image002Lunar rocks discovered an excess in the abundance of the isotope tungsten on the moon compared with the present-day Earth’s mantle. This metal has highly siderophile characteristics, meaning it binds tightly with iron. A hypothesis is that the moon was formed from debris left from a collision between the newborn Earth and a Mars-size rock called Theia.

Who jaunces faster between Dry Hole and Puppy? It’s mumbo-jumbo in a cold spring evening. But they indeed get a pair of hares on the trail, Banana Condom playing a major hare as one of founders of Full Moon Hash in Beijing who might just enjoy the night view to slacken off to mark the trail and almost all marks are for straight-on when he comes back for a visit after five years, and his co-hare, direction-free Pickle Boy. At an unbefitting first beer stop, Chokes One Out as FM GM agrees to give them more minutes to set a real first beer stop somewhere.

And then these panic-stricken hares bug out in well-illuminated streets to sprinkle a shred of flour in the trail at intervals, nevertheless along the avenues, there’s not any small shop for making a beer stop, burrowing into a deep subway to cross the road and barge into a semi-dark alleyway and wind through sinuous hutongs, hearing a voice behind for On On that must be DH. Yikes! DH is inconceivably quick. Steam ahead and in a hurry, at long last making sure a small shop for first beer stop. Just minutes later, thirteen hashers show up in succession. Just Karate as an alone walker strolls his way back the starting point in midway; Pussy Nibble wechats her phone to connect the hashers; Crash Test Dummy raps with Just Joyce with high pitch laughter; Agent Orgy activates the virgins in her own way; Drill Me attempts to drink a bottle of beer; Bearded Clam and Just Toy plays a game with nice talk; Just Chen has an onetrack mind with ears and eyes on situation; COO clicks some pictures for the hashers and urges upon finishing up the bottles and kick off the next. Who’s Red Wienie has lurked away for second hare earlier.

On the spur of the moment to rush forward in dim hutongs and waft some marrowy call for On On that bestows the hashers’s favor on environment. With juvenescent paces to look all round for a sign, somewhat powder-like white lime on the ground bamboozles the hashers at times, which’s nowhere near blotting out discernment and stamina of the hashers and soon correct the trail to trot off to serried Houhai bar street and rattle through a stream of traffic and then sink into close-set alleys with tuneful On On, wait a minute! Don’t see any mark for a while. Turns out DH has identified a way to be finishing point. On right and on left and sure enough sanctum sanctorum of Full Moon Hash, seated in typical local courtyard in the center of hutongs of hutongs called Great Leap Brewing bar, meet the eyes of the hashers.

A small down-down ritual is circled in the end of tiny hutong nearby a retail section. Molotov Cock squeezes in; COO holding a bottle of champagne makes an inventory of Full Moon Hash one by one as sine qua non, e,g, a welcoming etiquette for four virgins; shameful disclosures for some latecomers and long-time-no-sees for boozing. It’s integral to hail three hares to drink together nonstop. The highlight focuses on three hares, two of whom were caught by the hashers in the trail, are stripped down the pants for a punishment, which causes a fitful of scream and guffaw thanks to moonless light. Another hue and cry comes for arrival of BlowJob with a guitar on his back driving a scooter as latecomer; DH’s singing is pure and simple to embroider the scene of the time and catalyzes to quaff a blithe moment and soliloquies. Anti-establishment “peccancies” and announcements last a little while and all yowl skyward as consequence, then move back to Great Leap for other round of drinking, at the time Dazed and Confused catches up with some Hash Tee shirt to visiting BC. The upshot is that some are off to a show in Dada bar, part of BJ’s music talent…

On On…

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Friday,

April 10, 2015