Many negative forms of emotional stress, including grief, fear, anger and anxiety, are known to trigger episodes of the condition. Condoling upon the massive victims in Orlando shooting on June 12, 2016. Despair is more horrible than poverty in the world.

In the mid-afternoon, June 11, 2016, in the vicinity of northern 3rd ring road of Beijing. Around forty hashers activate a FOYW (farewell) hashing for our dishy Hare Razor, Bangs With No Mercy, who’s also the last time to hare in BJH3 with Blister Fister and DickMocracy as her co-hares; Dry Hole serves as an acting GM and exclaims a pep talk; Lost in Marks & Spencer exercises the duty of RA to bless the trail and 3 hares; Ferrari with power of understanding swings back from India and congrats her on riding on GM position in Indian Hash after she left a couple of years ago; Finger My Dough as latecomer is too late to change playsuit and running shoes. A voice for Open Check scatters hashers to rake through a sally port of the hashing trail. As usual, the hares have to hint at a direction in the beginning after hashers plough the air in many ways for 10 minutes.

A resounding call for On On like savior attracts hashers to move on a far-away anonymous mini-park. Phantom in high spirits jogs a bypath to grope a prospective trail. The others then rush up to a wooded hillock. Herr Splashy Pants and Muschi Riot take the lead with shouts for the marks. Stepping down the trail to run along a dry canal for a spell and then cannot find any chalk stigma. Whose Red Wienie opts for the other way and calls for an On-On; Open Wide soon confirms he’s kidding there’s no marks. All at once the others yell for On Back to make a turning to cross a bridge. Crossing a crossing with the stream of traffic and marching into a campus. Dark Shaft has started to run on and off; once Crash Test Dummy scuttles into the shades, he sets out a walk. A sizable waterwheel burbles on spinning for a fantasy. A patch of bushes pitches hashers into a wilderness. A mark on the ground points a small iron gate out of this familiar university. Going over a street to hit the first beer stop at a corner of a shop. Runners and walkers get together bit by bit. In twos and threes of talk and drink, it lasts 15 minutes. CockaRazzi who didn’t join Hash for a few years and Pickle Boy discuss imagination is universe and feeling is supervision system. As long as idea can come to pass, it would materialize sooner or later; Mind The Gap explains because they split the Open Check marks and Two Way marks, they fell behind; All In whispers to virgins; several hashers don’t drink like Pussy Nibble, Mussels from Brussels, Just Ram, Drill Me, SperMaid, 2 Stones 2 Many, Nut Pirate, Just Flora, Breakfast Included, unknowns, etc.

Cutting through a housing area and Filthy Habit booms out the marks. Unwittingly bumping into another obscure petit park. HSP and DH butt with upper arms to snatch a pathlet in a bush and both roar with laughter through. Locals entertain with recreational facilities, as if everyone lands a happy bonanza. But the hashing trail is still ushered by hares. Very soon filing out of the park to streets and alleys along the busy road. A Yanjing Beer Garden receives runners for a Hash Hold. A miniaturized fountain square next to the street spray dwarf columns of water. A new crop of local children splash about and a charm of hashers kick off footwear frolic water as well, such as Sink & Destroy, HSP, MfB, MR, PedalPhile, Just Diana, OW, etc; No Shit Sherlock turns somewhat cartwheels; DH, BWNM and MfB each makes a pose with a giant pint of Yanjing beer in a poster. Of course, all runners take the group photos by CTD. Hotfooting on the marks one by one and block by block along with the main road. A fraction of minutes later, the second beer stop at a corner of intersection where walkers have reached beforehand meet up the eyes of runners. Ass Tonguer and Lick To It Ride tending Charlie sit cross-legged on the ground; PB tells Just Diana of building an organs store in the future with stem cell for eradicating cancer; Hard To Live With alone hunkers to watch hashers; S&F functions as Hash Flash to snap pictures for hashers; Karate, Khlitleesi and Super Squirter converse in quiet; CTD sits at a leg of sedentary Just The Tip up to the chin; it continues 15 minutes for a summer break.

Zigzagging on the streets and streets by crossing the handful noisy crossroads, passing by China Women’s University and Civil Service Training Center. Espying a dead black doggie lying under a tree on the broad street. Remaining straight on southward. Just Judy bears a kinda strong delay effect to strike a highball to run back to restaurant. Some become frontrunners like Just Oliver, Just Pete and so on. The celebration circle is settled down an empty lot surrounded by trees in the park. Tarrying for hares for a little while. Phantom comes forward to a rudderless circle for interacting a Hash rap song with hashers; Phantom Menace standing in the circle prefers to hold a big water gun to squirter hashers for juicing up the site; Taxi Ride Her keeps eyes on PM for a help any moment.

DH wears his concrete cowboy hat to host performance as per procedures, Welcoming 6 virgins with Hash songs and floppy gift; punishing 5 long-time-no-sees for a drink; nominating OW and Just Flora to win the running patches; hailing out 3 hares for many times.

The highlight is our outgoing and captivating hasher, B-W-N-M accepts a special black and red T-shirt from BJH3 MisManagement that printed a word of Mercy on front and two words of Hare Razor on back, in tandem with a local enamel mug with a Maozedong bust and words of Serving People in Chinese language, meanwhile 3 virgins she brings in as her backup, a dozen of hashers holding mug rush in the circle to support her and another rounds of hashers dash into to hug her for a gravitational field by a magnetic field of body overlap, yes, at that very moment, Bangs With No Mercy’s eyes well up with tears that she fails to Bang With No Tears. Hashers who knew her gain a joy inside by getting to know her.

BlowJob as Johnny-come-lately rides his scooter to storm into delivering a case of icy bottles of beers in time and then the other 2 hares carry in another 2 cases of ice-cold beer; LiM&S hosts the part; in a flash, CR takes advantage of his high-resolution hens to take the candid photograph for hashers and our intraday heroine; DH and Phantom by turns lilt Hash songs as Song Master; Rambo Number Five dressing his eonian beach skirt for the circle is called out somehow, and otherwise, which seems to spring into a Hash baccalaureate sermon. About twenty hashers do justice to local hearty dinner in a plush compartment.

On On…
Pickle Boy
Beijing. Monday,
June 13, 2016