image001The hi-tech future of the uterus is that a bio-regenerated uterus allows you to avoid immunosuppression, and to get rid of the risks of surgery for the person donating the uterus.

The Space Feminism Run

Since the first woman astronaut emerged, even if progenitress was born more earlier 84,000 years than progenitor, it revealed a superiority of female’s genes that are distributed over XX chromosome comparing to male’s genes over XY chromosome because X chromosome contains about 1,000 healthy genes and although Y chromosome primordially bears as same quantity as X one, but with perennial evolution, Y chromosome had degenerated and only remains less than 100 healthy genes, and presumably the man could become extinct in 5 million years or be replaced by the Numans whose new genes can absorb carbohydrate, fatty acid and digestive dairy, even evolve into quad helix structure of DNA for much more longer lifespan and a super-civilization. More than ten elite hashers gather to hash a hybrid magnet to grope a biogenesis via tractor beam from a bright full Moon in twisty wynds of downtown.

Full Moon GM, Bearded Clam by convention spins out a hare in small circle with the point of a bottle of flour. Just Patrick as rookie and Red Snatcher are elected by touchy-feely mojo and nip away into the darkness. All hashers hang on for 10 minutes and then vroom to chase after the footsteps of the hares. Fresh air and chilly wind accelerate function of organs of the hashers with bells on. Energetic hashing adepts gain momentum in advance to confirm the mark and direction from the point of Open Check, they are Dry Hole, Sink & Destroy, Chokes One out and Discount Dildo. A rash of key pattern of hutongs and uproarious streets are chucked behind the hashers, three-four check points cannot disperse the hashers to sniff out a right trail from far and near. No amount of cognitive deficit for a way out in left field, nobody gets lost so long as lingering tight. Out reaching a main street, along with it to move forward, up glancing two hares with smiles awaiting before a canteen as first beer stop.

All things consider for ladies’s conversation footing with small beer for high number telsa, in particular Agent Orgy in high spirits; Pussy Nibble in layers shrinks into herself for a warm without words; COo and S&D hem and haw their duo rhythm and active rap session; Just Sunny is dressed to the teeth but low expression; Horny on Top exerts guardianship for Puppy as matriarch feeds a stick of sausage; Crash Test Dummy holds the cups to catch up with the hashers accompanied by Shaven Not Stirred in jogging way; BC totteringly gyrates a bottle of flour to point out a hare, who’s Pickle Boy and no time is allowed for explanation, he brooms off to the track. And yet, area-specific straightness makes the hashing trail for the birds, a long beeline along the streets up to the busy broad intersection, when putting down a thick mark for Open Check on the ground, a gust of storm blows some flour away. And then turn right to a still straight trail and crosses a foot bridge to find a small shop for a break till searching far ahead for nothing and has to cross back the street to catch sight of well-illuminated teeny-tiny alley, there’s a small shop to be content with. As soon as marking the front door, the owner of this small shop starts to yell, “Hey! How so are you littering in front of my door?” PB rustles to break it down, right then DH has run to this second beer stop for a head start on and almost snags PB.

Some take turns to show up such as HoT, Just Patrick, RS and S&D. When proceeding a little talk, the rest spend a while to get at it, some grumble about non-marked trail. AO volunteers to perform a hare for the last part. There’s a shakedown for a bit and endears the hashers to explore the next and the sign is not far to seek, suddenly an old limpid hashing mark by white chalk attached to a grey wall standing a weather-beaten test rallies spirit of the hashers with scream and triumph. All march on fast-moving foot down to the end of long murky hutongs, then identify the trail with a grain of salt and feel to go down the tubes. Thanks to sharp eyes of RS and persevere of COo, the hashers locate a mark on the curb and on the left to a hutong to move on for a stretch, observe the hare sauntering before home restaurant. Soon thereafter establishing a hypostatic circle in a skewed snicket where a timeworn lofty tree soars into air thru a house. PN’s ghrelin shouts, “On food!” which tickles one’s fancy, too early though; FM GM emcees a well-received circle with boozing a bottle each. At times holler, “Make a hole” for the passers-by. Four hares are urged in the circle for drinks by jingo. DH exhibits his veritable SongMaster for titular saint; COo enjoys popular confidence for GM election with cheers; Karate as latecomer appears for circle’s jubilation; the ardency of hashers far outranges the cold and all howl up to full moon for appreciation. The most dine on a kosher Xijiang cuisine and Xijiang beer in an exotic decorated environment. Comes on Vacation as latest comer squeezes in for a palatable dinner. The ladies are game!

On On…

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Thursday,

February 05, 2015