If you step outside before dawn during the next week or so, you might be able to see bright meteors streaking through the sky. The Orionid meteor shower is peaking now. Two types: Eta Aquarids of May and Orionids of October. Many tiny bits of comet collide with Earth, friction with our atmosphere raises them to white heat and produces the effect popularly referred to as “shooting stars.”


Weather plays peek-a-boo
making the people dithery.
Pigeon Paradox deciphers
quantum cosmic connections.
Bugging up hashers to
sway Coriolis effect.

Post hoc, ergo propter hoc
it’s mood swings of
Pre-Menstrual Syndrome.
Without rounding the bend,
don’t hamstring soft snap
of Full Moon Hash.

Finding 5 stag hashers a link
for a footloose dark run,
co-hared Bearded Clam as GM,
Whose Red Wienie as Co-GM,
Dry Hole and puppy in all.

Quid Pro Blow and Pickle Boy
catch up to first beer stop late.
Bare of polluting air afoot.
After second beer stop,
trail loops starting point.

By dint of hashing instinct,
most prove to be hares.
W7 rents iron chain to accuse
“peccant” hashers in circle
without songs in midnight.

Crash Test Dummy gleams
for dopamine circle only.
Yummy Russian food
dislodges vegetarian but
rolls up Who’s Your Dada.

At GMs’s digs, W7 whips up
a dulcet nosh for hashers.
A macho hashing lightens
the glimpses of the moon
and arc of subliminal self.


On On…
Pickle Boy

Beijing. Thursday,
October 23, 2014