The history of human civilization has developed through the interweaving of two major forces of religious fervor and rational calmness. Thank the checks and balances of dualism for curbing the evil side of human nature.

If the hasher arrive late at Full Moon Hash, thanking for the clarity of the flour marks in a darkish trail to chase after nearby Dongsi shisantiao area and even though catching sight of some elated marks, to be on the safe side and asking some locals and they actually say they didn’t see a group of runners running past. Sure thing, thanking that only with the greatest of luck does a hasher manage.

One sign after one sign, one block after one block, all the way up to the Ghost Street, crossing the a stream of traffic to catch up with about 15 hashers drinking and talking at a beer stop before a well-illuminated convenience store, like Principal Penetration, Minor Annoyance, Chokes One Out, Pussy Grabber, Piss & Chips, unknown hashers, etc. Rambo No.5 clicks his camera for the hashers. The new FM GM BDSAmateur orders an open check. Winding through hutongs for minutes and then involuntarily returning to restaurant Grandma Kitchen, a new decorated yard fashioning into a taste of elegance and graciousness. A few hashers shoot the breeze and get changed.

New FM GM BDSA and new FM RA Blow Harder jointly summon a circle. 3 virgins are welcomed with fine beer openers. Several latecumers take a slap on the wrist for a drink like Pickle Boy, More Men, Moose Knuckles, Just Victor, etc. Dry Hole and MK are hailed out for the hares’ libation. Nipple Kamekaze reveals there were two beer stops on the trail. Cum In My Brum is pulled out to bloom her new tattoo on her buttock – a delicate and colored rabbit head, 北京, on on! DH holds a big bag of chips to treat each hasher. FM GM BDSA calls out a bunch of non-Americans to say thank for one thing at a time. Then FM RA BH leads the hashers to howl over a bright lunar face in the lucid sky. So the hashers put end to a short and thankful Full Moon hash. Thank you!

On On

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Friday,

November 23, 2018