Judges and juries always ponder whether people act “knowingly” or “recklessly” during criminal activity, but ignore the scientific fact that 99 percent of the decisions made in their nervous system never make their way to consciousness. It is an inroad in the emerging field of “neurolaw,” which connects neuroscience to legal rules and standards. 

The impressive part is that when Dunking Dog Nuts sits in a pedal boat, his phone slips into the more-than-2-meters-deep turbid lake in the Olympic Park where it’s the boat time and the first beer stop, he then jumps into the water and smartly explores his phone with his feet in the riverbed. Minutes later, a roar of applause praises that he gets back his waterlogged phone. Every 3 pedal boats, each with 4 passengers, entertain the hashers 4 rounds. Dry Hole strides to snatch up a can of beer from Shifu Peepoo in another boat as DH’s boat rams against it. The hashers’s merriment and laughter add the interesting aspect to the calm lake. A big group of walkers arrive one after the other in 30 minutes or so guided by the walking hare Danger Zone (Phantom replaces her Hash Cash job for the time being). They are Six Kuai Short, Pekinsky Bikinsky, Rambo Number Five, Hard To Live With, Pyro, 007, Algae Bra, Just Megan, Just Christina, Smells Fishy and her 7 virgins, etc.

The running hares No Shit Sherlock and Just Zach have to lead the way and re-mark the trail from time to time because at some turnings, there are not any marks at all that’s tough to find a way out. As luck would have it, inspecting the idle loss rate since the government invested the huge money to establish the Olympic property in 2008 as the state advertising. The modern facilities and tree lawns smarm a quantum leap in struggling with the outdated Olympic slogan. Several go-getters demonstrate their vim and vigor by running in a topless fashion in a hot day, such as Slappy Seconds, Beer Wolf, Just Diego, Phantom, Pickle Boy and Just Chris. Several jog on and off like Little Red Shit Hood, Breakfast Included, Tantantalizer, Terracotta Whorrior, Hot Cockolate, Barbara Bush, Triple X Ray and virgins. Lost in Marks & Spencer and Eager Beaver always press forward.

Scaling the wooded hill to the top and seeing a sign of Beijing central axis. Rushing through beautiful scenery down the foot of the hill and shouting out of this token park, dashing on a straight landmark avenue. No sooner are hashers losing the trail than the hare NSS scurries ahead until hashers lose the trail again and he shows the way afresh to down an escalator to meet the second beer stop at the entrance of shopping mall around the shades and benches. The thirsty runners hold up for the beer about 15 minutes and catch sight of the other 2 local running events being set there at a stopover as well. Pussy Nibble takes out 2 banknotes and murmurs, “my money has been moisten!”. Finally the hare NSS with the help of Principal Penetration and Crash Test Dummy bring out 2 cartons of cold beer from this shopping mall by lining up inside beyond their mind. And later hearing the hare NSS’s phone also fell into the water as having a boat fun. 4 topless runners pose behind a glass wall to amuse the other hashers. Suddenly the topless BW rides a sharing bicycle to climb up and down the escalator through many passers-by, one of whom is a local kid with his parents turning around to look at BW and utters, “this foreigner, what a quality!”. Shortly afterwards looping back to restaurant via the broad streets and intersections.

The circle is settled in an enclosed yard surrounding green veranda and there is a dragon pattern on the ground in the midpoint of the circle that illustrates the Chinese culture is difficult to break through this draconian and inhuman essence. The GM Super Squirter dressing a short black blouse and RAs Heart On and SKS by turns co-host the performance. 11 hares are called out for welcoming ceremony even so some do not join the circle. But SF drinks a cock of shame to stack up against Karate to bring in the virgins. Karate wins his #50 patch. Transylvestite acquires his #100 delicate mug and #100 patch and many above #100 mug holders come out to celebrate it. BW is punished to swig an Arm Cast drink with a nice job. Phantom somehow is required to raise his elbow as well. At length DDN is exposed his half of buttocks to put a premium on high drink by lifting this Arm Cast to sling a drink. The others proceed as usual and less than 15 hashers eat a local food and some head to drink the extra at the Paddy’s. Watching out the varmint to loot the things and grace in chaos!

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing. Tuesday,
May 30, 2017