Victims can see that morality without positive and rational belief is poisonous; law without independent checks and balances is murderous.

A couple years ago, former Hash scribe Nowhere Man as hare took the hashers to hash around the a range of sites of Pamela’s Murder Tragedy. On this Saturday afternoon, three hares do it again but differently, such as Dry Hole in blue Cookie Monster T-shirt, AutoBlow in blue Cookie Monster headgear and Molotov Cock in Cookie Monster beanie and black trash plastic cloak for implying a badland because they contextualize over thirty hashers to a time-leaped Sesame Street in 1937. In a utopian world, the sky is always clear, contradictions are always solved, and life is always colorful. Crash Test Dummy writes three numbers on his cheek for 250. Super Squirter wears a black stripe sunglass seems like a perspective glass in a space age, nevertheless more like one using to identify suspects.

Mussels from Brussels like a steed rushes into a marked old hutong to check a way out, therewith, Limp Fish Dick, Pickle Boy, Lost in Marks & Spencer, Breakfast Included, Minor Annoyance, Moral Fixation, Blow Harder, Danger Zone and so on as well as the walkers Rambo No.5, Piss & Chips, Hot Cockalate, Glitoris, Just Kelly, Just Niuniu, Just Victoria, etc. The hashing lineup pass through the noisy Beijing Railway Station and underpass and into the ancient hutong block to zigzag to first beer stop opposite a row of ancient bungalows exactly where Pamela once lived 81 years back. The hares recount the murder’s background for a train of thought of investigation, WHO’S THE REAL MURDERER? 007 stands on tiptop and observes a new roof, murmurs, “are these the original houses?”.  The hashers have a rap session as to who the real murderer is? Even Japanese army captured Beijing city and interrupted further investigation. And the bureaucratic investigation team released the major suspect, etc.

10 minutes later, the hashers move on to the scene of Pamela’s corpse via a green belt surrounded by old trees and up and down some steps and bridge, suddenly the bright ChickenShit bobs up as a visitor of BJH3 at the foot of old city tower called Beijing Southeast Corner Tower on the stele. The hare DH narrates where the body was found as first Hash Hold and lets hashers try to detect some clue on a patch of lawn. BDSAmateur finds out a cookie on a leaves line and then the hare DH points out a direction for Open Check.

The ground is blanketed by a layer of golden yellow ginkgo fallen leaves. Soon afterwards, the hashers hit second Hash Hold for a break and the hare AB fetches out bars of cookies to treat hashers as if a kinda award from Sesame Street encourages the hashers to keep up the investigation and cut back the harebrained idea. Just as we sweep our rooms, so we should sweep backward ideas from our minds.

Crossing the busy street into the clean hutongs, lanes and side streets, some soldiers are standing guard the doors. All at once pausing on the opposite side of a three-story house in Dong Jiao Min Xiang ( Legation Quarter). The hare DH sets scene in which the major suspect lived as third Hash Hold. Going forward to a church where Pamela and related personnel often went to and some hashers visit the part and turning into a lane to reach second beer stop for drink and talk up to a point.

Climbing a foot bridge to another hutong zone. Just rolling with it in deep water. There is a limit to human practice. The trend of thought gets hunch forward, lean back, cartwheel, somersault until poising oneself as if catching sight of a variety of dogs like a yellow dog, a big dog, a sly dog, a dog in the manger, etc, never getting up to bell the cat without turning an eyelash though. What a cat and dog life! Third beer stop is located at Taijichang community. Bearded Clam learns a complicated Chinese character from a policeman’s name on a warning sign that most of Chinese people might not know.

Principal Penetration yells a key mark out of a checking point. When entering Dongdan park, there is a swivel iron gate showing a kick, BDSA grasps on the bars of iron gate and treads on the bottom of iron gate, Nipple Kamekaze revolves the iron gate. At that moment, BDSA is more than happy in a merry-go-round of Sesame Street. Fleeting up and down a dwarf hill to another gate out. More Men and Moose Knuckles are struck by a burst of melodious music and couldn’t help holding together to dance gleefully. What a tacit Hash couple they are! Winding through plausible hutongs to return to HH House in the neat lane. Beer Wolf, Spicy Penis and Silent But Deadly one by one appear far behind schedule.

Reputedly there is a hutong named Sesame Street as well where the hashers circle up. GM Dazed & Confused and RA Heart On lead the hashers to bravo the investigated journey. CTD brings in several lunch boxes of morish chocolate cream for the hashers and he made them himself amazingly. LFD scores #25 run patch and transparent mug. Cheesy Balls wins a pair of boiled eggs that makes him sing Hash songs with vigor. Finger My Dough presents a small bottle of erguotou to CTD. Two virgins go in for. These three hares are hailed in for their wonder of Sesame Street for sure. And Ernie, Bert, Grover, Big Bird, etc, seem unlikely to be suspicious, more likely the other figure haunting amongst values, morality and humanity all along…….for fear that authority eats crow in the Sesame Street. Howsoever the chorus of Swing Low initiated by RA HO incubates the Sherlock’s intuition of each hasher.

Tips: Pickle Boy has been found to have a 50% blockage in his carotid arteries mainly due to his chronic anger for his life as invisible killer. Those with signs such as wrinkle on the earlobes or between two eyes, etc., are more likely to have cardiac-cerebrovascular problems. Early knowledge and early treatment. We must have breakfast, must have three meals a day, must go to bed early and get up early, must not be too angry in the face of man-made disasters, and stuff. Keeping our fingers crossed.

On On…

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Tuesday,

November 13, 2018