Helium 3 as an effective clean energy source on the moon is more ten times than the Earth’s storage. As long as a few dozen tons of the moon is mined, it will take ten thousand years for humans to use, the polluting energy such as coal can be abandoned.

7:69 pm, Friday night. FM GM Ass Tonguer kicks off a glow hashing in the darkness nearby Dongzhimenwai with approx 15 hashers each getting the neon light sticks. Limp Fish Dick in a pink and lit bunny coronet first runs away the haring. Multi-colored and shining hashers hunt for the flour marks in 10 minutes later by rushing into a digs quarter. Just Steve scurries at the fore. Danger Zone yells out a way to correct the wrong trail. Suddenly a door of bars fence is locked and the hashers have to climb over the fence to scamper along with the hustling avenue. Cruise Line Her gropes her way. Passing through 2 blocks to meet the first beer stop at the gate of a supermarket. Shanghai Man pelts Frisbee with hashers and the hashers start until 4 snailish walkers catch up like Karate, Super Squirter, 007 and virgin.

Blister Fister volunteers to the second hare earlier. Striding over the foot bridge and entering the northern entrance of Worker’s Stadium. As seeing a group of locals stepping through a square dance, a team of hashers go off at score to muck in accompanied by a blaring speakers, they are Minaj A Trois, Cum In My Brum, Churn Me On, Just Krista, Blow Harder, Just Jake and SHM. Wait! Where is the trail? It seems we are getting lost. Thanks to Lick It To Ride and Ponyo spotting a sign and shouting it out. And moving out of the southeastern gate and checking out an Open Check point at an intersection, then all go astray whatsoever several good runners finecomb all directions like Just Simon, LFD, DZ, Just Steve, etc. FM GM AT finally has to contact the hare BF and feedback is to the Hash bar XL with the discretionary power in a pinch. While arriving at the XL, FM GM AT instructs to keep forward and at long last the hashers eye a mark and cross the street to reach the second beer stop. The hare BF has prepared diverse bottles of beers for the hashers.

Once the walkers show up, Pickle Boy holds a bottle of flour to do the last haring around 9:15 pm and lays all straight way without the Open Check sign because the chef at restaurant could be off duty at 10pm. Through a few sideways, the Paddy’s and winding streets to loop back to the start point. 3 latecumers turn up like Slappy Seconds, Pussy Nibble and Mind the Gap. As usual, FM RA LITR prays a lager blessing with hashers. Calling in these 3 hares to drink together in waves. FM GM AT presents a quality beer opener to each of 4 virgins. And proceeding a handful “accusations”. LITR leads all hashers to look up the bright gibbous moon for howling around as a finale. 7 hashers enjoy a yummy local food. It’s not cold and not hot, how comfortable!


Gut microbiota, the complex community of microorganisms that live in the digestive tracts of humans and other animals, can send signals to the brain and vice versa. So humans have “gut feelings” about things.

It’s reported that the willow and poplar spitting out the disagreeable catkins in Beijing could be replaced by new type trees in 3-5 years. Indeed it’s polluting the thin air of Beijing. PM2.5 is 200 or up. Many hashers of circa 30 participants have to put on the masks for the Bjorn Again’s birthday and FOYW hashing at the Irish Volunteer bar in the Sunday afternoon. And the IV bar supplies Hash beer for hashers. It’s the Labor Days, too. Shanghai Man works for GM and Hash Cash. Slappy Seconds dishes up an invocation for the trail and 4 hares Bjorn Again, Pussy Nibble, Dazed & Confused and Dry Hole. The hashers run in this area many times before.

As expected, the hashing line-up head to north, a fresh feeling. Crossing the street into a riverine and rugged route with the shade of green trees. An Open Check sign shakes off some bellwethers into a deep trap farther like Mussels from Brussels, Pickle Boy, Crash Test Dummy, Just Jake and so on. The blithesome paces debouch to the smooth of greenery that leavens to hashers’ heart’s content, as if each hasher becomes a mugwump to melt into the blooming landscape. All of a sudden the hashers swerve back to the 2 Hash marks the hares D&C and PN separately stands by – could be eagle marks. Imperceptibly reaching a provision shop as the first beer stop. Cockarazzi raps out it’s too long for the running trail because he rarely loped like today and shares his dulcet cheese with the hashers. AutoBlow appears from nowhere as latecumer. The walking hare BA brings his team of walkers holding bottles of Swedish beer. Karate sits alone. Oracle Boner reads his phone in silence. The hashers chinwag and knock over a drink.

MfB, PB, Just Steve, No Shit Sherlock, Cock Chain, etc check in where it is interspersed with a variety of bizarre statues and to boot, a fan-shaped grandstand where there is a circular step in the middle of center, erecting an exquisite sundial and the following words displaying Central Academy of Fine Arts. The hashers take group photo for Hash Hold. As jogging to another statue zone, encountering the other “eagle mark”, no eagle sign at all, though. Along with the main road, braying to the second beer stop in a poky and run-down slum. In fact, hashed here a lot in the past, have never seen any change. Super Squirter shows up as latecumer. A little local girl toddler under her mum’s escort has been staying with Just Amy for a while. When the walkers pop up, most of the walkers sips Swedish beer again. Cockarazzi is soooo lucky to get a bird droppings on his T-shirt. The hashers keep shouting, “making a hole! Making a hole!” for giving way to the passers-by through this narrow hutong where it’s crowded with the hashers. And clicking hashers’ group picture. That a big fluffy dog passes by causes screams from the hashers. Glitoris squats down and caresses her or him. Zigzagging the tiny hutongs to land the street and devouring the marks with the eyes of hashers to return to the IV bar. Lick It To Ride, Ass Tonguer and Black Turd as latecumers come up.

The circled celebration is sited in the woods hosted by GM SHM and RA SS. 5 virgins are greeted, one virgin dislikes to stand in the circle. These 4 hares are hailed to swipe. BA steps in to accept a blue and yellow hockey T-shirt from BJH3’s mismanagement, with his Hash Handle and a number 60 for this long-term and die-hard hasher, reputedly he’s done 3000 hashings. Cockarazzi is searched out for his new shoes and certainly swills a new shoe of beer. DH rolls out a fantastic idea and calls Blister Fister in because of multiple pockets on his short pants , so that the hashers pack the empty bottle into his pockets till 10 bottles are inverted in. BF then goes round in situ and just one bottle drops down. Breakfast Included dresses an eye-catching raincoat. Turns out about 15 hashers tuck in a delectable Xinjiang food at a decent environment. More the hashers sit outside the IV bar to drink and talk next to a bustling sidewalk and street. A word lodges in the brain called cozy.

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing. Tuesday,
May 01, 2018