In this town there is no money, no religion, no politics. It’s called “Auroville” and was founded in 1968 as its inhabitants are over 50 nationalities and different cultures and is located in South India, 150 kilometers from Chennai in Madras, obeying one single authority, that of the supreme truth. A place of peace, concord and harmony where all the fighting instinct in man were used exclusively to overcome the cause of their sufferings and miseries, to overcome their weaknesses and ignorance, and to triumph over their limitations and disabilities. A place where the needs of the spirit and interest of progress precedence over the satisfaction of desires and passions or the pursuit of pleasure and material enjoyment.

Bright and Shiny and PedalPhile’s FOYW

Full Moon Hash #100 is the most hashers ever! 44 souls are from all over the world. FM GM Sweet & Furry is busy with handling the first edition of FM T-shirt and Hash cash as well as gifting the hashers a bright green bracer with memorable logo and words and a fistful glow sticks adorn and lighten the hashers. Blister Fister comes forward to hare the first part of trail; FM RA Lick It To Ride wears a crown made by glow sticks prays for him with drinking a can of holy beer. A sonorous voice orders to open check and the hashers roar for the trail to submerge to the darkish and noisy lane.

Sink & Destroy and Herr Splashy Pants scurry ahead; Comes More Often squeezes in out of nowhere as latecomer and long-time-no-see; the hashers scream through the ruckus of Sanlitun northern bar street, just like a hashers live show attracting the public eyes, following the clear-cut flour signs to keep straight on northerly and through the crossings and embassy area and on left to cross the 3rd ring road down to the part of dim canal bank, as puzzling about a wrong trail, Ram Without Lube looks like between the rock and the hard place; Heart On yells out a mark hiding away an obscure corner. All beat it to turn right and through a canal bridge to fetch up the first beer stop at a detached supermarket on roadside. Most stream with sweat and the overheat of the body presses down environmental humidity. At that moment, only feeling the perished beer to the sense of hashers. The more runners and the less walkers gather. Crash Test Dummy and Shaven Not Stirred who both don’t drink watch the hashers; Ponyo tended by Ass Tonguer makes a friend with Guaiguai tended by Drill Me; Wandering Tongue installed a good-sized flashlight on her phone to take the better pictures for hashers; Comes On Vacation accompanied by Dark Shaft comes down the pike for a brief visit bringing in African big smile and spry mood; C3 Pee Holes surely cannot pass up to swing his groove by blowing a screechy whistle and rocking his body with waving his two hands ; Agent Orgy and FB splash the cold beer on the bodies of hashers for a skosh of coolth; some then tittle-tattle such as Tight Quim, Karate, Just Leigh, Ezy Rider, Just Pete, DickMocracy, virgins, etc. Hairy Crack volunteers to make the second haring gig; PedalPhile gleans the hashers’s trash into the plastic bags. After 10 minutes or so, the hashers take the road.

Scattering to a wide walkway and crossing a loaded intersection to head northward and at the end of it, turning right to the 3rd ring road, along the stream of traffic to go southward to Liangmaqiao crossroad, a mark of open check drags the pace of hashers for a little while and a virgin checks in a trail to shout afront until reaching the second beer stop at a corner of the 3rd ring road. The hare has spread the bottles of cold beer in a line on the ground to await the hashers. The runners and walkers in succession get to. Dazed & Confused cycles; Pussy Nibble pushes Phantom Menace’s baby carriage where Taxi Ride Her sits in, as PM sees this situation, he’s grouchy to point at her and mumbles, “this is mine. You cannot sit in” , and approaches to Phantom for a support. Phantom hastens to console him, “She’s your mom. It’s okay.” PM as our youngest hasher is just less than 4 years old. That his nature tells him of protecting his private ownership is completely a human nature as well. NOTHING CAN CONQUER HUMAN NATURE. Just Karen shyly wants to hare the last part and S&D comes out to help her a virgin haring. 10 minutes later, the hashers start to explore the homestretch. Down to south and striding over a foot bridge and passing through embassy area and turning to Sanlitun southern bar street. The merry-go-round of hashers juices up the hustling and bustling night view. Suddenly as hashers stab into a murky row of tiny demolished hutongs, Whose Red Wienee rushes in the front to carve out a trail. Once moving out of it, clearing up to eye the trail to the home restaurant. All then walk to an open green belt for a circle ritual. Some didn’t hash but come for the circle like Pre-Lubed, Khlitleesi, Hebei Horse Herpes and virgins.

