Cultural Fatal Defect

Thanks to a governmental ban against the fireworks within 5th ring road in Beijing during Chinese New Year as the Chinese year of dog. The clear air can be kept on in the duvet days. After Hash Cash Blow Harder gets done his job, he also substitutes a GM’s pep talk for a start. Rambo Number Five volunteers to work on RA’s blessing for 3 hares Ezy Rider, Pickle Boy and Karate. 7 runners rush in a living quarter followed by the running hare PB. 4 walkers cakewalk to another way led by 2 walking hares ER and Karate. The trail rides on an easy way like Esy Rider’s style. The CBD area has turned into a devil of a quietness, everywhere the most of shops and restaurants are closed. Crash Test Dummy and Little John forge ahead through streets, canal, office buildings and embassy zone. The first beer stop is found at the Seven Eleven convenience store in an office building. Surprisingly Yanjing bottle beer is cheaper than the ones of those small shops being closed. Soon the walkers arrive, too. The hashers sit down on the shining marble floor in a circle to tittle-tattle for 15 min.

Just Lloyd runs in the hashing line-up and suddenly bends down to pick a trash dropped from the front hasher and moves forward until seeing a trash bin to throw it in there. Perhaps the runners dash too fast to notice 3 key signs on the streets. The hare has to point them out. The fresh fancy buildings on the canal bank and embassy zone, on left to meet the second beer stop at Jenny Lou’s where Yanjing bottle beer is also cheaper than that of those small shops. Just Sarah holds a cup of hashing beer to treat an elder panhandler who wears the ragged clothes and swarthy face, sitting by the door of Jenny Lou’s. The international passers-by give a nod and smile to the hashers. The walkers catch up as well. The hashers stand in a circle to drink and talk. Flying Visa as virgin actively makes the scene of the hashing conversation. Just Ana pries open a bottle of beer with a bottle of water in a breeze. Just Krista shows her cordiality in communicating with hashers. Careering towards the HH house via embassy zone, foot bridge, eastern 3rd ring road. On right to loop back.

A group of latecumers appear, such as RA Six Kuai Short, Godzilla Butt, GM Shanghai Man and 3 virgins. The crack circle takes place at a clean space opposite the restaurant. A gleeful celebration is unfolded by guidance in GM SHM and RA SKS by turns. These 3 hares are first hailed out to hobnob. Then 7 virgins are welcomed in two batches with little yellow cocks. ER wins a glittery plated mug for his FOYW with FOYW song choired by hashers loud. RA SKS officiates at a naming for Just Arnar and his FOYW. The sharp RA SKS strikes on the wrist of Just Arnar adorning strings of rosaries and under the dense beads, there is a tiny contraption inside of his wrist that can open the bottle beer. Wow! His Hash Handle must be named as All In the Wrist proposed by SKS. In spite of the other 3 nominations, at last scream for AItW is loudest from the hashers on the spot. And the named as always goes down on his knees in the circle to accept a beer baptism by some hashers, coupling with sonorous The Hasher Song by the hashers, which is also that SKS is the last time for BJH3 to perform the RA. Turns out GM SHM leads a chorus of Swing Low with crew. 9 hashers dine on a yummy local dinner in a private room. What a hashing to relax Kafkaesque complexities it is!

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing. Monday,
February 19, 2018