People, like other animals, can sense the composition of others’ pathogen-recognition by scent.

FOYW RA Lost In Marks & Spencer blesses the trail and 3 female hares in black equipping with diverse water guns in front of Paddy’s, such as Super Squirter, Godzilla Butt and Algae Bra. More than 35 hashers joy to check the trail in the scorching day. The hashers flourish the water guns to squirt each other to drop in temperature and most feel hilarious in a peaceful ambience so statolatry has been out of time. Although some run to the wrong direction, soon without the “lawful” mark for a distance, the others are calling for a way out as well, into such a familiar hutongs. A team of hashers embedding the exploring spirit into chasm betwixt indolence and self-interest throw themselves into probing such a “lawful” marked trail at the time of the “law” being crippled by the “power” during the “developing” stage and the sun first enlightens these trailblazers, such as Dry Hole, Filthy Habit, Pickle Boy, ChickenShit, Slappy Seconds, Barbara Bush, Stoned Age, Duh Spot, Sausage Party, Breakfast Included, Hot Cockalate, Doesn’t Fit and so forth.

Several intimate bars have been switched back to the original walls where a Hash Hold was set by the hares, but hashers just pause for a short while with no photo. Keeping westbound to the junction to on left for a forward path and meeting the first beer stop and later on, a group of walkers arrive like MargariCunt, Lick It To Ride, Ass Tonguer, Six Kuai Short, I’m Not Gay, Dunking Dog Nuts, Finger My Dough, PreLube, Saint Knickless, Bjorn Again, Smells Fishy, Just Jakob, Just Diana, Just Victoria, etc. Cockarazzi clicks his phone for pictures of the hashers. Just Leon as a local generation conveys a strong voice for heaping disillusion upon those who know little. Well-nigh speeding for the next beyond gonad even though there’s a petit part crossing the trail. From then on, having not seen Crash Test Dummy anymore. A straightish trail ushers hasher up to a lane on left failingly. DH yells the sign ahead. The others are privy to a play-by-play of a belief system shift and the “lawful” marks guide the hashers to go through the crowded street and loaded intersection until the tide turns left into a hutong to the end for a Beer Near sign. There’s a small shop, not a Beer Stop mark, though. After checking around, the hares catching up in the nick of time reify it to drink the cold beer. Just Ben as usual keeps his nose clean. Beer Wolf gets wet confounding with sweat and water from squirt guns. Staying for longer time and vamoosing to an unexpected puny trail. After jogging trot in a tortuous hutongs, unwittingly hitting the third beer stop. Damaged Goods sits there as a latecomer and strayer. Oracle Boner somehow exclaims AB is imbuing her youth with “braveness”. An apocryphal trail bates hashing journey one whit and is lapped in hot exhalation. All at once, the pellucid epiphany jogs one’s memory that it’s nearby home Paddy’s as crossing a busy crossing. An open passageway next to Paddy’s receives a procreant circle celebration. Danger Zone still collects Hash cash.

2 cartons of sponsored icy beer Taste Room serve hashers. Proxy GM DH hosts a performance. 3 virgins are greeted with particular process. The 2 FOYW LIM&S and Hard To Live With severally obtain a T-shirt with their proverbial Hash Handles. Beijing Booty Call as latest cummer wins a circular patch. DG gains her #125 running patch. A full Hash bag of haberdashery from Taxi Ride Her who left last week presents hashers in Beijing for souvenirs. The hashers swarm like bees to take the fit one. The gladsome hashers spurt the water one another in a mess that juices up the spot. RA LIM&S is the last time to lead a chorus of Swing Low, a textbook one, and gesticulates the knowing sentiments. Thanks LIM&S’s functional RA for BJH3 and HTLW’s silent support for BJH3 for nearly 10 years. Lately a few beloved and respected hashers are leaving in succession like Cockarazzi mentioning his FOYW hashing, too. Shortly, SS realizes his locked bike is stolen right before Paddy’s with cameras surveillance. Fortunately there are divers hashers who have seen this thief. But when SS checks the bottom-line camera, it seems to be of no avail. It occurs to folks that the slings and arrows from the loopholes and defects of “security network” are more terrible than the minority criminals and sinners.

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing. Tuesday,
July 11, 2017