Gravity, the force that brings baseballs back to Earth and governs the growth of black holes, is mathematically relatable to the peculiar antics of the subatomic particles that make up all the matter around us.

An out-of-the-way clearing surrounded the bushes and shrubs fashions into a circled ritual. 20 plus hashers step up our game for the hashy Festivus tradition. Comfort foods that Crash Test Dummy dishes out chunks of yummy and nutritious corn bread he made to hashers, a bag of tasty chocolate cake from the hare Dazed & Confused share with hashers, 2 full thermoses of vintage mulled wine by the hares warm up hashers served by the hares Dry Hole and Heart On as well as volunteer Red Snatcher. Going the extra mile for a pre – Festivus dinner. GM Shanghai Man comes late to host a smooth performance with new RA Blow Harder. Three hashers are glorified to win their run patch, blue cup and shining mug, such as BH, Moral Fixation and Tit for Tap.

A fine line between the confusion of the desire and need and the evil indulgence of the non-punishment in doubtful cases and formalized dogmatism has been ruining the humanistic world. The Hash event gets it out of our system and pulls a rabbit out of a hat by drinking and running as Feats of Strength, the name of the game is not to tar it with the same brush for Airing of Grievances. Procedural justice is very important, but it is not absolutely superior to objective justice! The hares’ hats reflect on a kind of contrast, tantalizing taco hat by D&C and maverick pirate hat by HO and inalienable Leifeng hat by DH. The hashers beat the holiday blues in so being chuffed to bits with some “accusations” and chorus of Swing Low in the darkness. Duh Spot family as latecumers weigh in the crunch time.

The two beer stops each offer pick-me-up for the hashers. In particular, the first one in high-rise office buildings is where the cold wind bite the hashers for a certain of cool postures. MF and Bitch, Please catch up for their late arrival. Cum in My Brum and Just Victor lost their way. Bearded Clam gives Pickle Boy to understand as to that his struggle is just like Kafka’s Der Process. Karate and his virgins form a rap group with the others like CTD, Just NiuNiu and Just Fay. By all means Lost in Marks & Spencer, Breakfast Included, Principal Penetration and so on check the signs with a fine-toothed comb through 4 loops of route, 4 super cramped snickets, 5 intersections and 7 foot bridges. The hares don’t hint any pointer to the hashers. Subsequent to the second BS, all hashers take a whole family photo between modern structure and backward pattern.

BH and Danger Zone kindly direct the way for a stranger who asks for. The other Hash Hold is for Hash picture with an Olympic sculpture and slogans that condemn reality to embarrassment on the make as the evidence of incongruity cannot be over-emphasized.  BDSaMateur reclines in a sculpture in one of the Olympic rings as if it is a reminder of the need for the Olympic spirit. The hashers dig in our heels and get our head around it. All right, so much for that one because Festivus pole is not only a pole, but also another “very high strength-to-weight ratio” as appealing, showing Festivus miracle with a freak flag for the cathartic method to cleanse people of the evils of dissatisfaction in a fair game. The hashers are there with bells on in the genuine holiday spirit against the over-secular Christmas, back to square one.

On On…

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Thursday,

December 27, 2018