A newborn pot-bellied seahorse peeks its head out from its father’s pouch.

Tallyho! Over ten hashers scream their heads off to catapult to chase Six Kuai Short who’s first hare as GM of Full Moon Hash after he runs away for ten minutes about 20:30, Wednesday night, in a coolish Autumn rain, around western fifth ring road. More excitedly, Agent Orgy’s parents go in for a hashing. Two walkers have to linger round restaurant due to sloppy trail like Orgy Ma and Just Gabi. Rattling through an off-street part along with hefty stripe flour marks and gamboling through subway tunnel. Just Jay and Just Kristen gallop foremost in a broad road. Swinging over a busy crossroad and not long after pulling into an empty campus. Open Check mark on lengthy cemented track holds back the hashers for a while. Pickle Boy detects a sign in the darkness with fluke. Just Travis whoops it for others. Winding through for nothing to a messy hardscrabble place where the hashers all but get lost. AO decisively calls back to check out the last mark. Shortly Just Jay evokes a way out. BlowJob presses forward and anon reminds others about risky trail. Just Emmy pinpoints a mark with her gimlet eyes that some afront have passed. Such a teamwork brings to bear upon the movable fluke-chains, crowd all sail! Later on, having a passing glance at neighboring living compounds. Turning pitchout on a bypath, by surprise, seeing SKS snatching a bottle of beer at a grocery to wait on the hashers breezily. The rain as well desists from the first beer stop for the time. AO presents every hasher to Orgy Pa who’s still tagging along with the hashers on his speed and his voluble sportfulness soon identifies himself with the hashers. Out of nowhere, Finger My Dough raises a 20ish cm long earthworm to AO, making her a shriek. Blister Fister scats as the second hare. 10 min later, everybody bucks up one’s idea to voice support for a skylark chevy. Busy Lips jerks her feet to roll in merrymaking of BJH3 on the point of her leaving in the near future.

Different hasher marks different sign and obvious loose flour sprinkling is for next. As if the mark bears a kind of hematopoietic function, upon rising to the surface, driving a stream of passion to yell it out to hoarse tone, “On On!”, specially in a rainy night. Passing through streets and intersections and foot bridge. By the way, encountering an Open check mark that’s not easy to make for a single hare. Each door on the streets is adorned with a five stars red flag for celebrating a national day. While needling hasher’s way through bustling street, avast! Some have over-run the second beer stop at lit supermarket on sidewalk. There’s a simple talk and drink and then AO with reluctance is opted for third hare by GM. For all that’s not far back to restaurant, to stranger for location though, it’s kinda challenge and being consequent upon this absence of buoyant matter in her with 10 minutes. The hashers slash at a wet trail via a crossroad and on straight and on left, each mark is clear-cut and average interval. Somehow a hasher catches AO at a fork, as per FM rule, if the hare is caught in the trail, this hare would be stripped off the pants in the circle. It certainly depends on situation, too. Seems AO’s aware that she could cut odd figure and loses her temper to strew the flour on the ground and some hashers’s bodies like Hang Dick, PB, etc and murmurs, “I said I don’t know this area!” for better or worse, she has done her best. In fact, some are also confusing direction. Let alone AO is a honest and straight young lady. SKS, PB and others come to comfort her to keep going and don’t worry the circle and she disappears quickly. What a conscientious young lady she is! Holding up for minutes. The hashers start to finish the remaining short trail by piercing through somewhat marks for Open Check past the streets and crossroads till the starting point. The hashers move to a spacious parking lot for a circled celebration.

SKS as GM of FM wearing a motor helmet with wind screen hosts a performance by particularizing each item for a bunch of newcomers and then ceremoniously drinking together for Orgy Families all visiting BJH3. AO rejoices with belting out numerous Hash songs as another potential Song Master and emblematically uses GM’s helmet to carouse her punitive form. After GM nominates BF to be Religious Advisor, as Hash electoral college, everyone hails him to accede to this position that’s responsible for weather and naming for new hasher and he accepts it by going down on his one knee in the circle and right away he has what it takes to preside over some episodes. Dongsi roommates birle for artistic energy to jazz up the hashing, such as AO, BJ, Just Kristen and Just Emmy. And what have you. Finalizing that SKS broaches all hashers to howl over a moonless and cloudy sky for a bright moon at heart. Most chow down an Uyghur yummy dinner and in jig time forget what we eat up with Hash song and beer, after that, then head to GM’s home to play poker with semi-sobriety till late, to sense the warmth comparing to chilly drippy dark outside, which’s one of best Full Moon Hash ever!

Ticking over to regular Sunday hashing. Mettlesome hashers from all over the world are gathering at hashing arena in the vicinity of eastern fourth ring road. A visitor who looks like middle-age handsome man and introduces himself German from Philippines falls down on the stairs in front of restaurant next to the avenue, with nonstop shiver with his whole body like epileptic seizure that really shocks everybody on spot. Some hashers make haste to help him lie flat on the ground and cushion his head against a bag, such as BlowJob, Blister Fister as hare, Just Kristen, Boxer Breaker, etc. Just The Tip as another hare soon phones 120 for first aid, during which awaits ambulance for 10 minutes or so, as this man acts up on the second time, two nursing staff catch up and carry him on ambulance via a stretcher with the help of some hashers. Bearded Clam as GM and Nut Pirate come forward to escort him to hospital. At this instant, breathtakingly inducing a mass of attention from the public. (second day, learn that his treatment cost more than 900 yuan covered by the hashers and ever operated on brain surgery for tumor…). Well done. The hashers, being proud of you!

