The moon does not turn green on April 20, 2016. A online rumor predicting a green full moon is nothing more than a lunar hoax that’s also accompanied by the 127th anniversary of the birth of Adolf Hitler, which warns which dictatorship without social supervision and independent judicial system must lead to monopoly, corruption, privilege, deception, violence, massacre till tyranny. April 20 might as well be named as the Warning Day worldwide.

“There’s been a long howl, followed with complaints: then they started ranting, bitching and moaning. Too much of this, not enough of that; it’s too small, it’s too late, it’s too long, it’s too fast…this time you’ll be heard. This time you’ll be free to dish it out.”

Looking at above blurb of Full Moon Hash. Believing it hits off those who have gone through hardship more or less in reality and are not minority. When encountering unfairness and injustice, complaint is instinctive reaction from victims. The negative is to take action on measure for measure personally. The positive is to resort to the law in public.

Pickle Boy comes forward to hare the first part of trail in an adorable night view for about fifteen hashers, most of whom knew this downtown, crossing a stream of traffic on northeastern 3rd ring road, wedging into the dim bypath of canal, winding through structured northern street of Sanlitun bar street and quiet embassy area to main street, on right to go on marking flour strip to cross a small crossing and canal bridge to get to a lit convenience store for making a beer stop. Tarrying for 10 minutes and then Creamy Cupcake running ahead with a hashing lineup turns up one after another. The trail is read out at more than 2K. Just Guoli who still puts on his business clothes and leather shoes jogs on the trail; Ezy Rider remains backward to move his foot-dragging; Tight Quim as the last one appears; when drinking and talking last 10 minutes or so, hashers find Bangs With No Mercy is not here yet for awhile and Crash Test Dummy mentions of seeing her the last time at an adjacent crossing to the beer stop and she checked to far another direction; Sweet & Furry as FM Hash Cash rings her but no answer for many times and sends message into WeChat; Agent Orgy loses no time to backtrack to pick up her for 5 minutes and returns with nothing and recalls BWNM took 10 kuai with herself; SF clicks group pictures for hashers; PB hurries to check back the trail for her for minutes and returns without clue, either; FM GM Circle K makes up his mind to double back the trail for finding out BWNM and then everybody goes into action. As if changing BWNM into an invisible hare, CK all the way shouts out the marks so as to signal BWNM if she’s lingering around nearby; Red Snatcher and Just Jing grope back on a parallel trail under street lamp. Upon the arrival of restaurant, prying into BWNM, nobody saw her. From beer stop to restaurant, every hasher in succession comes back for 15 minutes roughly. It’s weird BWNM is still not showing up.

Hashers have a brainstorm to give an educated guess at BWNM’s whereabouts. 1) the trail should be safe for sure and she should know about this area well; 2) she is an old hasher who should be aware if there’s not mark for a 100-200 meters of distance, she could go back to trail, even if losing the trail, going back to restaurant is quite normal; 3) her clothes and her phone are still stashed in restaurant if she probably met her friends in midway or going her own home directly. A girl and at night and disappeared, these associations have to make hashers start to worry about her. Blister Fister hastens to ride his scooter to look for her…

CK wears his FM GM’s helmet to host a circle ritual in a small vacant space of a lawn and lets each hasher complain one’s resentment in terms of the hashing theme tonight. CTD pitches several complaints toward CK as GM, especially restaurant staff urges hasher to eat food before their chefs get off duty at 9:30pm and a hasher missing, etc. Meanwhile, another virgin comes along and altogether four virgins receive a welcoming ceremony with Beijing Hash Song. Just Sau as man virgin drinks water only. The time lapses about 10 minutes, BF rides his scooter back with nothing else for BWNM’s track. Every hasher has sorta dull anxiety for BWNM. After setting out somewhat “accusations”, suddenly hearing a burst of scream from hashers, just catching sight of BWNM holding a big can of beer and approaching to the hashing circle. Many push to the front to ask her what’s going on. S&F excuses herself with happy release to BWNM, “I almost call police just now.” AO soon texts to hashers group of WeChat, “We found her, everyone!!” BWNM looks like a bit downcast fatigue and complains, “I would never run in Pickle Boy’s trail!” after all hashers calm down to finish the rest of circle. RA BF carries his phone to disclose a cascade of “accusations” to a handful hashers. By some odd chance, after yelling out certain “indignation”, whole body feels relaxing. Hashers then lift up our heads to howl over a half moon for sortie spirit and all the same bright in a clear night sky. Most taste local yummy food in a decent private room and Six Kuai Short becomes latest comer to catch up with dinner.

How worthwhile to “accuse” a hashing experience!

Brief sum-up: Full Moon Hash is different from other hashing types. At night, hashers are better staying together tightly, although others go to check the trail, don’t go too far, just like 100 meters around enough and keep shouting out all marks in order to call hashers together anytime and better bringing the phone in the trail in case of something.

On On…

Pickle Boy