For a certain zombie, it’s not doing something wrong that matters, but not being caught doing something wrong.

They kneel down to lie and violence and have fallen into Satan’s slaves. All the spectators are silent, in the wise self-preservation, accurate calculation of their own interests, as long as they think that their interests are not lost, then continue to be silent. Dark Shaft playacts like a hell magistrate in a black cowl and scarves a long black iron chains and holds a bloody machete in one hand and a skull blood tankard in the other for fear that missing each and every punitive action against evils in human life. The hares Blow Harder and Cums for Seconds dress up the ripped shirts and jeans with bloodstains look like a pair of victims. Their cohare Not Tonight wears ordinary clothes. Super Squirter then primps like scapegoat in a white Chinese ancient costume setting off her long dyed blonde. Fortunately, the air quality does not yet reach 500 pm or up, and just haunts a matter of 250 pm. The apparent and rapid massacre does not take place.

A troupe of zombie walkers like Danger Zone, Red Snatcher, Rambo No.5, 007, Cock Chain, Cum In My Brum, some unknown hashers and so on wind through Dongzhimen area, many of whom have to put on diverse masks. A platoon of zombie runners led by the victimized hares commit the tragedy to the trail. Principal Penetration, Breakfast Included and Minor Annoyance all the way positively check forward for a breakthrough and shout out the mark to the others. Some hashers still don’t know once seeing a sign, should yell it out as loudly as possible to the other hashers. Crash Test Dummy goes on his knees and spreads his arms to Just Tansy on the trail. Pickle Boy knocks over several bottles of beer and a bottle hits on a shoe of John The Baptist at the second beer stop where BDSAmateur as latecumer pops in and Chokes One Out pops out. The hares set up three beer stops to the points in the lane and streets.

The circle is in close proximity to the Paddy’s. GM Dazed& Confused and proxy RA Lost In Marks & Spencer present home is where the heart is with the hashers, instead of pleasing the eye and plaguing the heart. Just Adam as only virgin takes a warm welcome from the hashers in a cyber-masturbating way. Bearded Clam serves beer to all hashers. Tit for Tap clamps a water bottle between her two thighs and covers it with her tight miniskirt, then drums up a hypothetical thing. MargariCunt as latecumer jams into calling for Bjorn Again. Hash Flash SS clicks a string of splendid pictures for hashers. KiddiePoo is, without being careful, becoming a quasi-Song Master that’s indispensable on the spot. The proxy RA LIM&S renders a buffoonish chorus of Swing Low with crew. At the conclusion of it, Beer Wolf bundles up a mask comes latest. On the side wall of the Paddy’s building warn some striking black letters, “Stop making stupid people famous”. The invisible killer has been somewhere.

On On…

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Monday,

November 05, 2018