Each universe has a big bang and keeps its own time. Each universe might even have its own version of physics too. Infinite possibilities yield infinite results. The cycles of collision and separation go on forever in a psychedelic dance.

What’s the catch? No, not at all. Just down to earth, relax and get a life. The mystery brings home to hashers the creativity of merriment. It pays to about-face the outdated concept. As hashers want to run and walk with drinking, so things go fast and slow with a cycle of elimination. Living quarters, semi-village, wasteland, new buildings, canal present a fresh and familiar route. The half-advanced technology and management of energy intake and heating have created local 25th solar terms called Winter Haze. Only irregular winds can relieve people’s difficulties. Although busy people are caught up in a good weather for a few days, they feel like they could be attacked by an invisible hand at any time, of course, more people are numb to have become accustomed to it, and reckon it is “indeed” a weather problem.

In such a clear day, the pacemakers yield to nobody to run our guts out like Dry Hole, Pussy Grabber, Just Wil, Principal Penetration, Minor Annoyance, Crash Test Dummy, Breakfast Included, Blow Harder, Clarke Bent, Pickle Boy, etc. Cum In My Brum mutters some words. When the runners rush in a wrong direction, the hare Moose Knuckles trots in place to hint a right trail. The cohare More Men remakes the signs out of the puzzle at intervals. The visiting hare Lost Boy guides a group of walkers to the two beer stops to gather with the runners at the right time including Rambo No.5, Nipple Kamekaze, John The Baptist, Just Niuniu, Just Victor and so forth, and Silent But Deadly falls into at the second beer stop as latecumer. In addition to the two beer stops for drink and break, the hares also arranged two pee stops in the trail, which shows that humans have a good side to develop, but also have a hidden and realistic side. Truth needs no color; beauty, no pencil. It’s an elaborate coincidence that there is a deep green wall with a logogram of NO.8 ROYAL PARK MANSION FOR ELITE FAMILY is destined to be a Hash Hold for 12 runners as a classic. On the double!

So unpretentious is a place that the hashers choose a canal bank with a tree cover for the circled celebration. GM Shanghai Man and acting RA Piss & Chips co-host a performance with an inner sanctuary. BDSAmateur and Just Wil each volunteer to take the slapper to preserve order strictly. PG acquires run patch and crystal-like mug. The elite Hash family hares dip into their wittiness in the gig, in particular, the visiting hare LB gives about something that beer makes hashers mount on the up and up from Malaysia as Mother Hash and his capability for drinking is proportional to his voice. A happy Hash family, that’s the spirit! It’s more because like and like make good friends. Song Master DH seldom belts out a rare rendition of a raucous rock and roll of Hash song. Somehow RN5 pulls out Cruise Line Her for her new nubuck booties, meanwhile Just Scarlet too is dug out for her new running shoes. The new-shoes persons down the sapid beer with a new running shoe by turn. But Just Scarlet is found carrying her purse on her shoulder, she has to drink another round. The kind-hearted GM SHM steps forward and grabs her full of shoe of beer to bottom up. At the time of the accusations, Master Baker is called out more times than he calls others that has got behind, and some rhapsodize. It’s not until all sing the chorus of Swing Low that the hearts feel a home. Two virgins witness at here and now.

On On…

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Wednesday,

November 21, 2018