image001Be brought forth from bondage unto freedom, from sorrow unto joy, from mourning unto festivity, from darkness unto great light, and from servitude unto redemption.

Even though agnostics, atheists and other unaffiliated individuals who will increase from 16 percent to 26 percent of the population by 2050 make the most of science and technology to spare affliction, the religions still act part as irreplaceability in human life that help recognize Pharisee and pardon prodigal son and anathematize impenitent and Satanism through self-denial, self-examination and self-discipline, even mortification of the flesh, to be autocephaolous. Hosanna! Hymn a folk religion in spring season such as Lenten Triodion, Passover, Easter, Palm Sunday, Pure Brightness, etc.

Triduum First,

Celebrations commence with nearly twenty hashers in downtown alleyways at 8pm around, Friday night. As per traditional way to spin out a spot hare with a bottle of flour by Chokes One Out as FM GM, then points to Agent Orgy and beats it in duty bound for the marks ahead of time. 5 minutes later, COO whips up a high-spirited chariot of hashers to chase after the footsteps of the hare with a call for Open Check. Some run like split, e,g., Sink and Destroy, Dry Hole tugging at Puppy, Pickle Boy and so forth. Maze-like hutongs bears a striking resemblance to déjà vu in moving forward between chancing one’s luck and making right discretion, Subsequent to three Open Checks and keeping a while of staying power along with marks, taking a left for a little while and then hit the first beer stop on one side of busy road where AO has taken her ease.

Just Reed releases his chatterbox winds up spring by talking away; a bunch of newcomers as local young ladies seem to speak bashfully; Just J wears new hair and new shave looks like much more younger with spunky smile; Waiting for It remains her hydraulic strength with drinking water only; unknowingly Brussels from Brussels slips away for marks as second hare. Soon afterwards take the road to tread on the heels of second hare.

From then on, swift-footed move starts to be superseded by beer power that feels inscrutably faster to biological phase transition, cutting and passing through hutongs block by hutongs block, rowdy-dowdy crossroads from time to time. Just Chen murmurs he’s been exhausted now and then and follows through oblique alleyways and beeline alleyways, on right and on left, until seeing several hashers standing at a small shop as second beer stop. Laughter and chat overwhelm a breath of fatigue. On the point of worrying some laggards who might have lost their way and returned restaurant on their own like Crash Test Dummy and a girl, CTD and three girls approach to the hashers with sesquipedalian work. All at once, all hashers hail to them, “You found it! You made it!” And finalize Karate as a sole walker had to back to restaurant somewhere; AO and S&D duet a gleeful song; Who’s Red Wienie makes lovey-dovey overtures with another damsel; DH scats as third hare. But Puppy alone vocalizes woefully and hashers hasten to pacify Puppy with petting and reassuring words. COO exclaims, “Open Check!”

In two shakes, the hashers are dispersed by checking the point of Open Check in deep and semi-dark hutongs’s switchback. Once tagging on out of pace of front runners, it’s a bit tough to find out a mark to move on. If putting a mark a farther out in one of trail at a turning, it’s same to make a difficulty. Mixture of endurance and mojo clinches a floured sign as last straw by the skin of one’s teeth and well-reasoned signs in rows of hutongs down to make clear direction to restaurant to finish a last part. Heart On full of enthusiasm shows up for a late comer and brings in a bottle of wine; AO buys a bag of fava beans to treat the hashers. The ambrosian rite circle is sited right in front of restaurant.

COO functions as FM GM to host a short performance according to anchored process, staging on communion service by five newcomers, a few long-time-no-see and three hares with boozing and singing hashing introits, skipping onto “accusation” part to disclose dickey acts and tricks of the trade in the trail as well as a couple of announcements. It ends up that all howl a blurry spring full moon overhead. Most dine a Passover seder in a private room for Xinjiang dishes that crispy one is impressive.

Triduum Second

At 10pm or so, a group of hashers head off to Fubar to see BlowJob’s band show and celebrate our GM, Pussy Nibble’s birthday, albeit a poky space in two floors, it’s cute enough to a hashing observance but high prices for drinkings. More differently, there are many hashers kiting up their evening dress and exuberating scintillation such as Comes on Vacation, Dark Shaft, AutoBlow, Molotov Cock, ShitFace CockMaster, Bearded Clam and so on. COO and S&D change to shining petticoat to charm around. When BJ’s band ignites the passion of hashers with some vehement songs, a galaxy of hashers dance to, such as PB, AO, COO, AB, SFCM, etc. BfB is thrilled to jump at a stretch; S&D revels in posing her body athwart on two-sided handrails over cramped stairway; later on, BJ, DH and MC come to dance along with exotic and finger-popping DJ’s soundtrack. Spermaid just stands rooted to the spot for eyeing the hashers’s extra hashing that seems to swing each and every piece of 206 bones on a human body for immersion of sound system. It wraps up with hashing dancing show about 3am in the wee hours for encomia of convocation. Very Happy Birthday to PN! Have a quality sleep on Saturday.

Triduum Third

Thereabouts 2pm, Sunday afternoon, windy and sunny. Three Easter bunnies are Master Baker, Pekinisky Bikinisky and PB (solo running hare) who break new ground to equip each hasher on scene with a helmet and a reflective vest, approx forty hashers altogether for a Holy Week that dualize this dazzling outfit, one is to put out bonfire of vanities for a firefighter and two is to build sanctuary of human value for a constructer. Red hat is for hares, yellow for hashers and white for mismanagers. All Open Check’s marks have been made out with a plump and joyful faces by hares. DH plays a RA’s role to bless the hares and the trail at starting point located outside eastern 4th ring road. Sticking around for a ding an sich of sign for minutes and then wedging in a slant bypass to start a probing journey along a boisterous road.

