October 23, 2016, it’s a tag day of BeiJing Hash House Harriers to China Little Flower Orphanage.

About 10 am, 7 Mismanagement members of BJHHH walk in China Little Flower orphanage in Shunyi district of Beijing, a clean and tidy courtyard with a 2-storey building. They are Six Kuai Short, Agent Orgy, Blister Fister, Sweet & Furry, Herr Splashy Pants, Finger My Dough and Pickle Boy. The CLF staff Ms. Rebecca warmly receives us and the hashers change for the slippers into a pink room furnished with children settings and soft color foamed plastic floor. Ms. Rebecca introduces China Little Flower’s working program and situation for 20 minutes or so. And learning there are 29 babies aged months who were abandoned by their parents because of lack of money and the diseased value system to the different birth defects and illness. Later on, she brings us to visit several nursing rooms where some babies are being cared by the volunteer nurses in pink uniform respectively.

At the second floor, there are a handful of empty baby rooms welcoming other unlucky-and-lucky babies. And then we move to downstair passageway and have sight of the photos of all babies glassed in a wall one by one. The hashers ask simple questions and our GM SKS in behalf of all the hashers donates a blue envelop of 10,000 yuan to Ms. Rebecca (8,633 yuan from 2016 BJHHH Red Dress Run hared by Melon Drama, Herr Splashy Pants and Super Squirter, collected Hash Cash by Bearded Clam, handled Hashdashery by Finger My Dough and Khlitleesi as well as 1,367 yuan from Boxer HHH in charge of Boxer GM Sink & Destroy). Finally our visiting hashers and Ms. Rebecca take the group pictures in front of the nursing structure of China Little Flower. And the hashers leave there around 11:45 am in a beautiful day. For more details on China Little Flower, please browse in their website www.chinalittleflower.org

Bottom line: One of the key obstacle is those who are affected by Confucius culture won’t adopt other babies because Confucianism accentuates importance of blood relationship.

The-Is-It-A-Bird-Is-It-An-Airplane Hash

A cobalt sky embracing plumes of white cloud pleases nearly 40 hashers to jump-start a refreshing Hash event in the far Shunyi district. The hare Hard To Live With paraphrases a subset of Hash marks on the ground in the start point at a sidewalk with the help of Phantom Menace that spices up the spot. The co-hare PreLubed and the walking hare Algae Bra gear up to unleash storm of a distinctive hashing in an exurb. RA Blister Fister stands out, in wafting a songful tune by the hashers for RA, to bless the hares and trail, and the hares drink a can of beer to buck up their idea.

A bunch of hashers come along after vanishing for yonks such as Urine Trouble, Transylvestite, West Side Farter, Come More Often, Dark Shaft, Inspect Her Gadget, Comes From The Rear, Ram Without Lube, etc.

Herr Splashy Pants who finishes his duty of Hash Cash first finds a way out of a stalemate with a critical sign, running through a Boxer-style place to meet a mark of Open Check at a busy crossing. RoadKill routes out the straight third marks for a right trail, cutting through an enclosed woods to fall in with another Open Check mark. Pickle Boy and Lost in Mark& Spencer crack a right direction for awhile. The other Open Check mark blooms PB into a solo pathfinder towards a Two-Way mark. As if all the diverging points chance one’s luck. RK and HSP in turns catch up to lead the way on the right track along a riverlet via a bridge. Crossing a noisy intersection to split another Two-Way mark. Phantom pushes PM in a baby carriage calls for the On Two and On On at the On Third mark. A remarkable three-cornered sculpture diagonally across Air China office buildings denotes a light launch pad. All hashers gather to click the whole group photos for a Hash Hold.

Turning 4 streets to hit the first beer stop at the corner of a crossing. The walkers and runners drink and talk to form a cluster of hot street-scape. Taxi Mom spots a bug, while she gets to know it’s a kind of local stinkbug and shakes it off to the ground. A hasher covers up it with a papercup. A local old street inspector in vested uniform comes up to pick up the cup and tramples down it to death and explains he’s responsible for cleaning the street. Lately just spraying pesticide on the trees. There are a lot of bugs falling down to the ground, then has a talk with Karate in Chinese. The break prolongs and AO shouts out 69 seconds for leaving.

PB and RK hurtle in a marked direction. On left into a village-ish reeds and weeds to hunt up the second Hash Hold and no far away right ahead there are rows of lit runway lights on the airstrip fenced up with the verticle wire entanglement. Suddenly from the up distance, 2 airplanes by turns drop in and rumblingly skim overhead of the hashers. The hashers scream and snap the photos and jump and hold a finger aloft like Just Kat, Just Judy, Just Lisa, Rambo Number Five, Pretty Shitty, Just Justin. Taxi Ride Her shoulders PM to be highest. Charlie is put a pair of tiny footwear on his hind legs that help him to balance to run a lot of trail, especailly his favorite muddy part. His winkle however is gelled. Such the imposing airplane touchdown in the hashing trail should be the first time ever. And observing wisps of white smoke with whipcrack in the sky of the airport, letting off some fireworks for driving off the flying birds in patches. Thanks the hares to make an airplane-bird trail.

Soon the hashers brush through a wilderness into a guttery podunk. When AO asks a bevy of local kids if they see the foreign runners to pass through, the cute little girls lie AO to point out a wrong laneway. After a group of hashers realize it’s not right trail and backtrack to check. Meanwhile making hashers reflecting if all kids should be trusted or must recognize dual character of human nature. Again, several local young boys yells in Chinese with a touch of panic, “Foreigners! Foreigners!…” UT runs back to explain, “I’m Chinese! I’m Chinese!…”

Climbing on a wooded mound along with the flour marks and entering another laneway and passing by a locked shack with a Hash mark of 3 letters of B in a roundlet, which means the second beer stop, it’s closed, though. The hashers have to locate the new small shop for the drinking stop. Eventually it separates 2 groups of runners to set the provisional second beer stops and later get together again. Mind the Cap prefers to stretch her nerve by legs press action as her habit. Most local shops cannot supply the cold beer in the cold season as the life routine. Some taste cheap and yummy steamed stuffed buns. Then shooting through streets, crossings, footbridge and hutongs to loop back to home restaurant. The latecomers show up like Nut Pirate and Just Bernard. The circle turns into an oblong ritual on an incommodious sidewalk.

2 GMs SKS and AO who drapes a BJH3 red flag and hanges a cock of shame on her neck co-host the hilarious climax in terms of hashing process. 2 virgins are greeted with Hash song and little cock. 3 hares are sung up a shitty trail for an incredible trail. A pack of long-time-no-sees crowd up to swig. LiM&S wins #123 running patch. RA BF anounces the follow-through drinkability from hashers in the ballpark. AO has refined on her Hash Songs as the well-deserved Hash Songstress. Sweet & Furry shifts her positions to snap the pictures. Master Baker “accuses” some hashers for shtik. Phantom speaks a laughing stock to amuse the hashers. In the cope of night, the streetlamp switches on in time and lights up a very good time, all hashers immediately exult in it. Co-RA LiM&S leads a 3-edition chorus for Swing Low with all crews as the finale. About 30 hashers tuck in a local homely dishes in a private room. When the hare PreLubed coordinates more slow cuisines, there’s more waiting time for a social activity. After the knockabout dinner, a team of hashers wheel to Hash Bar XL for partial vacuum.  A fresh air indeed doubles our lung function as we run outdoors and feel melting into the nature heart and soul. But how long can the precious fresh air keep up?

On On…
Pickle Boy
Beijing, Tuesday,
October 25, 2016