Congratulations to see through the vile trickery while the malicious cheaters (criminals) started to use their assholes to talk!

The 3 hares Pekinsky Bikinsky, Super Squirter and Algae Bra dress the uniform bikini-patterned T-shirt and each carries a nerved heart-shaped water tank on their backs that connects a high-powered water gun. As if the 3 angels come up to wash down the anger and pain. Of course, the most of over 50 hashers are equipped with a water pistol to ejaculate blessing each other. GM Blister Fister and RA Six Kuai Short crank up a squirting hashing bursting at the seams next to a busy road. Pedalphile shouts out the first mark in surprise at the end of alley. No Shit Sherlock, Triple X Ray, Anything Goes, Just Ben, etc are hot on his heels. Beer Wolf like blustering whirlwind legs it with spurting his powerful water gun. Cutting through a living community. A sign of Open Check separates hashers. Just Jacob luckily finds a branch to move onward. Turning left from a junction to reach the first beer stop in a loaded lane that feels a short trail. The rest catch up in succession pronto including a group of walkers like Bjorn Again, Karate, Little Red Shit Hood, Pyro, Danger Zone, Hot Cockolate, Godzilla Butt, virgins, etc. Drinking and talking for a 15 min of breather.

Unknowingly entering a park to meet the first Hash Hold at a huge iron cage statue for a group picture. A colorful hashing lineup juices up the idyllic park by running around a lake. Suddenly a rainbow statue stops the hashers for the second Hash Hold to take a group photo again. Striding over a stone arch bridge and passing through a small woods to see China International Youth Camp’s door is painted by rainbow color. The 3 letters of H strikes a note of the third Hash Hold for another group photo. Then swamping into a yard according to the marks, but looping out of it to cross the trail as a foul play of hashing trail and soon filing out this park. Thwarting the heavy street to follow the pacemakers along the street to the end of a little junction to hit the second beer stop. The walkers and runners have been wetted with water and merriment. Somehow a strapping middle-aged policeman gets wet too by a hasher, but he still wears a smile to watch the hashers. The hashers also smile together. Thanks God for understanding. Around 16 bottles of cold beer have been consumed by the hashers completely in 10 minutes. Barbara Bush first dashes to check the trail, and then Principal Penetration, Red Snatcher, Terracotta Whorrior, Shaven Not Stirred, All In, Smells Fishy, Just Megan, Just Gloria, Just Mona, virgins, etc. When winkling the sign in a familiar lane, some have got lost. Ass Tonguer yells out a way out. Lick It To Ride takes care of Ponyo. The front runners outdistance the joggers via housing area and foot bridge. Bursting through the alleyway with strait and narrow to eye the restaurant. Later on, Tantantalizer meters out the whole trail is just 3.48 miles approaching to 5.6km.

The grand circle is held at a mini-square close to the noisy road. 2 cartons of local sponsored beer called Taste Room clinched by Super Squirter exhilarate the hashers. Some latecomers show up like Cumshot, Nut Pirate and unbeknownsts. GM BF and RA SKS in turn hosts the performance. Finger My Dough and Hard To Live With become the patch winners. Rambo Number Five scores his shining mug and patch. Seeing little of the situation that 15 virgins stand out to accept a welcoming ceremony. The most dynamic BW is called in to take a shoot-fish-in-a-barrel by a circle of over 10 hashers in the circle for a super-fun, doozie! BW, Phantom, RoadKill and Crash Test Dummy who bared to the waist all along the trail come out to win a bright Bikini string respectively and wears it to cover the nipples with the lyric of Hash song, “…nipples make boobs fun!”. Dazed & Confused waves a couple of Cock of Shame to call the 3 hares to suck-swallow. CTD is pulled out for his new shoes drink. The members of struck jury such as Lost in Marks & Spencer sizes up the hashers walking in the circle and drones against scofflaws , “Guilty! Guilty!…” Breakfast Included wearing a mask stands shoulder to shoulder with him. Cockarazzi obtains evidence by clicking his camera constantly. The local audience’s strength almost equal to the hashers’s. 007 presents Pickle Boy an European mug with a lid called friendship mug. Dry Hole’s Hash songs as always accompany the circled celebration and accusation with the live judgment. Speaking of naming Just Ecko, Dunking Dog Nuts can’t wait to rush out to reveal her secret that’s about non-underwear for a while. Ultimately she attains Hash Handle known as Saint Knickerless by gaining a beer baptism from hashers singing the Hashers Song aloud. As a result, a team of die-hard hashers come forward to lead a chorus of Swing Low with crew. At the hash dinner, about 15 hashers witness a Bikini Birthday cake for Pekinsky Bikinsky. Hereby wish the soreheads to look up forward for fighting back the sin and crime under the bludgeonings of chance.

P.S. The 007 has been creating the novel funny things. 1) he holes the cap of water bottle to squeeze many strong spouts; 2) buys the new gutter brush to whisk out a fit of water; 3) buys a mop with a keg to splash the water; 4) buys rubber glove to fix on a bottle of beer and makes a pinhole on this glove to let the hares have a sling drink; 5) throws a plastic bag of water into the air to rain in the circle. Thanks dude!

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing. Tuesday,
June 06, 2017