There’ s an easy chat party with sufficient Belgian Vedett and Liefmans as Hash beer sponsor for a preparation and PP concocts a small container of cocktail with pineapple and the unknown beverages for hashers. 2 banners of flags first flutter between the trees. PP wearing his FM GM helmet hosts a last show in BH3 and shouts out 10+plus virgins in the circle, presenting each of them a shiny stainless steel opener and all hashers belt out the Beijing Hash Song. 4 hares are hailed in over and over for drinks; PP, BF and Pickle Boy each is awarded a boob-softened towel with embroidered Hash handle; PP holds GM helmet to be contributed some drinks from the hashers and knocks it back for his FOYW, even if he managed Full Moon Hash for a short time, hashers would never forget his due diligence to a nicety. The happy hangover makes some of hashers to be a senseless euphoria. C3PH’s bag pipe show then resumes certain sense. Per FM tradition to howl over the moon, the layers of cloud however covered up the moon. Turns out, the hashers find out a superheated light hanging on the top of an edifice, then all together utter shrill cries to it for an oversoul of cislunar space. Around 20 hashers tuck in a local delicious dinner in a closed door for a required low-decibel environment and then stroll to Paddy’s for a sober-up group dance till the wee hours.

The Fast and Furious 37th Anniversary Run

BH3 #1762 is the most beer stops ever! The best blessing of trail ever! Because it’s hared by our renowned Hash family, Phantom, Taxi Ride Her, Phantom Menace and Just Pete as a professional assistant, more because a 37th hashing anniversary is celebrated with ebullition of memory lane, more because they believe in which excellence is eternal and individual can be trusted, more because they saw tangible transformation of energy due to different cognitions, more because a PHANTOM shuttles back and forth to remind hashers of a release of elastic strain energy. Swish!

In the starting circle opposite an unimpressive restaurant in a deep zigzag laneway, there are on the order of 40 hashers kneeling down on one leg and raising the number one finger and echoing every prayer of Phantom for minutes that’s a history and faith of Hash. C3 Pee Holes keeps up with every single word depending on imitative ability of a musician’s lyricalness.

5 beer stops turn some of hashers into being balky and groggy, the 4th one is set in the green backyard of the hares’s house where mosquitoes scramble for drinking the cold beer by imbibing the blood of some hashers. The whole area rings a bell with respect to the previous hashing organized Comes On Vacation. Of course, in the sauna weather, thrashing about water is best bet on the trail, like Agent Orgy who lost her contacts in the pool, Just John, Just Dumb, Pickle Boy, Khlitleesi, Super Squirter, Karate, etc; Pre-Lubed would like to, but her injured knee stops her; some play hopscotch like Sweet & Furry and Wandering Tongue; Hebei Horse Herpes and Crash Test Dummy watch them; Whora The Explora changes to be abashed because her father called Just Jack takes part in hashing. Each beer stop seems to be a small circled celebration with some words of Phantom. The other drinking stops are set in the familiar area, but still feeling strange, including residential quarters, garden, busy streets, canal bank, bridges, etc, in general, it’s going around the western gate of Chaoyang park and Liangmaqiao area. Perhaps these scenes prove the hares’s hearts to be rocketed into overdrive. The big difference is to lay somewhat U-turns on the same streets. A pack of hashers flash through, such as Dry Hole, Hairy Crack, Herr Splashy Pants, Sind & Destroy, Just Karen, and so forth; Shaven Not Stirred buys 3 Hami melons on the trail; Ass Tonguer quietly takes care of Ponyo; Bruised Lee laughs off her head; Whose Red Wienee almost loses his way; Master Baker as long-time-no-see smokes and drolls; Hot Chocolate comes back after a few years and her daughter called Petty Zoo plays together with PM.

GM AO garlanding a string of beer cap officiates at the circle performance at a vacant lot in a digs area. 4 hares are called in for drinks many a time; PM prefers to spank the naughty hashers with Bitch Slapper; Phantom for sure is asked to have a high-order drink with Arm Cast and every splash on his face draws laughter; Ram Without Lube, Just Leigh and WT won the running patch respectively; Lick It To Ride swigs with urinal; a train of situational Hash ballads DH sings solo loud hit the spot and hearten hashers; Heart On snaps photos for hashers; No Shit Sherlock volunteers to serve hashers as Beer Bitch with Belgian ice-cold Duvel and Liefmans; RA Blister Fister stands out to announce a naming time for Just Leigh, after a lap of nomination, a cascade of beer shower from hashers christen her on her knee in the circle for Smells Fishy, merriment and the Hasher Song tickle the fancy of hashers, such as Bjorn Again, Tight Quim, All In, the unknowns, etc and massive local audiences. Phantom whoops it up down to ground. Eventually RA BF leads a chorus of Swing Low with 3 versions of body language all hands; C3 PH has jerky motion with his rhythm. Some latecomers just show a face like Chippendale, Just Ian and Blow Job. Over 20 hashers taste a local yummy food. All glory comes from daring to begin, in particular breaking Gresham’s law in close proximity.

P.S., Hereby thanks BH3 Mismanagement for offering each and every hasher an useful and fashionable fanny bag for free.

On On…
Pickle Boy
Beijing. Tuesday,
August 02, 2016