Seeing the truth is more accurate than following the norm.

Inadvertently, slipped into the New Year 2019 when still racing against the clock to get things ready in time, but the uncertain sweet air refreshes a matter of 25 hashers in the cold, as if being intent on an aspiration for exploring a new world and a new self, minus asking for the moon.  The daring vanguards charge forward, such as Dry Hole, Molotov Cock, Crash Test Dummy, BBC, Cruise Line Her, Principal Penetration, Pickle Boy, visiting No Shit Sherlock, Breakfast Included, Cums in My Brum, Finger My Dough, Cock Chain, Just Linda, etc through noisy streets, orderly crossroads, unitary flyovers and breathing hutongs in a sub-downtown called Shuangjing area. The running hare Danger Zone sweeps blind spots and redresses direction.

Three beer stops each were set at a five-and-ten, a Russian grocery store and two hares’ home like Churn Me On and Just Brianna. There are a half of participant hashers to stroll around, including Blow Harder in charge of Hash Cash as usual, Just Victor, Just Niuniu, virgins and so on.  In tandem with the first beer stop, a Hash Hold ushers all hashers to a magnificent golden statue of which a galloping 6-horse carriage is being charioted by a Hellenic God in armor, surrounded by a stately residential office buildings like a castle in the sky. For sure, the hashers take a family photo with it. On account that DH and MC run too fast, they miss the second and third beer stops. In particular, at the third one, the hares host all hashers with diverse cold beers, and CMO standing on a settee holds a bottle of chocolate juice in one hand and a bottle of green booze in the other to feed a mouthful into almost every hasher. Fricking Shakespeare surprisingly bobs up as a returning visitor. Once moving out on, the hashers hit HH House only a stone’s throw from the third break. Some shout, “best beer stop ever!”.

GM Shanghai Man and RA Piss & Chips co-moderate a circle show at a withered lawn where dog poops are scattered. 4 young female virgins are greeted on the threshold of Hash celebration with a little something.  The gift of the gab and funny bone of a few of hashers bring the hashers to chuckle, smirk, simper, titter, snicker, roar, chortle, giggle and guffaw. MC narrates that some hashers meet God’s will through reaching the light source coming from integrity (otherwise they may be to the devil through the ignorant people or fallen angels. So God does not look like a human, nor can he be seen with the naked eyes). 2 latecumers Karate and 007 separately catch up with the New Year circle. In the night and hullabaloo, RA names Just Brianna Slap the Bitch as her Hash Handle along a blessing of beer christening from the hashers as she gamely kneels down in the circle. GM and RA co-lead a chorus of Swing Low at length. It adumbrates that we’d rather we realized something now, than afterwards in which teamwork carry the day while the others count the day.

On On…

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Wednesday,

January 09, 2019