Our way is not to passively comply with the experience of life but to critically examine our beliefs and practices.

From start point to 1st BS, basically the hashers cannot find the mark on the very dark trail in a broad daylight afternoon to such an extent. These 3 hares respectively navigates each different group of hashers to a different trail, altogether over 30 hashers. The hares! Chewancca, Forrest Dump and walking hare Slappy Seconds! It reveals that the people have to explore an extrajudicial justice in the reality. These 3 hares seem to have represented a positive and rational faith to enlighten a trail in the darkness for the active hashers, such as Danger Zone, Rambo No.5, Beer Wolf, Mussels from Brussels, Just Dumb, Triple X Ray, Crash Test Dummy, Cock Chain, etc. The streetscape balkanizes the hashers to rush headlong through digs quarters, canal, intersections toward a residential zone where a large group of walkers have arrived at the 1st BS like Little Shit Red Hood, John Baptist, KiddiePoo, Blister Fister, Cum in My Brum, Glitoris, Just Joanna, Just Hannah, etc. The drinking and talking hashers are adjacent to clumps of classified garbage boxes that might assist a loose law enforcement system for a public health order.

The hashers are true to form to move forward in the street and exhume every likelihood of spotting a mark. The hare cuts out the checking points to make an easy trail for the next. There’s a prolonged canal bypath ushering the hashers up to a canal bridge as the 2nd BS. The hares provide thoughtful service to the hashers. The hashers sit on the steps to chat and sip. Just Miller shows his professional color pencil drawings. Hash Flash Super Squirter clicks group photos. The hot hashing line-up showcase a novel social ethos as raison d’ etre of lucid dream. The public have the last word on it rather than a few vested interests. With no-brainer, hitting the 3rd BS at the supermarket next to the road. Moustache My Mom buys a tray of sponge yummy cake to treat hashers. Pickle Boy states power structure with more than 3 levels invites the double dealers and catfish activates a can of sardines. The streets and talk are full of homestretch.

A clean and spacious garden entertains a hilarious circle. GM Shanghai Man and proxy RA cum HF SS by turns unfold a flashback of intraday hashing with programmed episodes. 3 virgins are greeted with Hash welcoming ceremony. These 3 hares are yelled out to swig together for their realistic trail again and again. More Men and FD each wins #10 run patch and mug. Principal Penetration scores #50 run patch. GM SM holds his phone to lead to sing out a series of Hash songs for these shticks. Some “accusations” go on and what you have. Turns out proxy RA SS takes a lead role for a chorus of Swing Low with all hashers to vivify the site. 20ish hashers wolf down local hearty food and then dart to Paddy’s for the 2018 World Cup with coup de theatre and meet most of hashers there. Even more unleashing on the escaping human crew.

On On…

Pickle Boy