The Bible was likely to describe Ezekiel’s meeting with Aliens. It’s a Paleo-Contact theory. The temple was not a temple after all. Ezekiel was describing the space station.

With creature comfort, humans announce we are independent and have been sliding forward in an one-sided way for long time, until falling into a vicious cycle, some can realize, without enlightened cognition, humans can not go beyond the animal cycle. So all the time seeking the enlightened cognition to transcend the defect of humanity called the sins. All functions that can overcome these sins are defined as human dependence.

Celebrating Malaysia’s Independence. Sure, Creamy Lips demonstrates her culinary skill to entertain 40-plus hashers from about 10 countries with ambrosia at a tiny fountain stream in front of her apartment building for an impressive dinner, and then many head to Paddy’s more celebration, it’s very close location. Before that, GMs Six Kuai Short and Agent Orgy who puts on a pair of lurid stockings and wraps up a Bali style sheet for a fashion and pins a small Malaysian flag on her head as well as adorns a Hash beer-cap wreath co-moderate a circled celebration. Phantom Menace rollicks and splashes in the stream and wets the lady, like Damaged Goods. Ponyo is scared of water. Molotov Cock dresses on a white long gown looks like Jesus apparition. 7 virgins are welcomed with Hash song and a little gift. Smells Fishy and Just Pete each wins #10 running patch. Taxi Ride Her scores her #123 running path. AutoBlow and Tight Quim each receives a shiny steel mug, especially TQ will fuck off of BJH3 and he shows off his ceaseless run by jogging around the circle site 2 rounds with plaudit of hashers with respecting the simon-pure hasher. The rep of BJH3’s beer sponsor for Belgian Vedett and Liefmans invited by AO, Just John first time presents in Hash event and exhibits his a little skill by drinking a tin of Liefmans within seconds in a fastest way. Of course, 2 cases of Belgian beers are consumed away by hashers soon. AB stands out to lift up a statue of extra-large-size vagina anatomical model for a Hash trophy as if uncovering the secret of vagina dominating the world to a certain degree. Somehow Herr Splashy Pants bends his knees in worship. Whose Red Wienee is also called out for his FOYW and Khlitleesi both get a tuft of roses accompanied by resounding Fuck Off Your Wank song by hashers. In phantasmal mirth, Phantom as guest RA is acclaimed to judge some hashers, like Kiwis swig; Breakfast Included; Melon Drama and 2 Stone 2 Many for their new shoes and bottoms it up with their one new shoe respectively; MC; Filthy Habits; SKS and Charlie; Road Kill, Blister Fister and Wandering Tongue, etc. Ass Tonguer and WT as Hash Flashes separately takes pictures for the high time. AO and S&D shape a lady duet as Songstress Masters. 4 hares stand on a formless medals podium to accept the cheers from hashers. They are CL, TQ, BF and Finger My Dough. Pickle Boy and FMD hasten to deliver more beer. BF holds a naming ceremony for Just Pete, Yea! Forthwith there are a ton of his stories to come out for nominations, in particular Sink & Destroy capers out twice to reveal the long stories. In all events, he is known as Chicken Shit. The blusterous beer from hashers blesses his whole body and mind as he wearing a pair of shades and a short pants kneels down in the circle. The Hasher Song belted out by hashers christens his soul as such. Turns out BF leads a 3-version of chorus for Swing Low with all hashers with body language and spiffy spirits.

In the cerulean sky, the summer tends to manifest its last ardency to bask in people other than muggy weather. CL’s limo picks the bags of hashers in the A-to-B form. Phantom takes a note and waves his middle finger and declaims the pep talk. All hashers are down on one-leg knee and erect the middle finger as well and some can imitate his words for minutes. 2 volunteers come forward to perform somewhat arcane task, like Red Snatcher and Just Mira. Hashers then spread to open check. The hare BF ushers the trail for a short time. A cluster of color hashers rush into a zigzag architectural complex in CBD. Some in the front bowl along, such as, S&D, HSP, Just Oli, Bearded Clam, Lick It To Ride, RK, Just Mike, virgins, etc. Nearly 30 runners gather before the gate of Malaysian embassy photograph, and tumble into over 10 walkers moving in the opposite direction, like Karate, Algae Bra, Hebei Horse Herpes, All In, Nut Pirate, Just Wish, Just Joanne and so on. Cutting through some blocks to the Lady Market as the first beer stop. MC jumps over a 1.2m-high signpost lightfootedly. Runners and walkers drink and talk, in the meanwhile, SKS and Godzilla Butt with Charlie shows up as latecomers and also GB just comes back and hugs hashers since she went back Italy for a while. Later on, AO cycles in as another latecomer. When taking the road to the semi-subterranean Lady Market, 2 preceding volunteers each found a tuft of bright roses in a shop pre-prepared by hares . Once moving out of the market, all the way keeping northward for a distance, passing through a lush greenery, a wide tunnel, a dogshit bypath of a garden and crossing the intersections into a lane to get to the second beer stop at a grocery. No Beer Required sighs the old local hashers are not much thus far. The hashers sip and chat each other, like Dark Shaft, Sweet & Furry, Hard To Live With, What The Fluff, Crash Test Dummy, etc. Suddenly bantam PreLube drives her big scooter into hashing group as if displaying her local bully. A prolonged break recovers from fatigue but confusing the mind with glugging beer, the trail appears to be full of hutongs, then a huge green gauche mark on the flagged floor indicates “home”, being aware that we have got done a trail of independence and although afterwards catching sight of the tears from the hashers at night. At least getting off on the right foot with it.

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing. Tuesday,
August 30, 2016