Drinking is unfavorable for some foods: 1) sausage – contains plentiful nitrosamine and pigment that mixes with alcohol to hurt liver and increase odds of esophagus cancer and gastric cancer; 2) bean jelly – made from alum with alcohol to decrease detoxication of liver; 3) barbecue – loses a lot of nutrition like protein, fat, etc, and produces carcinogen and meets alcohol to raise lead content to trigger gastrointestinal tumors; 4) carrot – carotene and alcohol are blended into human body to generate toxic substance to damage liver; 5) carbonated beverage – releases carbon dioxide gas in stomach and then promotes alcohol to get into small intestine soon where alcohol is absorbed faster than in stomach and worsens injury; 6) cold seafood – has abundant thiaminase to destroy vitamin B1; 7) medicine – especially anti-inflammatory drug with alcohol inducing toxic reaction.

GM Six Kuai Short has become a “rap rocker” in a high-pitched hoarse tone to sparkle concentration of more than forty hashers and musters hashers closer in a cabinet-like poky yard of hutong for a transforming circle celebration. A flock of local audiences agglomerate to set eyes on hashers, including a squad of railway policemen because it’s located at a passageway to the staff quarter of Beijing Railway Station. Seven virgins are greeted with Hash song and little present. When a virgin mentions him from New Zealand, Heart On can’t control herself to exult at New Zealand; a local virgin tags after hashers to home whilst he runs across hashing group in midway and pays a small case of beer to treat hashers for his felicity. A No.25 running patch pastes on forehead of Herr Splashy Pants for his contribution; Penis Tone’s Hash song unglues noises to draw focus on agenda; Not Shit Sherlock holds a Cock of Shame to drink somehow; three hares such as Ezy Rider, Fetus Envy and Boring Whore are called in for a drink over and again; FE seems to win a red lantern for his evolutional night life? (scene in a snafu); Bangs With No Mercy and Just Magan respectively obtains a particular glass that’s fritted a female body underline inside layer tactfully; Agent Orgy flourishes to enunciate her Hash songs; Super Squirter wields a bitch bender to spank the strepitous hashers; RA Blister Fister jumps out to detect a string of new shoes from Whose Red Wienie, Just Justin and Dark Shaft, they who take their one new shoe of his own to be a tumbler beer from hashers claimed by Rambo Number Five for sure, specially WRW procuring a sock filtration; SKS might have a notional reason to knock back a bedpan; many a time “accusations” bathe in the flames, someone even does not get a chance to agitate a sentiment like Bjorn Again; Master Baker’s “accusation” appears to be inundated by a fit of tumult; Sink & Destroy as latest comer rushes in to swig three rounds; Just Maria zeroes in on her professional lens to snap photos for hashers; Bearded Clam and Pickle Boy co-volunteer to serve hashers with beer; Charlie Peanut against the wall erecting a pair of big ears watches hashers in silence; reticent and talkative hashers early burst out smile such as Finger My Dough, Just Jing, Pekinsky Bikinsky, What The Fluffy (got late and cannot catch up hashers lineup and stayed restaurant for long), Sweet & Furry, Tight Quim, Undulator, Pikachu, Karate, Just Xixi, Creamy Lips, Khlitleesi and unknowns. Some then don’t participate the circle like Piss and Bitch, Crash Test Dummy and Just Lucia, etc, eventually another RA Lost in Marks & Spencer precents a chorus of Swing Low in three editions with all and singular. About twenty hasher enjoy a yummy local food.

A snaky hutong demonstrates a scenery in a book called Midnight in Peking depicted a British girl who was murdered in 1937 and the murderer (s) still was or were not nabbed up to now, those hashers knew this background have a kind of mysterious mood to pass through the victim’s previous living house, criminal spot (frontage of southern entrance of tartar wall of Eastern Side Gate of old Beijing City) and hangout area. Good thing and evil thing cannot do without environment where people live in every day.

The first beer stop is seldom settled in an archaic pavilion and hares move in beers to quench thirst of hashers. The second beer stop is established in a busy living complex and hares carry beer to hashers, too. In between, Molotov Cock and AutoBlow spring up as latecomers to come over their way. Two Oh Shit marks with which the arrows pointed down perplex all hashers forasmuch the looking of these marks differs its standard. Broad streets and foot bridge and hustling crossing always make provision for curiosity about the first footprint of pacesetters like PedalPhile, HSP, Circle K, Just Assja, MC, Just Greg, BF, PB, Red Snatcher, and so forth. The third beer stop is complicatedly and confusingly encountered by dogging footsteps of FE until reaching before a grocery at the end of an alley and at another end still sit the crusted houses of old-time Sanlitun bar street and Russian night club 79 years ago. At all three intermissions, hashers clatter away quickie. PP as usual shops the crackers and snacks to share hashers and many buy ice creams and one-third-hashers walkers and runners gather together in terms of meticulous design by hares that breaks curse of homo homini lupus. The next, most whisk to a legible direction homewards and brush past the sizzling hive of Beijing Railway Station with taking view of finical public attention and armed policemen on guard and soldiers on patrol in twos and threes for a “badland” where angularity is eloquent of being on to whatnot hand over fist and hand to hand.

On On…
Pickle Boy
Beijing. Tuesday,
April 12, 2016