkers guided by the walking hare Finger My Dough move to a different trail. The runners pass through an exotic place with a huge water wheel and pavilion, all is discolored. Limp Fish Dick and Crash Test Dummy run fast and vigorously but missing out on a Hash Hold in a mini-park in the neighbourhood of Ghost Street. There’s a dry lake to emerge a microcosm of blue mushroom sculptures that implies the popular words in young generation in China, “Blue Mushroom”, which means sad and want to cry. The runners and walkers respectively take group photos with the realistic significance of “blue mushrooms”. Soon the 2nd BS is spotted adjacent to the street, the walkers and runners get together for drink, snack, ice-cream and bull session. Long Legs swings back to visit BJH3 and chats with Not Tonight. Just Arnar alone indulges in good tobacco. Algae Bra and Just Elan co-smoke cigarette. Rambo No.5 brings in his adorable twin toddlers who prefer ice-cream. It’s favorite of Breakfast Included as well. Bitch Bandit and Just Christie gather BH’s energy. Sausage Party and Hot Cockolate pose for picture. Just Niuniu and Just Robin have small talk. Dr. Shocker, Just Wenhui hearken to PB’s endorphins. On the way back to Hash Harrier House in the hutongs, LRSH sighs a covey of doves hovering overhead always can find their home no matter how far they fly.

Recently, local media reported the local authority has conveyed a document that banning the communist to celebrate any Western festivals including Christmas and things for carrying forward local traditional culture and many locals espoused it. Oracle Boner comes late for circle and dinner. AO concocts 2 thermoses of Whiskey hot chocolate to treat the hashers.

GM Shanghai Man and acting RA Super Squirter by turns hosts a performance at a sidewalk, according to the Hash procedure. These 3 hares, 1 virgin, 3 latecummers and a bunch of long-time-no-see are hailed to hobnob turn and turn about. Triple X-Ray scores his run patch and BJH3 mug. AT is dragged out to drink for her new shoes, she swills with a new shoe of AO somehow. LITR belts out Hash songs to brace up hashers’ spirit. Turns out that RA SS leads the chorus of Swing Low with crew for this Festivus. 12 hashers eat a local hearty food. Modernization indeed enriched human material civilization as never before, nevertheless a lack of spiritual life can be fixed up by the way of modernization, too. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing. Monday,
December 25, 2017