So now,  it’s the “Sons of God” against the “Sons of Darkness”.  The devils will one day face God’s wrath.

In a low-trust culture, people are unproductive and demoralized. But we are coming to perk up it – nearly 40 hashers in diverse costumes muster to celebrate a Halloween Day in northern 4th-5th ring road. The hares Ass Tonguer and Pussy Nibble with bloody makeup pussy on her left cheek are busy with painting on the faces of hashers in white, black and red and bandaging up for sticking out a zombie reality. The local kids cannot help to stop by for taking photos with funny hashers. Some elder locals still don’t know the Halloween, though. A gust of wind rises at the start point and brings forth a wintry coldness. RA Lost in Mark & Spencer makes a simple blessing for 3 hares and trail.

The hare Heart On intimates a direction to hashers into a digs zone. The voice-activated hashers swarm like bees to move on the track accompanying different acoustics, through avenues into a shopping mall and out for climbing a multi-spiral stairs to run to a bank of miniaturized man-made lake at the north of Bird Nest, clear water smiles full layer of waterweed. A jutty entertains a Hash Hold for Hash pictures. The hashers pose the zombie and vampire. Along the bank keeping onto north, an Open Check mark with grimace chains hashers for a little while and a teamwork locate a direction easterly. As passing through a crossing, detecting a Beer Near sign and looking ahead the first beer stop receiving a group of walkers. Super Squirter wearing a hairclip adorning a crosscut bloody nail, Blister Fister tucking a batten under his arm, Just Diana, Finger My Dough, PreLubed and Algae Bra form a dead pile. Most then display vicious expresses for an aghast moment. Pickle Boy supplies a box of crimson jujube to hashers. The hares pour refreshing cold beer to hashers. What’s Up Cock appears only at the beer stop as latecomer. Karate puts on a grisly mask to spook the others sometimes. Teddy Secret fetches out a life-like gory forearm by stealth. There are merely 2 virgins violently talking each other. The very scene outright gives the public an epistemology.

Crossing over a stream of traffic and turning into a muddy bypath along the lake bank, cutting through a sweep of green belt. Shaven Not Stirred crawls on the mire erecting dry reeds. Sink & Destroy clenches a lacrosse club to beetle on a pontoon bridge. Just Lisa takes a spill on a turning that she seems to bump into an invisible ghost. Soon the hashers rush into an entrance of Olympic park with never-ending flow of visitors. Checking to a spacious area through a bridge, a calling for On On from Inspect Her Gadget ushers hashers up to dense wooded mounds shedding leaves and rhubarb maple trees. Unwittingly meeting up with the mobile second beer stop at 2 rows of stone piers. The locals hasten to photograph with hashers. Just Judy chortles the hashing atmosphere. Comes from the Rear looks like seeking blood. As group photo, NoWhere Man flashes his plump buttocks to remind a makeup. Creeper’s long black wavy wig glows a texture. Hard To Live With uncovers his down jacket to exhibit his skeleton costume. Bearded Clam charges and reckons in Hash Cash at the beer stops.

After cleaning up the spot, the hashers file out of the welfare park via a secluded parkway where Dark Shaft as Bicycle Master rides a fancy mini-bicycle out of nowhere, to a main avenue, going over a noisy intersection to south, a lengthy straight route and turning right and left to loop back to home restaurant. A recreational clearing in a compounds community is sited as a circle celebration. Sweet & Furry tethering Tyler hands out 2 BJHHH flags, black and white. Dry Hole jumps up to hook an end of flag on the eaves of a pavilion. Another end is hung up by a teamwork in which DickMocracy stands on the backs of squatting Lick It To Ride and BF. Just Diana treads a measure for a warm.

GM Six Kuai Short officiates at a performance. Many are called in for cheering up a glorified fun in the Beer Mile yesterday organized by the Jing A. Just finishing 3-4 rounds of drinking. A community security guard hurries up to stop the circle and claims the hashing circle is “unlawful assembly ” that might be a version of realistic Halloween. The hashers have to return to a passageway in front of restaurant. The hare AT holds a minor competition among the volunteer zombies like Dazed & Confused dangling a pair of bald big balls on codpiece, BF, PB and Just Justin to show off a prime zombie walk. Finally D&C wins the loudest hurrah from hashers and awards each to suck a shot of green jelly. When evening closes in with bitter wind, RA BF declares to name Just Kat. At once, there are 4 distinctive names for her scrabbling about the whoop of hashers. In the ultimate Anything Goes freeze-frames her unshod and vested tabernacle in the circle, in such a challenge that the glacial beer from the hashers tamps down to christen her, the resounding The Hasher Song could snug her in a bosom of Hash family. Sure thing is DH’s Hash songs haunt in the passion of hashers right then. Turns out RA LiM&S steps in leading a 3-edition chorus of Swing Low with all hands as a pulverizer of Niflheim. The original images at their disposal such as Test Crash Dummy, ChickenShit, Mussel from Brussels, Mind The Gap, etc. About 25 hashers dine a local hearty food in a private space. Having over-confidence in individual ability over laws, especially over faith incurs darkness.

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing. Tuesday,
November 01, 2016