This revolutionary technique allowed scientists to turn any cell in the body into induced Pluripotent Stem cells (iPS) with simple reprogramming techniques. The iPS cells could then be reprogrammed to become certain types of cells in the body. Then to treat severe diseases and create human beings from skin cells.

The hare Snake Cunter hands a spray of flower to each hasher for a floral hashing. Another hare Danger Zone is up to her eyes in Hash Cash as usual. The co-hare Shaven Not Stirred glances right and left and re-marks the trail at times. Beyond all doubt, phenomenal blessing by RA Heart On works. Dark Shaft and Crash Test Dummy spend a short time on opening check for nothing. As nearly 40 hashers walk the carpet, the hares call the first mark into a lane. A few Three-Way and Open Check signs scatter the hashers around in the twisty hutongs. The most truckle to suit the unalterable corridors of power. Only neophiliacs break through the haze of braggadocio and Machiavellian subterfuge. A dogleg mark ushers the hashers up to the steps to a mini-square in front of Deshengmen city tower. 24 runners take group photos for Hash Hold. Angling across the 2nd ring road into another block of hutongs. The tricky signs confuse the hashers in the jackleg zone. Red Snatcher and Hot Cockalate with hint of the hares finds a way out. Cock Chain acts as a guide to run the red light at a small crossing and Blow Harder, Just Krista, Minaj A Trios, Just Emily and virgins tag on to him. An old woman vigilante from the groups in red armband everywhere yells at CC, “it’s you who’s leading them to run the red light!”. After splitting a Three-Way mark in the alleyway, the first beer stop is searched out on a branch. 12 walkers marshaled by the walking hare SC get together with the runners. Drink and talk from the hashers shape a niche. ChickenShit and No Shit Sherlock by turns squeeze in as latecumers. The vehicles crisscrossing cause traffic jam in such a hutong. Bitch Bandit dyes her long hair fresh blue. Rambo Number Five is busy with shooting pictures and his Mom visits in BJH3 called Flying Mum chatting with Karate. Doesn’t Fit poses for a shot.

Chewancca bullets to overtake every hasher. Rushing out of the penumbral hutongs to the Shishahai lake where the smog in the distance of the lake surface flutters. Along the lake, acting on the marks forward and cutting through a noisy garden and crossing the street into the other lane. On right to wedge into the winding hutongs until meeting up the second beer stop at a poky junction in a cramped alley. The grocery owner, a middle-age local man jaws impatiently, “F**k! F**K! how to drink the iced beer now?” The walkers and runners gather again to sip and converse for 10 min. GM Shanghai Man cracks a bottle of beer with an empty bottle. The virgin clicks his camera constantly for these hutongs. Moving onward again along with the lake and needling our way through the crowd on the bridge into a lane. Limp Fish Dick with a mask somewhere joins the walking group as latecomer. From a Three-Way sign, CTD leads all the way straightway to the 2nd ring road and entering a park perpendicular to a northern gate to loop back to HH house.

The circle is held in the park around the trees. GM SHM garbing a dinosaur pant suit makes a prologue per the process. 6 virgins are welcomed with little cock and Beijing Hash song by hashers. The circle beer is generally consumed about 3 small cases by approx,30 hashers, but 2 small cases available. The certain hare has to grab more beer. DZ scores her mug and run patch. Little John soon returns to Lao hashing and obtains a commemorative patch. Finger My Dough pops in as latecomer. RA HO hosts a performance for a while. Super Squirter snaps lots of pictures. Just Ana springs up as latest cumer. A team of hashers belt out the Hash songs like HO, Pussy Nibble, Chewancca, Pickle Boy and Slappy Seconds. Many a local onlookers stop watching the hashers. Just Jourdan is called in for her naming by RA HO, and then gets off her clothes to expose her skin and goes down on her knees in the circle to accept a beer christening. Rounds of nominations by the hashers out, Churn Me On strokes down her hashing life. Instantly screams and laughter resound through the skies. The Hasher Song is sung out a door for her. In the end, RA HO conducts all hashers into a nirvana of Swing Low by grand chorus with several versions. Of course, somewhat sounds crackle one’s mouth. About 15 hashers enjoy a hearty local food.

The day before, Friday night, 7:69 pm, Beer Wolf collected Hash cash and then left to hare the trail. Vivacious FM GM Ass Tonguer with dapper new hairdo summoned circa 20 hashers next to the XL bar and gave an explanation about the flour marks to one virgin. No sooner had the hashers spread out than More Men shouted out the alpha mark in the darkness. ChickenShit and Ride It To Ride led the way to nip out. On right and on right and on right into a lane. Everything cannot be more familiar. As landed the street with heavy traffic, moved northward to an intersection, on left to scuttle along the avenue. Crossed another intersection for opening check for a spell, particularly Sink & Destroy and Dickmocracy. At the same time, run into a group of walkers like Rambo Number Five, Finger My Dough, 007, Just Su, GM AT and Ponyo, etc. Kept going to the Paddy’s as the first beer stop. Dazed & Confused rode a bike to catch up. Limp Fish Dick snuck away to hare the second part. 3 towers of beer entertained the hashers and Super Squirter took group pictures. FM GM AT exclaimed to open check. Continued to the west and went the south at the second red lights. The hashers shouted the signs to jog forward like Heart On, Shanghai Man, Cock Chain, Doesn’t Fit, Danger Zone, Blow Harder, etc. While neared the northern avenue of Worker’s Stadium, on left into a dim alley and reached the second beer stop at the end. Principal Penetration whispered, “a hard run but good for me.” Shortly Pickle Boy made tracks for the last haring. Scampered along the main avenue and crossed the hustling crossing to Sanlitun bar street area, then strode over a foot bridge and looped back to the XL bar, with no Open Check and Oh Shit. Once hit the home, LFD arrived, too. Almost took off the pants of PB. After everyone came back, a bacchanalian circle happened in the vicinity of the XL bar. Dry Hole and Karate as latecumers burst forth. These 3 hares were hailed to swig together time after time. The Song Master DH span up fire with passion of the hashers. When “accusation” started, a handful community guards stepped to the hashers to tell the inhabitant upstairs had complained about our Hash songs. Just as it was, the hashers drank on the Mama Jane’s free Bloody Mary or White Russian for a yummy dinner. She had had her hands full. All at once, Slappy Seconds brought a flock of young people to play kinda game outside the XL bar that showed his leadership. We had a good night.

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing. Monday,
March 05, 2018