The infraslow (less than 0.1 hertz) brain waves suggest they are a distinct type of brain activity that depends on human conscious state. These superslow waves may be critical to how the brain functions.

At 19:69, Friday night, in front of Chill bar, Full Moon GM Ass Tonguer kicks off a flower run with 15ish hashers in the darkness. The hare ChickenShit legs bail 6 minutes beforehand. Chasing into racy rabbit warren. Dry Hole tirelessly checks the trail from one end to another end. A flour mark is hidden behind the tree that jacks the hashers around for a while. Sink & Destroy and Danger Zone corkscrew to carve out a way out. Duh Spot goes Canterbury gallop with a swing. Principal Penetration shouts out the sign at Open Check point. Upon landing the main avenue called Drum Tower street, it’s apparently a busy night life. And hitting the first beer stop at a wayside convenience store. Lick It To Ride finds out a team of big golden rabbits artifacts at the door of shop. Spot on for taking a picture of these 3 hares CS, Pickle Boy and Beer Wolf. FM GM AT brings a group of walkers to catch up, such as Bearded Clam, Tit for Tap, Pussy Nibble, Heart On, Just Joanne, etc. PB grabs a bottle of flour to volunteer the second leg. The virgin Just Rebecca asks for an easy trail.

Shepherding into Nanluoguxiang and giving a dog leg into a quiet tiny hutong. Winding through dim alleyway and through 2 blocks to another main street, on left to set the second beer stop at a grocery and just laying the B letter for 3 minutes. BW fetches up it. The others arrive in succession within 10 minutes. 007 panders a virgin to blow in as latecumers. After BW bugs off as last leg for 5 minutes, the runners start the trail anew. Into dark hutongs with semi-familiar feeling. Swooshing through night piece of outer blight and indwelling bloom. The brain wave of hashers transmit the flowery eutrophy to atrophy of impressionable people without harsh rhetoric and saber rattling, which enlightens what come apart at the seams from tomfool to damfool. Don’t violate sanctuary in the heart. Although the small part was crossed the trail, it seems it’s only way to go. Clearing through a strip greenbelt to the home base.

These 3 hares haste to rake out iced beer from 2 small shops for the refreshing circle beer in the very hashing way. The celebration is held under an exuberant tree and many times of circles here before. But this time is in thick darkness. FM GM AT and FM RA LITR perform the exciting moment like mom-and-pop show. The gambit and praying form a coherent whole. Sure, these hares are hailed in to drink for more sideshows. Not Tonight probably cannot hold a drink or won’t brighten in the darkness, leaves early. Perhaps the hares over-bought the beer, GM AT likely re-names BW and BW dresses the briefs to bend the knees in the circle to accept a cool and stormy beer baptism. It juices up the site. The most eat pizza at the Chill bar and DS treats fancy drink for the hashers. After the most are off, CS says to PB we should have public morality and then clean up 2 crates of empty beer bottles before the Chill bar and move back to the small shops at midnight.

The most important thing is not to lie to yourself again!

Christmas in June? Yes! Because we are happy to celebrate Christmas in June! Let’s break the bondage of this INHUMAN FORMALISM! These 3 panoplied hares as Santa Claus in red attire Limp Fish Dick, More Men and Just Hannah coruscate an unfettered trail in the vicinity of Sanyuanqiao area in the mid-afternoon of Saturday. RA Heart On is adorned with topping brown antlers. Over 30 hashers cut through an expanse of new uptown, new structures and construction site. Having bootleg turn into a pitted and dusty wasteland and eyeable woods, then another more dusty desolation, nipping into a slop chest for the 1st BS where it feels like a Boxer trail. It’s 35 degree without haze. As if the hashers enjoy a beach Christmas by baring to the waist and coursing down the streets under the scorching sun, such as Dry Hole, ChickenShit, RoadKill, Pickle Boy, Beer Wolf, KiddiePoo and LFD. A virgin latcumer named Mustache My Mom springs up. Danger Zone waves a water pistol to squirt the hashers for cooling. Hash Flash Super Squirter and Wandering Tongue photograph hashers. Hot Cockolate and Shaven Not Stirred pose for photos. Hunting for Head shows up after a long time, almost is strange to the most, and otherwise.
Setting out to cross a canal bridge and down to lower heads through the canal bridge opening. Along with the canal bank for a short time and up to the woods. Suddenly a string of rainbow round ring doors, they’ve been worn out, meet the eyes of hashers. Clicking group photo with them as Hash Hold. Unwittingly into a maze of residential zone. BW searches by intuition forward and yells them out, but he’s still confused with Open Check and Two Ways or Three Ways. The first sign from the Open Check should be called On On for confirming the trail; the first sign from the each way of Two Ways or Three Ways should be called On One, On Two until the third one’s called On On for confirming the trail or On Shit for doubling back. BW miscalls the On One and On Two from the Open Check. In a twinkling, a Beer Near mark braces up hashers to usher in the 2nd BS at a supermarket. An unknown hasher wears a T-shirt printed awakening words, Make Money Not Friends. Oracle Boner’s got used to butt in the others’ conversation. Crash Test Dummy drinks as well. Breakfast Included is still keen on ice scream. Weaving through streets, overpass and laneway to enter the 3rd BS by leap and bound at a low-lying supermarket with broad steps on where all hashers sitting there snap an elated big family picture. Just Collin vividly mimics a monkey to touch a carton of beer. PB talks to Dr. Shocker a lot. Duh Spot clusters together with unruly members. The hare LFD serves the hashers and guides the trail. Rushing over the streams of traffic to oblique the street, on left to run back to HH house.
The staff of restaurant attentively spread the tables and chairs for the circle in front of the restaurant. GM Dazed & Confused reverberantly summons a sitting celebration circle. 2 virgins are greeted with Hash tradition. These 3 innovative hares are called in for a drink a few times. Little Shit Red Hood wins #25 run patch. Shanghai Man is detected for his new shoes and as drinking his a new shoe of beer, PB honestly stands out for his new shoes, too. Then 2 new shoes of swill and the concoction of whisky, the taste’s like whisky mac. RA HO weighs off some weirdos and hosts a naming for Just Collin. With a fit of arguments and nominations, Forrest Dump pricks off his hashing cause to be ever-present and then he falls on his knees in the circle and keeps last layer to let rip in sowing his wild oats. A community singing for The Hashers Song resounds through the skies. The upshot is all hashers sway and bob to concert a cantata of Swing Low precented by RA HO. Several hashers don’t attend the circle like Rambo No.5, WT, SNS, HfH, MMM, virgin, etc. 25ish hashers bolt down a dinner party outdoors. Then a bunch of hashers head to Paddy’s for extra effusion.

On On…

Pickle Boy