The Indus civilisation flourished from about 2600 to 1900 BC without armour, weapons, inequality or royalty.

Huh! Once the chill weather appears, the smog dances as regular as clockwork. AQI alerts about 250 PM. Over 20 Boxer hashing gluttons broke the back of scrambling over ultramontane space for a fresh air as Boxer Hash #153 on a whole day of Staturday hared by Kiss My Maple Leaf, All In and Cleft Behind. Nevertheless the sanguinary smog results from social far-ranging Stockholm syndrome for a long time.

On Sunday afternoon, the hashing launch switches to winter time at 2pm from summer time at 3pm. The smog still indulges in atrocities with 240 PM. Around 25 hashing adepts band together a strange northern 3rd ring road conducted by the 3 muscian hashers, BlowJob, Just Ian and Just Ron for seeking a barbaric relic from the Tartar Mongolia over 900 years ago. The trial GM Super Squirter hosts a start circle (Our winsome and faithful GM Agent Orgy has to bow out the GM-ship of BJHHH because her job brings her to travel a lot and cannot show up Hash event on regular basis. Hereby it is significative of warm acknowledgement to her due diligence for the past nearly one year).
Prosocial function of hashing is scattered across streets, alleys, crossings and compounds. The hashers plow into checking the looming marks, specifically Just Cat, virgins and unknown hashers rush ahead. The canal bank forthright leads hashers up to a wooded mound. Sometimes catching sight of some walkers such as Six Kuai Short, Algae Bra, etc. Crossing a boulevard to enter a guarded digs community to reach the first beer stop in a semi-smother. The hashing colloquia brim with wit from sipping the cold beer. Some latecomers come one after another like Pikachu and Pretty Shitty. Just Han does not drink as he runs in the trail.
Unwittingly marching in a swath of green belt where the brand-new public recreational facilities and sculptures entertain many local families rearing their kids. A group of hashers grope one’s way with the rare marks for a while such as Just Kate, Crash Test Dummy, Lost in Marks & Spencer and so on. Then passing through the busy street and suddenly making a turning to see the second beer stop where the other hashers have taken a break for a short time. What’s Up Cock locates the hashers as latecomer. Pickle Boy gets the red eyes by the smog, sweat and fatigue. Herr Splashy Pants all the way collects Hash Cash with responsibility and changes to be a walker that’s a judicious choice for slowing down to come to be a smoggy variant with a start.
Making an U-turn of lengthy canal trail for a noisy local leisure. There are many locals loving to sing their voices from the blaring speakers. The bush either side of canal bank allure swarms of gnatties and mosquitoes at every turn. Going over an avenue to run through a spacious China Town where a row of towering vernacular architectures are under construction. On left into a small door to another quiet laneway to meet up the third beer stop. Drill Me pops up out of nowhere as latecomer. Rambo Number Five crunches his third same type popsickle called mango flavor at each beer stop. Finger My Dough shops a little jug of spicy snack to treat the hashers.
Hashers take to dash vanward on a canyon and every so often lose one’s way and the backward hare come up to point out a way. Chicken Shit hoarsely yells out where the roads are, zigzagging through a patch of the enclosed greenery bypath and all-or-nothing through residential zones, on left to see the home restaurant. Having a quick adjustment and clothes change. The celebration circle is sited in a lush woods in a residential quarter and attracts the doormen in an uniform and locals approach to watch hashers.
The trial GM SS opens a prologue according to hashing process, first of all, 2 virgins are greeted with Hash song and diminutive cock, impressively one of virgins from DC knocks back a bottle of beer for his joy. No doubt, 3 hares are screamed out by hashers over and over for chugging beer. Bearded Clam and Nut Pirate in turn as latest comers squeeze in the circle. Mind the Gap sits on the ground to observe the show like Hard to Live with in silence. Penis Tone almost becomes a rocking soloist of Hash songs for every single scene. RA LiM&S who holds a note being swamped with words moderates a prolonged performance. At the time of twilight moment, RA proclaims to name Just Ian. In the whoopee, the hashers propose his potential Hash Handle round after round. Eventually Santorum Cock Tale is closer to his before life and after life in his own right and would since enlighten the whole journey of his life, meanwhile he knees down in the circle to accept a cascade of beer baptism by blessings of hashers. The Hasher Song fetches out the song of songs for a starburst. Turns out LiM&S vividly vectors a chorus of Swing Low with 3 versions in the darkness. Roughly 15 hashers eat a local yummy dinner in a private room.
