The law is increate. Humans just find out it via knowledge and follow it. Any man-made laws cannot stand the test of time because humans belong to selfish animal for sleep, water and food, without effective supervision, the bad is that the people become narrow egoist and the covert bad is that the people pretend selflessness to be narrow egoist by hurting others. With self-discipline, the good is that the people learn to be generous egoist by working together with others. In 1715, Kangxi emperor in Qing Dynasty rejected popularity of scientific knowledge from the disciples of Jesus being devoid of Confucianism. So for a prolonged duration, Chinese people all the time believe in the power and money rather than scientific knowledge. But many facts have been proving that Confucianism is an incomplete ideological system and arrests human progress. To establish a divine world is much more pacific in order and makes up deficiency of human laws, specially divine law and human laws all are enforced and inherited by human beings.

Wednesday night, December 23, 2015, more than 200 PM2.5 was domineering over environment. Prophetic eleven hashers drummed up a hope from a sea of jeremiad and albatross by hashing through snaky ancient hutongs maze in a hazy darkness for celebrating Jesus’s 2015th birthday in such a time of stress. In this smog-armageddon, as if only those intellects who suffered from ordeal understood function of divinity. It stood to reason that Circle K, a Frenchman acted as FM GM in the interim by reason that it’s no other than France in Europe as cradle of religious reform that did not correct corruption and atrocity of artificial Catholic in the 16th century and caused a flood of nonbelievers in France. Karate as always brought in two girlish newcomers. Bearded Clam was screened out by a spinning bottle to run a first hare and CK calculated his watch and ordered others for a pursuit along a busy Nanlouguxiang, at a mark of Open Check, Pickle Boy luckily spotted a mark to yell forward and soon all sank into a dim interwoven alleys. A big black dog like beast barked at Agent Orgy macabrely. Another Open Check dragged declamatory paces of the hashers. There’s three turns in tiny hutongs and smote the vertiginous first beer stop under lock and key. A potatory hashing habit faded away in she majority. After a group photo was done, PB volunteered to work on the second hare. Detached himself from profanity of meagre class to transcendent loveliness through dark-complexioned hutongs with imbittered heart that peradventure only sponged from chaos and fastened upon parochial interests like a red rag to a bull. In a turnaround, interval flour marks had made a convenience of straight trail to blaze abroad a put-up-or-shut-up almost-8-shape loop to the exclusion of my peripheral vision. Nonetheless it’s not easy to pinpoint a shop to set beer stop in a silent hutong. Ideomotor effect lastly located one on a roadside. Minutes later, the hashers insinuated into the second beer stop one after another. Bangs With No Mercy and AO knocked against a pronounced sex shop and then Sweet & Furry hurried to take pictures for them with two sex dolls at show window as voluptuous votary of fashion and ingénue tie-in. At that time PM2.5 has aggravated at 341 fulsomely. PreLube clicked a group photo for the hashers and then CK volunteered to lash out at the last part as the third hare. With a nap hand, the hashers jogged back to restaurant in a short distance through a bromidic beeline alleyway and on right and right to the finishing point.

A pawky celebration was encircled by the hashers on a gangway next to a rubato toilet. Shaven Not Stirred and BC bought German beer to drink. Three hares were played catch-up to swig over and again. AO and BWNM effervesced with belting out Hash songs for the sublunar scene. Now and then shouted out, “making a hole!” for passers-by and vehicles. CK synthesized to kick off a gabby “accusation” and of course the hares were “flayed” to splice the main brace by pushing some buttons as well as “lashings” for some else. Geniality catapulted to on-the-ground circularity to purge away glaring insincerity of smoggy meme. It ended up that everyone saw through gloomy cislunar space at a visionary moon and bawled out for an ululation. Eight hashers wolfed down diversified noodles in a noshery. Whichever to call for serving humanity or for serving people, serving truth is better, for equity and equality. Just as a picture at WeChat from Fetus Envy who missed FMH – Santa Clause charioting his reindeer sleigh cannot find China at all in a smog-covered world. Two days later, it’s Christmas day, though, right now AQI has soared to 500 PM2.5 or up in hellish way.

On On and Down Down.

Pickle Boy.

Beijing. Friday,

December 25, 2015