Coming back normal situation. Pussy Nibble as co-GM circles up for a start point and recommends three hares including Pekinsky Bikinsky as walking hare. BF interprets the marks on the ground to five virgins. Lost in Marks & Spencer as RA mumbles to bless the trail. And chancing one’s luck to check in a residential quarter. BJ first hits one mark on the pole and more than thirty hashers file into following the trail and warming through a hole of construction site. All alleyways enkindle some hashers’s fog and only dog others, accompanying with added fleetness in a snaky maze of hutongs, under extreme headway. LiM&S’s senile parents as visitors walk in high spirits with walkers that guarantees to be not lost. Still less Breakfast Included changes to walker as well. An iron fence and other projecting iron window shape a most narrow in-between aisle ever in the hashing trail, all hashers have to edge one’s way through. Six Kuai Short seems to be a bit tough. Scorching forward to first beer stop without expectation. Nearly ten walkers are faster than runners to be there. Charlie Peanut is spotlight under tutelary guardian of Just Gabi by teasing GuaiGuai being attended by Drill Me. Delirious throb is quenched by cold beer in two shakes to share a hotchpot of happy golden time amidst the hashers. In due course, PN gives an order to Open Check.

In the present case, going through sharp contrast between Spartan villages and high rises, greenbelt and wasteyard. All at once the mark shows to stride over an iron parapet into a complex and some Oh Shit trails expand too long to stick with others who choose right direction. And yet it cannot stop some from exploring in a big way like Circle K, LiM&S, Pickle Boy, Just Douglas, Just Jason, Hard To Live With and so on. JTT as hare stings backward to ensure nobody losing one’s way. Cutting through several living zones and second beer stop is hunted out in a passageway of a quiet digs area where walkers and runners get together again. Just FeiFei and her bint dress to the teeth playing for Beelzebub in black. Finger My Dough and Red Snatcher scarf long shining cheerleading hand flowers in blue, green and gold. The marks of Beer Near and Beer Stop are chalked on front and back of JTT’s T-shirt seem to allure the hashers in the trail. Some primp in gold color, DM should evaluate as gold standard from top to bottom. With the terrific snaps, hasher group photos chronicle memorable golden moment. And  then continuing to release self-derived wild for hashing signs.

Very soon, hermaphroditic mark leads up to an obscure greenery and stamping on trashy trail to be forlorn main road. Open Check mark jumbles together for a little while and then confirming to move in an access of shop market and marching into a park where a long mural close to entrance braces the hashers to take group picture for a Hash Hold. Before that, BJ lies down the ground and Just Kristen leaps over his body over and over for a shtick. On a roundabout way of parkway, doing in nowise mend the matter of locating a mark, plus, demonstrative scenery distracts focus of the hashers. A cute motionless pony in iron fence is photographed with some hashers. BF has to resort to his phone’s GPS to guide the hashers a way out. Out of helter-skelter in no time, a sinewy mark seems to have a prehensile power to pitchfork the hashers outside this charming park. Crossing the street to ferret out a third beer stop as perquisite awarding walkers first and runners second periphrastically. Just FeiFei squeezes her bubble gun to spout a rash of colorful bubbles to waft in the air. BJ buys Mcdonalds burger and almost gulps it down. A small relaxation later, jollification pushes the pace of hashers. The hare stands a crossing for a Two Ways mark that misleads some to be Oh Shit like Busy Lips, Crash Test Dummy, Just Michael, etc. Sometimes BF ushers the part of trail for the hashers via rows of makeshift crude houses. The Oh Shit trail enables the hashers to observe tortuous muddy gutters that should be called a slum existing for long time already. In plain sight opposite the street, there are an expanse of modern buildings. Bridging another street and along the avenue and rotating to the start point. The circle is sited aright before restaurant.

PN as GM dexterously slackens up a succinct congeniality with wheeze according to hashing process. Ever-increasing seven virgins first are welcome for drinking group in the circle with Hash song and souvenir. Nowhere Man is called in for his #69 patch. Three hares are shouted in for sideshows thick and fast. At that moment, BC returns in triumph from hospital and a garland made of bottle caps wreathes in his neck for a doxology. Before long, BC in person confers PN a #50 glittery mug. Much the same local audiences surround hashing circle to watch live show. But afterwards, some local call two policemen for too much noise to warn the hashers to subdue voice. In the end, BF precents a chorus of Swing Low with body language in three editions en masse in hasher’s glory. The half stay to partake of scrumptious local meal in second-floor singular private space. Just Kevin and Just Samoa jam in just for supper as latest newcomers. This gold hashing preponderates over packing into crowded everywhere for gold holiday.

On On…

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Tuesday,

October 06, 2015