Monday night, 8 o’clock or so. Thank goodness! The smog drops to 80 PM at Beixinqiao area. FM GM Sweet & Furry under the weather picked up a topic home restaurant first hand that manifests a local UNDERWORlD style eating ambience being decorated with a variety of rapiers and cold weapons inside archaically. A big flag hanging on the wall on the stairway indicates 4 Chinese characters called Ti Tian Xing Dao, which means Enforce Justice on Behalf of Heaven. Then she hosts a start circle of 14 hashers and then 2 hashers leave for certain reasons. There are 9 virgins. S&F has to leave for a good rest afterwards.
Pickle Boy brooms to set a first haring in a brassy nocturnal downtown. The second mark for Two-Way jacks around hashers for a while that causes all hashers to lose their way. Finally Herr Splashy Pants as a quasi-professional hashing runner rakes out a way out beyond two directions such a Two-Way mark arrowed. And the next challenge is there are the unlimited Open Check marks to be laid. Even though the first part of trail is not far, PB waits on the first beer stop for 20 minutes. No wonder! When some runners arrive it. HSP doubles back to pick up 3 laggard walkers who find it from the other way, instead he almost goes astray. Thanks to the WeChat’s interaction amongst hashers, everybody gets together again. It seems that stopping there to talk and drink is longer than any beer stops ever. And then HSP nips off for the second haring.
In a dim criss-cross hutongs, all of a sudden, hashers encounter 3 Oh Shit marks in a dead-end hutongs complex that’s the first time to come to pass in Full Moon Hash. The minority runners clear the way afront like Just Liz and Just Cliff. Feeling like flashing through diverse hutongs that live under a rock, but they are quite familiar with, no end of turnings. While moving on the main avenue, soon spotting the second beer stop and HPS on the roadside. Super Squirter follows behind. Just Adem takes care of Ponyon. And Ass Tonguer springs out as latecomer. Rambo Number Five cannot confirm the location due to his absence of FM hashing for long term. Lick It To Ride hurries away for the last part as the third hare. Pretty Shitty scans the QR code to pay Hash beer.
Plunging into another block of hutongs along with the marks. The maze-like hutongs brush up on the memory, stamina and diversion of the hashers. When landing on the main street, being aware of the direction of home restaurant and looping back without mark. Perhaps from time to time the hunch plays. Just Liz consumingly contradicts, “the hunch is shit!”. And yet bumping into Aglae Bra standing to smoke in front of restaurant as latecomer. The circle is settled in a parking lot next to restaurant. Some latecomers take turns to present at like Just Daniel, Wandering Tongue and PreLubed who helps ordering Hash food at restaurant. A social chat lasts for 20 minutes. LITR hangs a black FM flag on the fence.
SS as guesting GM makes an opening remark. RA LITR crowning his grey wolf headgear guides hashers to chant an atmospheric Hash prayer. 3 hares for sure are hailed to drink repeatedly. RNF, HSP and LITR form a Hash song group to jazz up the site and more and more passers-by stop by for watching a Hash show. A couple of virgins from France are called for a drink in the circle, the hashers belt out a Hash French song to slobber over a passion. HSP and PS are acclaimed for a swill because they are the very hashing triathlon winners in the end. All hashers look up to the sky and howl a cloudy full moon. The most enjoy an UNDERWORLD food. Great minds have purpose, others have wishes.
On On…
Pickle Boy
Beijing. Tuesday,
October 18, 2016