Europe has developed into the pattern of divided function and centralized power. Small allied nation’s manufacturing has been crushed and lost monetary sovereignty. There is no way to ease the manufacturing crisis with devaluation. The debt problem is deeper and deeper. The centralization is making society inefficient and retrogressive.

At 12:50 pm, Sunday, a fresh and cool day. GM Blister Fister and Super Squirter as well as Finger My Dough, Pickle Boy and Stoned Age holding Tyler, all in Hash polo T-shirt, arrive Beijing Maple Women’s Psychological Counseling Center located in Wanboyuan, Youanmennei street between southern 2nd ring road and 3rd ring road. The staffers of Maple Women warmly receive these hashers, watching the Maple Women’s shadow-cast introduction with explanation by director Ms. Ding Juan, and then both sides proceed a simple communication. GM BF officially delivers 15,000 CNY to the staffer of Maple Women for a donation in 2017, that is, 8,000 CNY from Red Dress Run, 3,000 CNY from Sunday Hash, 3,000 CNY from Boxer Hash and 1,000 CNY from Full Moon Hash. Ms, Ding sends a certificate to hashers. Haberdashery FMD presents 7 pieces of Hash polo T-shirts to the incumbent staffers of MW and MW presents the hashers some MW’s bags, namecard holders, key chains, pens and books about left-behind children. And the hashers have a look at the MW’s 2 limited working rooms. Lastly both sides’ people take a group photo before MW’s logo. At 13:10, the hashers leave there for the hashing site. For more info on Beijing Maple Women including Children’s psychological consultation, please browse through Hotline: 010 – 6403 3383 / 6407 3800.

At 15:10, GM Super Squirter as usual kicks off a brief ceremony of start-up for about 30 hashers in blue and yellow next to a busy street. One of 3 hares Slappy Seconds, Sausage Party and Tantantalizer instructs the hashing marks on the ground. Acting RA Agent Orgy blesses the trail and these 3 hares on their knees. The locals like cineaste watch the hashers like grind house.

Lumme! Along with a noisy and straight street and passing the northern gate of Taoran park, and into another straight loaded street, a bunch of pacesetters alternately lead the way, such as Bearded Clam, Dickmocracy, Chewancca, Just Leon, Hot Cockalate,2 long-time-no-sees Spermaid and Just Wendy, etc. From time to time, the extra-length of trail is contingent upon how long the hashers spot a way out of the Open Check marks. Dry Hole like a steed gallops here and there to become a stye-phile for a checking machine. Wedging into an alley to hunt out agrestic misanthrope and berserk yakka and the minute landing the street, the hare reminds the frontrunners of a wrong direction. Wilco! Then hitting the first beer stop. The cold beer pummels the coast of the hasher’s mind. Some rave out unbridgeable bandwagon of clanger, especially Oracle Boner. 7 min later, a group of walkers catch up such as Crash Test Dummy, Shaven Not Stirred, What the Fluff dressing one piece with pattern of full of crosslets, newcomer, but just 2 drinkers Bjorn Again and Just Jane.

Aye! balling the jack to the street through a spacious tunnel and then crossing a road to arc alongside the western gate and red wall of The Temple of Heaven. A platoon of gumshoe men brush past the hashing lineup and talk themselves with compliment to the hashers, “You take a look at them!” until reaching the entrance of Natural History Museum to cross the road, on right to a spick-and-span and expanded lane to meet the second beer stop. AO presses her hat with beer opener on the brim to crack a bottle of beer strenuously. 15 min later, the 5 hashers who lost the way buoy up as if a ship sprang a leak skippered by the walking hare Tantantalizer. The folks swanning around on this easygoing zone fluff out a kind of simpatico vibe that’s dowered conjointly with Sunday life. The hashers chipper to advance toward criss-cross hutongs and feel alighting on the marks or are lulled in checking that fills the peart air into the local life accompanied with calling for On On from the hashers, No Shit Sherlock rushes ahead. Cleaving more together is just so! Turns out it’s the third beer stop at the turning of the end of hutong. The hare SS sighs with emotion to the exotic structures and exuberant lofty trees bordered boulevard, recalling him to Shanghai. BC buys a 5L keg of German beer called Kaiserwin for the circle drink. The shop sells it for 60 CNY only. When running the homestretch, Doesn’t Fit begins to ride a sharing bicycle. 2 local lads follow the hashers to scurry through two blocks of living communities and a street. Unwittingly prodding into the home restaurant. A wallop beats a crowner.

The hashers are wont to circle up a celebration, nothing but walking 5 minutes of distance for a superfine place to the very circle, perching under the luxuriant awning of an old pagoda tree in a parking lot nearby the hidden western gate of Taoran park. 2 cartons of sponsored beer Taste Room serve the hashers, plus a 5l keg of German beer from BC. GM SS enthuses to host a show for 2 virgins’s welcoming rite and awards a run patch and a vitric mug to Chewancca draping an European flag, another run patch to SP. The zesty and acting RA AO stepping in on her tiptoes and waving a documentary notebook awards PB a pair of green stocking adorning with yellow words of pickles from USA; AO finds out the new shoes from SP and SP swills it down with his fancy shoe. In the end, AO leads all crews into a chorus of Swing Low to epitomize an irrepressible mood for props of weal and safety in hashing power. The local cuisine regales the half of hashers in a private space.

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing. Tuesday,
July 25, 2017