West Side Farter pushes forward at a good bat, however passes over a key sign at checkpoint; DH catches up to be ahead with resounding call for On On, being alike to miss some signs because they lead all hashers to a shitty trail, beyond the mark of Oh Shit, they would go astray in a long way. The hare staying put at Three-Way place has to shout out, “On back!” that alters the rear to be afront in a moment. Teddy Secret is happy to lead the way in a byroad of two-sided greenery and cherry trees in bloom. From a crossroad with a little bit of checkout for a Three-Way to other crossroad to cross over hustling and bustling avenue. An Open Check discommodes for a long haul on all sides. BfB combs out anywhere without a moment’s respite; Lost in Marks and Spencer halloos for Open Check repetitively; the hare still observes there is no hasher to explore the right bumpy dirt road and eventually remarks a vector. While one running hare takes care of the last one and guarantees there’s no hasher to be lost. Marching in a podunk. The forerunners are misguiding all hashers to an orientation again. The hare has to yell out, “On back!” and points to color mark squatting in a corner. When threading through a swarm of puny hutongs, many hashers surround AO to concern about her fall with scratches on her knees; while the hare remarks a way to clear a confused situation, DS volunteers to aid solo hare to look after the rear so the hare is able to usher a right way for the front.

After a little, at Open Check in village, AO’s scratches on two knees are still bleeding and she grits her teeth to jog forward with pain. What a brave young lady! What a great hasher! Crash Test Dummy standing on a high place under arched passageway to shoot the hashers for bardian pictures; Breakfast Included recalls this area to familiarity; CoV advises the hare to keep tough part in the trail for more fun; shortly passing through a modern residential zone, a car-shuttled carrefour and in straight alleyway, then crossing a main byroad, a view in a distance there’re a group of hashing walkers in eye-catching uniform who have started to limber in front of a retail section. Most attentions fall on AO, as she takes a seat, her injury’s been dripping blood. Some kind-hearted ladies hashers quickly shop disinfectant and sterile cotton pad to dress her wound. When one tries to use water to clean first, Karate roars, “Don’t use water!” that shocks the scene in part; MB pops a gold egg round the hashers to spot an Ester egg in the trail; PN as GM sees all has been set and dispatches an order for Open Check.

The virgins still don’t get to the heart of what it’s going on with mark and hark after the hashers. All runners and walkers pass along a tiny bank of a rillet, Easy Rider and newcomers move on afoot? In a seclusion, hashers’s ambulant conversation is accompanied by babble of rilling water. At a Three-Way, once in a way hear the calls from DH as a plugger, “On On!” “On On!”“Oh Shit!” on a small bridge where all runners and walkers go through with flicker effect. How spectacular an Easter Parade is! Filing through a row of bungaloid structures and rubble path to cross a railway and then turn right to a treelawn. Dazed and Confused somehow sidles through a long iron railing from railway to hashing trail. Passing through garbage yard and on right to a high-rise compounds and on left to reach at second beer stop, only runners taking up a bit more of the half of all attendees sip and chat for a short time. After that, pick up a figured gloriette nearby to take a team photo. Along the marks to shift to other expanse of high-rises community, Just Chen whispers, “It’s really hard to seek out a right trail!”

There is further long trail in a noisy streets and streets, where the hashers go by, where all publics are stirred up a hot discussion, that’s the case for dinkum oil with oodles of guesses. When coming back a treelawn for an Open Check, the hashers spend a while to confirm hard-won one via a hole of the wall of iron railing on side of a railway. It then seems to have undergone Stations of the Cross and sweep through another skyscrapers complex, sporadic the marks of Open Checks cannot attenuate the lucid momentum of the hashers a block by a block. When catching sight of landmark close to restaurant, the runners pass by slow-moving walkers like Baker Pa and Baker Ma, also Urine Trouble who’s switched from runner to walker; the hashers snake back to restaurant along with thriving shopping mall called Joy City and as if all leaves of greens wave the hashers for a sought-after return in triumph.

Divine liturgical circle takes place right frontage of restaurant. MB takes out a small casket of diddy egg-shaped chocolates packed with color papers to award the hashers. Some who may not know intraday gear for each hasher as a gift or just don’t demand it give back some. PN honoring her pink GM’s crown and DH for RA co-compere an impressible repertoire by the book. Six virgins are requested to step in the circle for a welcoming ceremony by sending a little souvenir and Hash song; latecomers and long-time-no-sees in turns embrace Hash’s baptism by birling together, in particular previous stellar hashers such as Nowhere Man and unbeknowns, betweentimes, adding sideshow to acclaim three hares in clinking bottles and mugs and swiging the beer, seething with mirth and hubbub on site; WRW with his damsel appears for latest comer; DH plays the role of SongMaster Hash antiphon by Hash antiphon to be trilled by interactions from others; BfB volunteers to serve the hashers for BeerB**ch; Drill Me and her brown schnauzer silently laik outside the circle. Psalter and choir for hashers get about for a deme and homeliness. Bjorn Again, Nut Pirate and the like pitch their complaints in “accusation” time separately; to the last, DH precents a finale titled Swing Low en masse. The most taste a local delicacy for a sacrament in a reserved room and some are bound to be off to Paddy’s for Paschal vigil till 2-ish am in early hours.

On On…

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Tuesday,

April 07, 2015