About 4:69 pm, Sunday afternoon, Just Hannah in a floral suspender skirt kneels down in a grand circle to accept her naming hosted by RA Heart On at an empty space of recreational zone behind the Drum Tower. Nearly 40 hashers witness this high tide moment, plus a multitude of audiences. After rounds of nominations, Two Fingers behooves her to thrash out her Hash Handle while the louder voices whoop it, just because even though she joined the BJH3 for a short time, she has been showing her gesticulation in all Hash photos that her thumb and index finger are in the habit of crossing to shape a tip of a heart for transferring a heart. On the top of it, a stormy beer baptism from the hashers flushes through her smoky body. At once her face betrays her painful expression with deep breath and she covers her face with her two hands. Slappy Seconds hands over her a bottle of special beer straight away to calm down. All hashers choir The Hasher Song in the same way to echo to the clouds. The screams, the laughter and the jet of water guns are mingled in an ecstasy of merriment. In the end, RA HO ushers a chorus of Swing Low in three versions to round off the very circle.

Of course there be GM Dazed & Confused performs the part, welcoming 6 virgins with Beijing Hasher Song and little cock souvenir, repeatedly hailing these 4 hares Blow Harder, Piss & Chips, Cum in My Brum and Cruise LineHer to lubricate together for their gig and they suck-swallow a cock of shame in turn. P&C is awarded #10 run patch and beer mug. Dr. Shocker is pulled out to swill from his new shoe. A troop of hashers participated the 3 Hash events within this week libate together, such as Lost in Marks & Spencer, Little Shit Red Hood, CIMB, BH, P&C, Just Dumb, Ragnhild Lund and Danger Zone. Just Leon knocks back a bottle of beer. Pussy Nibble spills a bottle of finical beer by accident to form a long arc on the ground. Rambo #5 accuses Oracle Boner of sending the ultra-low-EQ messages in the Hash WeChat group of late. KiddiePoo juices up the site by wielding a high-powered water gun to ejaculate the hashers without interruption. Super Squirter as Hash Flash snaps splendid moments. Mussels from Brussels and Pickle Boy both maintain the order by exercising the slappers, but abuse of power by which MfM slaps DZ whom is looking down at her phone and PB slaps GM D&C at work. Latecumer and Song Master Dry Hole bobs up for the circle.

The comfortable part is that the 2nd BS is set by the side of Houhai lake to swim, which is Hash bathing actually. There are 17 hashers to splash about, like LSRH, D&C, Duh Spot, CIMB, BH, P&C, DS, PB, Crash Test Dummy, Bitch Bandit, Sink & Destroy, Just Hannah, virgin, Dark Shaft visiting back, Churn Me On and KP leading a chorus sounding like a shark song in the groove, Nibble Kamikaze and Just Matt performing fancy dive. Glittoris stands by the lakeside to click pictures. The other watch the things at the lakefront. At Hash Hold, 24 runners take group photos at an Islamic structure in the Rendinghu Park.

The 1st BS is arranged at small shop next to a lane where the runners and walkers gather to squirt the water one another with the water gun each hasher almost has. Some just smile and observe like Cock Chain, Breakfast Included, Bruised Lee, Not Tonight and virgins. R#5 pushes a buggy in which his twin junior R#5s nap. DS rides a motor tricycle on which Horny Plums brings junior DS. The trail is familiar to the most hashers via the hutongs, streets, crossings, park and treelawn. Plunging headlong to the track in the roaring fires but being wetted through at the ultimate. Thanks these hares to prepare a pile of colorful mini-windmills and water guns for hashers. More interestingly at the start point when RA HO blesses the trail and these hares in front of the restaurant, there is a swallow nesting under the eaves from which a swallow baby cranes to see the hashers.


Traveling brain waves are widespread in the human cortex—the seat of higher cognitive functions that contribute to memory, perception, attention and even consciousness.

Around 19:69 pm, Thursday, nearly 20 hashers get together at the rallying point downstairs the living building of Bearded Clam. FM GM Ass Tonguer primping as a we-can-do woman poster of USA articulates the flour marks to 4 virgins and the hare Dry Hole nips off for the first leg 7 minutes in advance. Then the hashers yell out to chase after the hare. Tramp Stamp keeps ahead to Dongzhimen area where the local old women dance at a square with a sinfonietta. Pickle Boy gets lost to run back along with the signs and also shouts out On On. Thanks to Piss & Chips calling him back to check forward. Little Shit Red Hood spots the vital sign down to under the ring road bridge and passing through underneath the bridge and up to cross the street to the sidewalk and treelawn and climbing a foot bridge to down the opposite treelawn. An Open Check sign disorients the hashers again for 10 minutes until Blow Harder and P&C shouts out a way out. Worming into a dark, snaky and luxuriant green belt. All of a sudden detecting a lit grocery across the lane and a flour B letter in a flour round that turns out the Beer Stop. The hare DH awaits leisurely. The runners drink and talk like Lost in Marks & Spencer, Danger Zone, Ragnhild Lund, Cock Chain, etc. 5 minutes later, FM GM AT brings a few walkers to catch up like Cum in My Brum, Super Squirter, Hot Cockolate, BC and so on. BH volunteers to scat for the second leg. Beer Wolf wearing luminous glasses draping the Stars and the Stripes, Just Hannah adorning a string of colored lamplets, another virgin in same glowing chandelier and FM GM AT close together for an USA group photo. Then hitting the road.

DH and PB rush at the fore along the busy and dim streets, whipping into the darkish and twisting hutongs. An Open Check point congregates the hashers and along the main street crashing through, As hunting for the trail from an Open Check sign on a canal bridge, Just Dumb rides a scooter to squeeze in the hashing line-up, cutting through a noisy intersection, in less than no time, locating the second BS at a Russian shop next to the open street. Lick It To Ride appears as latecumer. The hashers chat a little about the World Cup 2018. Before FM GM AT dictates for Open Check, BW as usual brooms for the last leg 5 minutes earlier and then DH hastens to catch him, at a crossing for an Open Check point, very soon, WT vocalizes a way onward. In fact, it’s around the Russian restaurant as the HH house where the hashers haunted before, at an Open Check sign, PB even goes astray anew from the leading position to the last position, seems to enter nowhere with seeing everything Déjà vu only. Perhaps for he took 12 pills for antiphlogistic analgesics on the day to extract his decayed wisdom tooth shortly.

At last JD bellows a mark back to the home. At a gateway of park surrounding the shady trees, FM GM AT and FM RA LITR by turns prologue the gleeful and short circle with Sangria wine concocted by GM AT to treat the hashers. Mustache My Mom is called in for his FOYW accompanied by the Fuck Off, Your Wank song from the hashers. Limp Fish Dick and Wandering Tongue don’t attend the circle. FM RA LITR hails a bunch of British hashers to swipe with the Rule, Britania song in a passionate tone. As FM GM AT exclaims for the independence of USA, a platoon of American hashers come out to cheer up singing out the America, Fuck Yeah song. Sure, these 3 hares are called out for a hobnob a couple times. The rumble of a garbage truck beside the circle overwhelms the Hash songs of hashers. 15 hashers enjoy the Russian food in a private room. Tit for Tap pops up for dinner only. Then the most head to Paddy’s for the soccer game.

At 10 am, Saturday, the whole daylong Boxer #170 themed The Cool Cats Run, once a month as scheduled, is rocked by the hares Red Snatcher, Bearded Clam and Rambo #5 under the guidance of these 2 Boxer GMs Pussy Nibble and Finger My Dough for approx, 20 hashers at Xishan Forest Park in a parching weather…..

Pickle Boy