Human dark traits: psychopath (lack of compassion), narcissism (extreme self-attraction), Machiavellianism (believe that purpose justifies means), egoism, sadism and malicious personality.

Jedi Knight wields a white sparkling lightsaber to slash our way in such the darkness impersonated by the hare KiddiePoo, whose cohare Cheesy Balls in a snow-white gemmed maxi personifies princess from Ausus and his company Just X in same panoply, a shtick is Dry Hole stands next to the princess twosome to make face at “eating tofu” snack, as well as another cohare Super Squirter dressing up a terry brown bear pantsuit with an ornamental diagonal bandoleer that has an outfit clash with Moral Fixation’s.

Limp Fish Dick pretends a cowboy sheriff with cowboy hat and buckskin vest pinned a pair of cookie cutters and a silver revolver at his waist in a spotty skirt. More Men puts on a piebald skintight with a long tail up vividly, in particular her cat painting on her face; Moose Knuckles has on a unicorn cap and rainbow tutu and rainbow long socks; Drink Like Girl wears a gas mask in his dreggy wig and black business suit matching with a black crow on his shoulder, which’s out-and-out a realistic mime; Beer Wolf is attired in a domineering rider on a tyrannical puppet and concocts Bloody Mary to treat the hashers; whoa! Nipple Kamekaze garbs an ancient Chinese warrior armor, especially holds a spear, yet looks like a terra cotta; Danger Zone prinks a shining golden mask and golden cape like a supergirl; Chokes One Out gets classy with a delicate mask;  BDSAmateur then titivates in an orange coconut crab; Not Tonight spiffs herself with a chic star tiara; Crash Test Dummy gets up himself in a tiger trouser suit; Bitch Bandit’s blue long hair goes well with a black witch hat; an unrolled towel as an adornment on the back of John The Baptist is of use; junior Rambo No.5 twins disguise as the identical angels in starry wizard hats and starry mantles; a team of skeleton guise like Lick It To Ride, Ass Tonguer, Dazed & Confused, Pickle Boy, DH, Anal Compulsion, etc.

Such over 30 hashers in diverse costumes and makeup jog and saunter through Guomao, Dongdaqiao area and Tuanjiehu park to spice up in a limpid sky. It is impossible not to find the delight of people in public. Duh Spot in a pirate hat drives his tri-motor with hashing kids on the trail. The two beer stops have changed the Jedi Temples for cultivating the drinking force. Just Stein as latecumer walks in. The circle has to be set a little far from the restaurant for Ponyo whom’s not allowed to enter a park for the circle. However, the new circle location is quite good at mini-pleasure ground. Oracle Boner turns up for the circle only. GM Shanghai Man and RA Heart On by turns anchor a zestful performance. 3 virgins are greeted and singing and laughter rise one after another, tackling and horseplay between COO and LFD. DH lilts new Hash songs to juice up the site. LITR and AT step in to gift bags of cock light candies to hashers for their FOYW. Just Daniel earns his Hash Handle known as Blue Cocky by the largest sound waves from hashers. The christening ritual attracts scores of local audiences. GM and RA jointly lead a chorus of Swing Low as a upshot. Oops! Master Baker is here throughout and dresses leisure suit. Perhaps he has his own Halloween every day. What a Saturday festival it is!

A cat may look at a king

Nearly 30 hashers rendezvous at Bearded Clam’s place located in the neighborhood of Dongzhimenwai for Full Moon Hash about 8 pm, Friday. Thanks days of gale for blowing away the spooky smog. A full bright moon hangs in the night sky. A fresh air refreshes the heart. The lovely FMH GM Ass Tonguer launches a nocturne journey. The hare Limp Fish Dick in cowboy sheriff dress nips off in advance. 10 minutes later, all hashers chase after his flour signs. Chokes One Out and Moral Fixation first shout out a way out from the beginning Open Check in a dim lane. Through somewhat streets, yelling out a mark on a foot bridge down into the dark green belt. Pussy Grabber disguising as a batman from top to bottom rushes back and forth for the hidden signs, taking the lead including More Men, Moose Knuckles, Miner Annoyance, Danger Zone painting a ghastly face, Nipple Kamekaze, Just Will, Nature Boy, Just Kelly, Piss & Chips, Cum In My Brum, virgins and so on. Crash Test Dummy in tiger costume jumps forward like zombie.

Crossing the canal bridge to hit the first beer stop. BDSAmateur in crab guise collects Hash Cash. Dry Hole as latecumer arrives out of breath. Gossiping around with beer for 10 minutes or so. Blow Harder in crocodile costume scats for the second leg 10 minutes early. Most hashers are well acquainted with the environment and wouldn’t have gotten lost. DH, MK, MM, PG, etc take an active part far and away through embassy zone and go straight to the Paddy’s at which a Halloween party is happening. All kinds of grotesque costumes are eye-opening. MargariCunt as the co-owner of the Paddy’s serves a full tray of free beer to the hashers. The second beer stop is like a horse of a different color. AT juggles a pair of color hopping balls and creates a blue light and a red light spinning in the air. Rambo No.5 clicks his camera. Bitch Bandit’s white wig makes her nifty. Beer Wolf as latecumer dudes a rider on a tyrant. BC brooms for the last leg. The hashers skillfully rout out the signs in the darkness with a succession of battle cry for the marked trail through Dongzhimen area and turning right into a lane to return to the start point.

The circle is sited at the entrance of a park. The copious cold beer and hot chocolate comfort the hashers. FMH RA Lick It To Ride leads the hashers for a lager pray. These hares are hailed to drink together a couple times. The outgoing FMH GM and FMH RA conduct a simple handover ceremony for new FMH GM BDSAmateur and FMH RA Blow Harder subbing for them. The Song Masters LITR and DH bell out in cadence for the affectionate lyrics of Hash songs. BC pours beer for each hasher. Pickle Boy is called in to identify who helped and saved his 5-hour swoon last hashing. Wow! In total, there are 8 hashers, except for Molotov Cock’s absence, they are respectively Dry Hole, More Men, Moose Knuckles, Minor Annoyance, Bearded Clam, Lick It To Ride and Ass Tonguer standing out. PB thanks them with a toast. Some “accusations” carry on for the pregnant time. What are the odds? It’s the least the hashers can do to keep an eye on each other in such the self-blinded, self-consequent, self-righteous and self-abhorrent world. Then every hasher howls a faint bright full moon via a tree awning. COO excitedly sings Hash song from Monday to Saturday and dances with MM and MK. A band of hashers move to the Paddy’s for ex-celebration of the Halloween night.

On On…

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Tuesday,

October 30, 2018