The beginning of time is a sharp point, where everything we currently observe was mashed into a ball of energy smaller than an atom—then burst outward.

The Holy Grail is being raised to celebrate and participate in the United Nations Day – World Peace Through Beer, held on October 24 every year since its launch of the Music City of Nashville in 1997. 150 Hash House Harriers around the world have participated in and there are 36 beer brands all over the world available for the event. 25+ hashers of Beijing HHH eventually take part in it for the universal luck repellant and high-EQ blindness. In a bit chilling day, GM Dazed & Confused and RA Piss & Chips by turns kick off the journey in the vicinity of Guandongdian north street by blessing the three hares Principal Penetration, Cock Chain and Silent but Deadly for the trail. Moose Knuckles dresses a T-shirt with a picture of Genghis Khan riding a bottle of beer with his whip on the front and a dense of HHH names attending at the event on the back. Shanghai Man’s bare long legs attract a local granny to grope his cold-proof calf.

Marching into the alley and street, then alley and street. The yellow ginkgo fallen leaves all over the ground dazzle the eyes of runners, occasionally the big chalk sign in colors can be scanned, but the slim brushwork makes it difficult to find the marks. The hare PP remarks the trail every so often. His co-hare CC is more disoriented than the hashers. A squad of runners like Dry Hole, Limp Fish Dick, Minor Annoyance, Blow Harder, Crash Test Dummy, Breakfast Included, Cum in My Brum, Finger My Dough, etc have to pause to await the hare to point  a way out. Of course, turning into Ritan park. The hashers go all out for cutting through the jammed sightseers in part and a baby hill with a pavilion. Along with the flagstone parkway, filing out of the west gate of park. Keeping westward on the sidewalk. In an inattentive moment, crossing the trail to get up to the Beer Near sign and then the beer stop, no hasher here though. And moving forward along the marks and prying into the locals, all of them say they didn’t see any runners to pass by. It’s so weird! Doubling back to the trail before the very Beer Stop mark. Gah! There are 2 big light marks showing to cross the street into a hutong and a few hundreds meters ahead to meet up the first beer stop with other runners. It turns out the second beer stop has been hunted out just now by Pickle Boy by mistake. The runners have drunk for a while. Suddenly a group of walks the walking hare SbD leads arrive and also been the second beer stop by mistake. The hares!  DH encounters a warning sign with the words: CAUTION HOLE and certainly has a classic photo together.

The world-weary modern structures and the cynical public facilities warn that don’t tempt providence. The dead cat bounce merely spawns Monday morning quarter-back between a rock and hard place. The gung-ho hashers jump up and down two foot bridges to flash into the second beer stop adjacent to Russia market with the gadabout walkers at the same time, like Cums for Seconds, Not Tonight, John The Baptist, Duh Spot, Just Victoria, Just Mimi and so forth. Master Baker takes out 2 lunch boxes of homemade bread to hashers like before, as if he’s going to lay something on or cover something up with a lot of nerve. D&C buys yummy Russian cheese to share with the hashers. More Men and MK shop to drink different beer. Winding through embassy zone and central park, through intersection into a tiny hutong and wandering back to HH House of a high order. The circle is sited at the gate of a public security office. Oracle Bonner as latercumer pops in. CTD and Just Tansy leave early that’s a couple of times already. Only one local young virgin is greeted with Hash process and she as well presents her sincerity by almost drinking up more than half bottle of beer in one gulp. Again, SHM grabs it and drinks it. The rotating host of GM and RA rocks the spot. Rambo No.5 is thrilled to steal the hosts’ thunder to “accuse” something. Song Master DH is like a presiding judge to sing out the devotional Hash songs for the episodes. The upshot is the chorus of Swing Low ushering the hashers in a prospect that under no circumstances shall we give up the flow for the World Peace.

On On…

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Wednesday,

November 28, 2018